Standards of performances Essay Example
Standards of performances Essay Example

Standards of performances Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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They were quite excited also because hey were looking forward to learn when they further their studies In foundation. The foundation class was six month long. Now, In degree, It Is very idiolect for the authors to differentiate between foundation and degree course. In fact, these are completely different experiences. The differences between those courses are: Foundation Is the phase where the students learn the basic knowledge in management and also a general overview of the courses before the students begins to pursue the interest types in management.

Since the foundation students are not familiar with the delivery systems of a higher learning institution. The days when the authors are in the foundation, all notes for all subjects have been given by the lectures. This is because when the authors entered col


lege life, they are starting to learn to develop new skills in a new environment which is completely different environment from high school. In addition, the students in foundation class are also relying too much on the resources that have been given.

The students are too dependent on the resources given by the lecturers, because of that the students have no initiatives to search for other resources on their own to get an extra information or knowledge. For instance, if the students did not understand on the certain topic in a marketing subject, they will directly ask the lecturers to repeat again the topics. That's why students will ask the lecturers instead of they need to read lots of book to gain an understanding. Moreover, as a student who Just completed their high school, they become too dependent on the lecturers to sho

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them how to achieve success in college.

For example, as the beginning of exam week in foundation class, students depend on the tips or hints that have been given by the lecturers and they only study or revise on he specific topics and not the overall of the subjects. The students are not familiar yet on how the questions will come out since this Is the first time they enter the college life. When the students have completed their foundation and entered to degree class, they will realize that there are so many things that have changed from their previous classes.

One of those changes Includes for Instance, the syllabus In degree that Is getting tougher and more complicated than a foundation class. The students need to stay focus and get good grades because this will determine their future. When the students have already entered degree level, every statement that the students have made for their assignment, presentation or tutorial, they need to have an evidence to prove to the lecturers that you have made a research and also and services that they are producing.

Hence of that, the students can make an appointment to interview people who are involved in the company. As a result, feedback that the students got on the interview can be made as evidence. Other than that, students need to elaborate more on the points and give examples so that they could get more marks. In order to sore higher, students have to search for resources on their own to get some extra information for a certain subject and to understand more as well. For instance, economics subject are related

to the world economic between all countries.

With that, students need to read a lot of books to gain knowledge and to make sure that the students can get the idea on how to differentiate the growth domestic product (GAP) of a country's economy. 2 Definition of Standards of Performance Performance standards provide the employee with specific performance expectations for each major duty. They are the observable behaviors and actions which explain how the Job is to be done, plus the results that are expected for satisfactory Job performance.

The purpose of performance standards is to communicate expectations. Keep in mind that good performance typically involves more than technical expertise. For example the author also expect certain behaviors is friendliness, helpfulness, courteousness, punctuality, and more. However, before students go through the process of work life, they have to go through the learning process in the college on examinations, discipline, attendance, assignments, observations, improvements, tutorials, and presentations so that they are ready for any kind of Job in the future.

The learning process in the college is a basic to the working life later and to do a little analysis before stepping into the working world after graduation. This also determines whether the performance is acceptable. The performance standards are; 2. 1 Based on the position, not the individual. This section contains a standards of eligibility coverage groups, linked individual Job requirements (OR), and individual qualification standards covering white-collar Jobs in the Federal competitive service.

This standard describes the minimum qualification requirements (for example, education, medicine, age, experience, etc. ) for each series of Jobs. Many Jobs or positions that are covered by group coverage qualification

standards also have Individual Occupation Requirement (OR). Protected by a series of the separate stand-alone individual qualification standards. Each of the following Group Coverage Qualification Standards include a list of covered employment (I. E. Office professional and scientific administration and office management). 2. 2 Explanation of Performances standard 2. 2. Superior Performance Employee significantly exceeds position requirements, goals and lord objectives set for the position and is well above expectations in terms of completeness, timeliness, and independence. Contributes to college goals and objectives beyond position requirements. Requires little supervision. An exemplary employee with a strong Employee consistently exceeds expectations and demonstrates ability to surpass position requirements. Performance is timely and embodies a high degree of accuracy and independence. Shows initiative and innovation in performance of duties and responsibilities.

Requires minimal supervision. . 2. 3 Meets Performance Employee meets all position requirements, standards, and expectations for this position. Is timely and efficient. Requires normal supervision. 2. 2. 4 Need Improvement Employee is not satisfactorily completing the assigned duties and needs to make improvement toward meeting performance standards. Requires more supervision than normal. Continued improvement in performance is required. 2. 2. 5 Below Performance Employee is not meeting standards, goals, or objectives set for the position.

The employee must show significant improvement toward satisfactory completion of reference standards or may be removed from the University. Does not demonstrate knowledge or ability to perform the majority of assigned duties. Constant supervision is required. (Contact Human Resources prior to assigning an employee this rating. ) 2. 3 Example of Performance Standards for Accounting Associate. 2. 3. 1 Researches information: Review contents of time-sensitive publications, accurately summarize funding information, and

appropriately distribute in weekly email. 2. 3. Processes requests for external funding: The process requests for external funding is verifies accuracy of budgets and forms, secures appropriate internal signatures, submits to finance in an accurate and timely manner and maintains office files so that tracking the funding process is easily managed. 2. 3. 3 Monitors accounts and processes paperwork: The monitors accounts and processes paperwork are identifies charges, verifies availability of funds and obtains proper authorizations in accurate and timely manner and processes expenditures within five working days. Standards of Performances Established by Lecturers The authors did some interview with the lecturers in the college to understand and s well as find out how and what are the methods of evaluations that they have for their students. Based on what the authors have interviewed from the lecturers, they actually have a few different perceptions on how to evaluate their students and how they actually establish a standard of performance for them. The evaluations and standard of performance can be divided into two, which include the academic part and non-academic part. . 1 Examinations It is the most basic and common measure to evaluate students. This examination refers to the final paper for students in every semester of their college life. Most of the subjects taken will have to be accessed during the end of the semester. Different subjects have different aspects to test students. Some subjects tend to be evaluating students on their theory and some would test students on their application of knowledge learnt and problem solving. Some also will be more opinion based which needs students to do some critical thinking.

For instance,

for English subject, the final comprehension question whereby it tests the students reading and understanding when they are given a few questions to answer and also to test their vocabulary. Section (B) is on grammar whereby students will have to answer questions like conjunctions or prepositions and lastly Section (C) is essay writing which requires students to write a short essay on the given topic. In this section, students will be given marks based on their grammar, spelling and content. 3. 2 Assignments Assignments refer to the projects or task assigned to students during their semester.

It may be in the form of essay, answering questions or application of theories learnt throughout the semester. In this aspect, lecturers normally will evaluate on the punctuality on handing in the assignment. When students hand in late, lecturers will deduct or even reward the student zero marks. However, the most important criteria would still be on the assignment itself. Most of the lecturers will first check on the format whether it is following the required format or did the student not follow the specific format or read the instructions given.

Besides that, the main thing would be to check on the relevancy of the assignment, whether or not it is based on the topics or is it out of topic and lecturers wants to see whether the student understand the assignment and apply the theory learnt accordingly. The grammar and language seed will also be accessed. For instance, during the last semester for the subject of Principles of marketing, taught by Miss Hausa, the assignment given was to create a marketing plan on how to promote and sell

a new chocolate product.

The students have to come up with a plan whereby it incorporates the market targeting, segmenting and positioning along with promotions. Students also have to come up with their own designated product. 3. 3 Tutorials Tutorials are the exercises that the lecturers give to students and during the tutorials is when the lecturers could spend some time to understand each and every one of he student. Not only that, the lecturers also uses this time to know the students' level of understanding towards the subject (Mr.. Pack, 2013).

The interactions can actually help the lecturers understand the students' characters and may even be friends. 3. 4 Presentations Presentations are sometimes given to students as a class activity or even as an assignment to be done. Usually the presentations are in a group based, thus lecturers get to evaluate on the teamwork and also cooperation between the members whether they are the active partners or sleeping partners. Not only that, immunization skills of the students on how to deliver a message to the intended audiences are very important too.

They should be very active and knows how to deliver the information as it will be a plus point during work life. During the presentation, lecturers will also look at the students' body language when presenting and also their time management, whether or not they could finish the presentation on time or exceed the time limit given (Miss Hausa, 2013) 3. 5 Improvements Improvements are the most obvious results that a lecturer sees in a student. Their results can be compared based on midterm and also finals.

Most of the lecturers will monitor

the students' performances especially the weaker ones so that they could guide them to excel. Improvements can not only be in academic form but also attitude wise. Some students have shown that they are more naive especially in It can be referred to the students' learning attitude and also their punctuality to class. Some lecturers tend to be very strict with this. It is because it will be a trouble for the lecturers as they may have to repeat the syllabus again if the student is absent from the previous class, thus, causing the lecturer to be behind schedule (Mr..

Nonhuman Nair, 2013). Not only that, being punctual in handing assignments or tasks given can also reflect the students' learning attitude, whether they are serious in studying or they Just take it for granted. Sometimes, lecturers will also look at the students' interactions on whether they respect each other. 3. 7 Attendance Attendance is one of the key aspects that lecturers see in students because it portrays whether the students have a heart to study or Just fooling around. A responsible student will definitely spend their time to come to classes but some students do not see the importance of attending classes.

Sometimes, lecturers saw he students in college but they do not attend their classes. Not only that, some even play truant by not attending some specific lecturers' class because they think the lessons or subjects are boring. 3. 8 Observation Most of the lecturers that the authors interviewed have actually had the same opinion which includes observing the students. This not only happens in class but also outside classes. They tend to observe

the students' attitudes and will look whether the student has a good personality. Sometimes it takes a long time to see changes in students.

For example, some students have become more matured when organizing activities and also more independent in their learning attitude especially between the transitions from foundation to degree (Miss Unruly Mini, 2013). She also quoted that she will observe whether the students develop soft skills like leadership skills or communication skills. 4 Actual Measurement of Performance The actual performance been measured to see whether the students level in academics and studying in that subject and course was successful or failed.

Actual performance always been evaluated by the lecturers in college or university by a few factors that is through the performance in coursework and examination, academic activities in class that be given by the lecturers and based on the experience. 4. 1 Coursework and Examinations Firstly, it is measured through performance in coursework and examination in finals exam that is the test that been given to students at the end of a course of studying or training. The purpose of this final exam is to make a final review of the topics that will cover and assessment of each student's knowledge of the subject (Kluge, 2005).

The weaknesses of finals exam for students is tends to memorize and apply it in exam. After finish the finals exam and a lecturer has measured the performance, students an know the level of their achievement in learning of every subject when the lecturers already measured student's performance. Besides that, mid-term the test given in a middle of semester when studying in that course is how

the actual student's level of understanding when a lecturer was teaching in that course. However in these mid-term students also has to memorize and apply it in exams although it is Just semester examination.

The benefit that students get in doing mid- term is they can revise the subject that been covered before as preparation for finals exam or mid-term. Apart from that, actual performance measured by student's assignment that is task or duties that have been given to the students assigned as part course of study. Assignment be given to the students it is because to identify on how they understand about the topic given to them. This assignment is contribute to students finals exam it is to see their critical thinking when doing that topic and with this task lecturers measured students actual performance (Greasy, 2011).

In addition, actual performance also been measured by students time management on complete their scheduled tasks on the date that have been given. Weaknesses in making assignment are students should find the exact reference materials to give the best results on the title given. As well as that, tutorial is exercises or questions given to the students after one topic is finished to help students refresh on the topic. The purpose of tutorial is to help students identify the important contents of course material and support students with fundamental information that is assumed by course objectives.

In tutorial, it makes the students develop strategies for learning and develop discussion skills in small or larger group. Students often do not bother tutorials given if given title is difficult to understand that was the weakness of tutorial. However, actual

performance in tutorial is measured by students learning skills and critical thinking on doing brainstorming of that topic. 4. 2 Academic Activities Secondly is an academic activity, that exercise and how students manage the work and situation in class or college that will be measured the performance.

For instance, presentation is the process whereby students or people share the information to the audience (Coffman, 1999). This will be measured by student's communication skills ND teamwork in presentation on manages the group. Presentation also makes the students develop leadership skills among their group to become more stable and cooperative. Example of academic activities of presentation is like in subject "Problem Solving, Teamwork, Project Analysis and Preparation" that need students to present about the topic given by the lecturers.

Actual performance of students also been measured by teamwork with members in class or among group discussion. A cooperative effort by all the members of a group or team to success in the academic is the teamwork that will be measured (Fearer, 1999). Every team member can offer their unique knowledge and ability to help improve other team members. Through teamwork the sharing of these qualities will allow team members to be more productive in the future. Lecturers will evaluate based on every students confidence when giving idea among their team members or in group discussion.

The responsibility to contribute equally and offer their perspective on a problem to arrive at the best possible solution. Organizing event such as orphanage and role play is the example of teamwork with members is evaluated. Communication with others is nee of academic activities that students actual performance will be measured by

the lecturers (Steven A. Beebe, 2011). Communication is exchange the information, ideas, performance will be evaluated by the cooperation with the members and the lecturers when communicate about the subject or topic.

The example of communication with others that is group assignment that always been measured the performance of student to know the achievement. 4. 3 Experience The following is actual performance will be measured by the experience that is the things, task or work that students have do before. A theory of student involvement and contrast this with other approaches based around subject matter or content, resources and individualized theory (Dennis Thistles, 2007). Lecturers will evaluate students' performance by the peer evaluation form that all student attitude, cooperation, skills and etc. Will be marks there. Peer evaluation form is the overall marks of students' performance that will marks based on each students cooperation in group. It also will be evaluated teamwork of group members. For example is, questionnaire form like subject evaluation. 4. 4 Students' Attitude Actual performance been measured by the attitude of each students that is manner also measurable and changeable as well as influencing the person's emotion and behavior (Blanks, 2005). In college life attitude was important because it is students marks to them be successful in their academic.

For instance of attitude is, attendance in class that lecturers always tick to check whether the students was in class or not based on that students marks will be deducted or added by the lecturers. 5 Fairness of Standards, Methods and Measurements Based on the authors' opinion, they all totally agree with the standards, methods, ND measurements were fair. Although it can

be Judge by everyone with different minded or reasons, but most of them definitely will come with the positive thinking about it when applied to the classes that students had taken in the past.

By this, lots of performances or standards of student can be Judge and measure with fairness amongst others by several methods such as from the examinations to discover the knowledge or skills that the student had learned, pop quiz to test their revision level, on-stage presentation to know their confidence on explaining the point in details, and even more. 5. Practices the Truth of Life Firstly, the authors comply with the fairness because it can be used as a tool to practices the truth of life.

By this, everyone can recognize the negative sides of others or even on themselves such as selfish, bear grudge and egoism when proceed the task. As a student, they usually have to complete most of the coursework that given by the lecturers. Thus, the fairness of the standards, methods, and measurements are a very important tool for the lecturer to Judge the performances of every student. For example, it can be functional for an individual to know well and realize the true heartsickness of others during the selection of cooperated team mates to proceeds a coursework together.

Thus, the suitable standards, methods, and measurements have to apply on this wise selection. As stated in the Catholic Study Bible-ENABLER of (Donald Senior, John Joseph Collins, 2011), a harmful friend will look to your table, but in time of trouble he stands aloof while a good friend will fight with you against the foe, and against your

enemies he will hold up your shield. This had show a good to some fairness of the standards, methods, and measurements when applied. Besides of knowing the fake person around, it also make anyone brave to accept the truth of life in this world which full of the negative aspects. . 2 Self-Improvement The following reason of agree with the fairness of the standards, methods, and measurements is helps a student to do self-improvement to be a better person in the coming days. As Cam, 2007) remarks, self-improvement defines as teaching ones-self additional knowledge, behavior modification, and the re-enforcement of values and benefits. In the study life, there are a lot of lessons and pure values to be learn and make improvements on an individual. Some self-improvement programs can also included as in the tutorial, examination, quiz, or coursework.

For instance, a student has to learn to be punctual to attend their classes and be disciplines during the lectures. These good habits also known as self-improvement will be bring to their workforce soon after their graduates from college. Moreover, the fairness of the standards, methods, and measurements promote pure values on a student too such as teamwork or respect others when completing the coursework. On that moment, they also will be improves themselves to be hardworking and kind when cooperates tit others to finish their coursework on time without popularized others effort.

From these examples, there are numerous advantages and improvements can be practices by the student or even lecturer by applying the suitable standards, methods, and measurements for their future own good. 5. 3 Learns More Knowledge and Principia Thirdly, the standards, methods, and

measurements were fair to make the students learns more knowledge and Principia in their life. As Cohn Robert Peasant, Tim Venerable, 2008) stated, as one moves from the eras of labor and of capital intensity, o knowledge is increasingly recognized as the next major sources of international competitiveness.

Hence, it seems knowledge has takes a great portion in this competitive world and even can be influence anyone towards their success way. In the college life, lecturers usually will give nouns and extra knowledge for the student by handing out the note, tutorial, or quiz to complete. If the student has any problems, the lecturer also will helps on clearing their doubts on their study while some kindness lecturers even will hand on their personal problems with consultation and Principia of life. By all of these acts, students will seek out more knowledge and become more mature on handling the coming tasks.

For example, the new knowledge and Principia will be gain while doing some tutorials or coursework that lecturer given by searching definition of the new words or terms. Likewise, the group discussion or consultation to lecturers also helps them to learn more extra nouns and take more points from others' opinion or idea which cannot be gain from their lectures notes. In summary, the standards, methods, and measurements are plays an important role on giving an individual the knowledge and Principia of life through pep learning and development. . 4 Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses Furthermore, the next point that the authors think it is fair due to it helps to identify the students' strengths and weaknesses. As everyone is unique, so they have

different learning and development needs and will develop in different ways and at different rates (Linda Cooper, Jane Johnston, Emily Ratchets, Richard Woolly, 2010). With the suitable methods applied in classes, the lecturer or even student can know clearly about the level of performances on their study.

For instance, students will evaluate themselves due to the grading get from the examination. Accordingly, they will keep it up and be wise to their strengths but learn from the previous mistakes they had done and improves it by doing more tutorials or similar exercises because practices make perfect. The on-stage presentation also has the same function that used to realize ones' strengths and weakness. If someone has developed a good report, but tremble when presenting his work on the stage.

It means the student has a strong writing and development skills as his strengths but lack of confidence and presentation skills as his weakness simultaneously. In this way, the lecturer and rinds can give him a helping hand on providing supports or advices for deal with his weakness. Rosary's Carter has remarks, once you accept the fact that you are not perfect, then you develop some confidence (Sings, 2006). It is also important for an individual to realize their weakness and willing to cope with it by several different methods until it become their strength.

As outlined previously, the standards, methods, and measurements are fair to make the students comprehend about their strengths and weakness. In a nutshell, the fairness of the standards, methods, and measurements which applied to the classes that students had taken in the past used to heap up simply as the final result

of different opinions from the public about Judgment the performances and grade of a student. On the other hands, it mean everyone have to accept this fact that it is fair to every student due to the announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education (MEMO).

According to the (Agency, 2013), the student have to complete their Bachelor Degree program by passing the Ma's assessments and examinations in relevant field with following all the program standards, methods, and measurements. Even though the government had proved that the standards, methods, and measurements for students were fair, thereby everyone should accept and support it without incredulity as a part of Malaysian. 6 Conclusion Standard of performance is an important tool to help the authors, as students, to measure their own capabilities and also for them to identify their weaknesses and strengths especially in the academic field.

Not only that, it helps to guide the authors to strive for the best now and aim higher in the future, especially in the working environment. Just like what the authors have been discussing about earlier, all the tankards established by the lecturers are actually a ruler for students to measure themselves so that all the task are divided equally when working as a team, and also each one of them would take up their own responsibility seriously without fail.

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