Sport and Modern Society Essay Example
Sport and Modern Society Essay Example

Sport and Modern Society Essay Example

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  • Published: September 29, 2021
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Player-controlled sports involve energetic activities and action-oriented gameplay. Typically played by children, these sports focus on achieving specific goals while enjoying the game. Winning is often determined by scoring points or hitting targets, requiring participants to actively showcase their skills.

In order to be involved in the game, individuals must actively participate in decision-making, problem-solving, and creating new games. Children's games are controlled by the players themselves and require cooperation and maintaining friendships, unlike adult-controlled sports where rules govern everything. In adult games, the goal is often to prove the other team as losers, which requires rules. Furthermore, players in adult games are organized based on their abilities with assigned numbers and titles to facilitate coordination and achieving goals.

In order for a player to attain the title, it is necessary for them to adhere to the set rules, t


hus making adult games rule-oriented. Additionally, adult games operate on a fixed schedule and are governed by authoritative figures such as timekeepers and coaches. This strict enforcement of rules and regulations emphasizes the author's point about the importance of studying athletes in their specific context. By studying athletes, one gains a deeper understanding and appreciation for their participation. This is exemplified by Coakley's assertion that studying athletes provides a comprehensive understanding of the sport.

When individuals gain knowledge about how various athletes perform different exercises, they develop a passion for the game and show support for those participating. For example, if someone is a parent, they may encourage their children in sports-related matters. Furthermore, by studying athletes in their environment, as shown in Coakley's book, one can identify hidden opportunities in every person. This is particularly beneficial for youn

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people as they can participate in different sports and experience positive social outcomes. It may even lead them to discover their own talents in the field of sports. Additionally, studying athletes in their context helps foster positive attitudes towards sports.

So, according to the author, it is acceptable to study athletes within their context. Deviance is defined by the community as a violation of social rules and regulations, although its meaning can vary. This is due to individuals having different perspectives in today's changing world. The interpretation and perception of sports deviance differ greatly. One cannot equate deviant behavior in sports on the field with deviant behavior on the street.

According to Coakley's constructionist approach, he suggests that what may appear normal in sports is not necessarily normal outside of the field. Athletes are often permitted to behave in ways that would be considered criminal if done outside of the sporting context. For instance, actions that athletes engage in during contact games can be labeled as felony assaults when performed outside of the field. Moreover, if we consider a scenario where a player passionately celebrates scoring a goal, their loud shouts may be acceptable on the field but would be considered a crime if done randomly on a busy street.

For a better understanding, one may need to adopt a constructionist approach. Referring to Coakley's illustration, he states that "deviance can be negative or positive." Based on this, individuals will have a better perspective and everything will appear normal, regardless of whether it aligns with societal norms. Coakley further explains that "deviance occurs when behaviors fall outside the range of what is acceptable." Hence, it can be concluded

that even in sports, deviance can manifest in various forms. The constructionist approach provides the most comprehensive understanding, making everything seem authentic.

Over conformity to sports ethics has become prevalent in the current world and can manifest in several ways. For instance, athletes may choose to use stimulating or performance-enhancing drugs, which are considered unethical according to the rules governing the sport. Violence can also arise when individuals refuse to accept the truth or when faced with suspension or expulsion.

Commercialization in sport is not a universal cultural factor, but rather an outcome of specific economic, technical, or social circumstances. It involves sports enterprises engaging in the display, sale, or utilization of sports deals to generate income. In the past, sports were pursued for leisure rather than financial gain. However, nowadays athletes consider the potential earnings from participating in sports. This has caused concerns for many countries as their athletes are often recruited by other nations, leading some individuals to change their citizenship and show disloyalty to their home country. Additionally, commercialization in sport has resulted in instances of violence when deals go awry – for instance, when someone sells their citizenship or enters into an agreement with a buying party only to have the buying team fail to fulfill their obligations.

Gender is not determined by biological differences, and in sports, it is typically divided into male and female games. This division has caused violence in certain sports because some games are considered only for males. As a result, conflicts arise when someone with both genders wants to participate, leading to misunderstandings about the sport's rules. To understand violence in contact sports like rugby, we need to

examine the influence of over-conformity.

At present, there are players who are facing suspensions or expulsions from participation in sports events. This is a consequence of their violation of rules, specifically by using prohibited stimulant drugs. Such drugs enhance energy levels, enabling individuals to, for instance, run faster. As this is deemed against the regulations of sports, penalties and fines are imposed on those found guilty of this offense.

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