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The website seems to be a very convenient resource for social workers and their clients. The website makes it very handy for social workers to be able to fill out the necessary forms when applying or renewing their license.

In today’s modern age where people tend to be very busy, an innovation such as this can prove to be very useful. The board itself mainly acts as the regulating body for the licensure of social workers.Its role is to make sure that the standards for social workers remain up to date and responsive to the changing needs of the clients and of the social issues that social workers are tasked to handling. They meet up regularly to discuss improvements to the standards and procedures of licensing social workers and make very crucial decisions regarding to how social work itself in the region is to develop. The investigative unit is tasked with collecting and analyzing information that address a specific matter.

This matter can be a complaint against a particular body such as a licensed social worker by a client. Through gathering information, the investigative unit is able to unravel the details of a particular case in order for proper measures to be taken afterwards. Case preparation involves the integration of the information collected by the investigative unit. Involved parties prepare arguments based on gathered data in order to defend their respective sides of the case.Violations are identified in order to be able to exactly discern when something goes wrong and what appropriate penalty it should require.

The violations also present a blueprint of what things to avoid in conducting social work responsibilities with clients. Lastly, social work involves a lot of complex interactions from which several ethical concerns arise. The role of the common ethical concerns and hearings on such concerns is to be able to explore such issues and decide on whether or not violations can be identified from them.

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