Increasing Crime Rates in India and Ways to Curb It Essay Example
Increasing Crime Rates in India and Ways to Curb It Essay Example

Increasing Crime Rates in India and Ways to Curb It Essay Example

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  • Published: August 28, 2017
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Human society is bit by bit but certainly criminalised. Everyday the newspapers report ghastly slayings. sensational robberies. colzas. larcenies and snatchs. Naturally. the graph of offense in today’s society is aggressively on the rise. Life has become rather hazardous. unplesant and insecure. Womans and old people are the worst suffers. Our metropoliss have become the lairs of runners and felons. The capitals of India. new Delhi. has earned a rare ill fame in this regard.

It is non merely political capital but besides the crime-capital of India. Turning unemployment and deficiencies of motive among the educatedyoungmen have drawn many of them to the universe of offenses. Larcenies and way-layings are no more the monoply of nonreader bullies. Gradustes in denims are now the active members of the crime-world. The new moving ridge of consumerism has added merely fuel to the fi


re. fad for the foreign goods. autos. motorcycles. frocks. and cosmetics has fuelled their aspiration.

They need fats money to carry through their ne'er deceasing desires. Another chief ground is broken households or individual parentage. here kids will non acquire any attending neither from the household nor from the society ; feels entirely and makes them prosecute in offenses. For case. Children those have unpleasant yesteryear experiences would be rebellious to society. Medias like cyberspace. and detective novels besides plays a touchable function in doing them worse. There are no short cuts to cut down the turning offense rate in society ofcourse. it is the responsibility of the constabulary to keep jurisprudence and order in public. Efficent and impartial fuctioning of the constabulary can assist in controling the offense rate in society.

But the wellness of society depends

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om many other factors. The ground forces of unemployed youngmen is sweling. Bare philistinism and consumerism have overpowered their heads and ethical motives. Moral instruction in school can quite helpful in conveying down the offense rate efficaciously. To set it in a nutshell. todays kids are tomorrows jurisprudence staying citizens. Everything should get down from the root degree. Government and society are every bit responsible to do them hone and to avoid offenses.

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