Social Political Factors for 911 Responses Essay

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On the September 11 2001 America was amazed as terrorists attacked. During this fateful day, members of the al Qaeda terrorist group intentionally crashed two airliners that they had hijacked at the World Trade Centre. (Noam C, 2003). The attack led to a tune of 3000 deaths of people who would have contributed to the productivity levels of the country building structures as well as other forms of infrastructures were destroyed. Transportation as well as communication system were also negatively affected and this is not good for the economy. Investment was also adversely affected as people feared for their lives.

After this attack, America declared war on terrorism, which was not just going to be war against the perpetrators of the act but also a global war against terrorism. Many factors are identified as being behind the 9/11 attacks. Poverty according to some could have been a cause for the attack. However this is an understatement as the most influential leader of al Qaeda, Osama bin laden is from a wealthy family and hence an affluent person in the society.

(Len B, 2002). Religion extremism seems to be the major reason behind the 9/11 attack. The Islam religion was used to serve the interests of the attackers.The declaration of holy or jihads on Americans with the view that such would please God was also an important factor in promoting the heinous attack. Murder is justified to serve the interests of a few in the pretence of religion.

Terrorists exploited their followers by instilling in them their hostility ideologies. This explains the reason behind the suicide bombing as well as other terror acts. Socio economic factors for instance the educational levels had an impact in precipitating the attack. (Michel C, 2002). In most Arab countries the monarchical forms of government hinders effective freedom of expression.

Such people lack a way of expressing their ideologies and may opt for the violent approach in highlighting their grievances or needs. Without democracy they are very susceptible to political alienation and are hence vulnerable to manipulation by perverse political ideologies of terrorism. (Miller J et al, 2002). Lack of the freedom of religion, speech and association may precipitate terrorism, as people who are compelled to follow or believe in being controlled are vulnerable to exploitation.

Without effective democracies peaceful solutions to address conflicts and adherence to justice and the rule of law are not respected.Past grievances and blaming on others for their predicament is a major issue in promoting terrorism. The 9/11 could have been precipitated by the fact that its leaders were able to convince their followers on how US had been injustice against the Arab world both in the recent as well as in the distant past. The US was also accused of playing double standards and having political bias. Constant association of past, present and other potential wounds acts as a motivation for terror and revenge. (Jim M, 2004).

Spread of conspiracy and misinformation amongst the al Qaeda members by their leaders could also be a fact for the 9/11 attack.The attackers are made to internalize conspiracy theories full of falsehoods and this could have promoted the aggravated terror and revenge. It’s also argued that the attack rose due to the US policy in Iraq. However the credibility of this argument as a cause of the attack is highly debatable especially because the attack occurred many years earlier and before Saddam Hussein. Again, other countries that did not participate in the coalition efforts in Iraq are also attacked.

It is also argued that the attack could have risen due to the Israeli-Palestinian issues. (Mosaddeq A, 2003).This is also an argument that can be highly debated as it has been established that the al Qaeda group started planning for the attack as early as in the 1990’s during an active period in the peace process. The US remains in fear for another attacks as it beats logic that its policies would be acceptable to all.

It has however established strict measures to protect her people. Influence of anti-US countries would lead to exploitation of Muslims in perpetrating suicide bombs as other forms of terrorism. Countries that believe that US is the cause of their problems would be more than willing to hit back.Strict security is enhanced especially in public places where attackers may be more attracted.

(Gerald P, 2003). America has succeeded in depriving al Qaeda the power and influence in Afghanistan and instituted democracy and it therefore suffices to say that its efforts are not in vain. America has embraced teamwork and has led in increased international campaigns against terrorist financing making it hard for its operations to be run effectively. US also control the acquisition of weapons by the al Qaeda and weapons they are not able to execute their attacks. With the strong foundation against terrorism US is determined to succeed.In an effort to strengthen its ability to disrupt as well as prevent future attacks, the US created the Department of Homeland security, Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Counter terrorism Centre.

(www. whitehouse. gov). The US government is very committed to protect and defend her people.

It advises the Arabs from the monarchical government to respect human freedom as well as their dignity especially when airing divergent ideologies. US advocates for democracy, which would ensure rational means of airing grievances as well as expression of ideologies.There has been an increased employment of military power and the use of diplomatic, financial, intelligence as well as law enforcement activities. The Homeland Security has been able to disrupt terrorist activities from being executed. (www.

whitehouse. gov). The suspension of the habeas corpus was done in Bush administration and it entailed the denial of certain civil liberties. The move was considered effective in the criminal justice system as a way of dealing with terrorists.

It gave the president the power to detain certain criminals indefinitely. He also had the power to torture them.All parties involved in the criminal systems so that effectiveness is ensured also take strict measures. To ensure that terrorists are immobile so as to deny them entry in to the US, strict security is done in the airports and along the borders. Forgery is a major criminality that terrorists are likely to use to access entry.

This can be curbed through effective scrutiny of identity as well as travel documents. Security measures are also tightened to ensure that terrorists remain outside the U. S. Visa screening has been empowered through technical advancement to make it more effective. (www.

whitehouse. gov).

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