Slavery in Roman Society Argumentative

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Slavery was a pervasive establishment in the ancient Roman society. Slaves were a common fixture in every aspect of Roman life, may it be in a common household or in the grand palaces. They were made to do laborious and oftentimes unpleasant tasks that the Romans did not like to do.

The acquisition of slaves is not a complex one. Oftentimes, captives of the Roman army in their conquest of other territory are sold into slavery. The conquered were always taken into slavery. They were displayed and sold in the markets to the highest bidders. However, this is not the only way that a person may become a slave.In ancient Rome, it is important that every man took part in a census that is conducted after every five years.

This regular census is obligatory so much so that if one fails to register, his properties will be sequestered and he will be sold into slavery. The Romans employed slaves to do menial tasks. In the household, slaves were made to do tasks from as simple as giving baths to their masters to taking their master’s children to school. Because of the degree of how the Romans utilized slaves in their society, it can be said that the Romans supported much of their civilization in the utilization of slavery.

They employed slaves in mines, farms and the completion and maintenance of public works. Educated slaves were let to run some minor chores in the government state’s bureaucracy and let learned slaves perform some fundamental functions in education. The decline in slavery may be brought about by the practice in ancient Rome that slaves may buy their freedom. A person may not be forever a slave if he is able and capable of buying his own freedom.

The decline in the importance of slavery was further bolstered by the rise of Christianity which required kindness and compassion in the treatment of people.

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