Single Child Policy In China Sociology Essay Example
Single Child Policy In China Sociology Essay Example

Single Child Policy In China Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 27, 2017
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In 1978-1979 the Chinese authorities installed an ambitious plan of market reform following the economic stagnancy of Cultural Revolution. In mid 70-80 China was place of one-fourth of the universe 's population who were holding merely 7 % of universe land. More than two 3rd of the population were under the age of 30 old ages. The babe boomers of the twelvemonth 1950-1960 were come ining their generative old ages. So it was acquiring of import to command the population for the economic reform and to an betterment in life criterions, so they introduced one kid policy. ( Massachusetts medical Society, 2005 )

This policy consists of different set of regulations and ordinances.government regulating the size of households, sometimes late matrimonies, kid bearing and household planning. This besides restricts to match to one kid for one


twosome but it still let few instances like twins, rural twosome, cultural minorities and twosomes who are both merely one kids themselves. By this policy China controlled more than 250 million births between 1980 and 2000 ( BBC September, 2012 ) and about 400 million by 1979-2011 ( People Daily online, October 2011 )

This policy is a controversial issue within and outside the China, because how it was implemented, good and bad effects of the negative societal concerns. Due to this policy there were other jobs and concerns rose which are against human rights. Forced abortions were increased, female infanticide and under coverage of female birth. These are the chief ground of gender instability in China, but still after the study done by Pew Research Center approximately 76 % of people populating in china accept this policy. ( Pew Researc

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Centre,2012 )

As now we know about the policy and its execution, virtues and demerits, so now I have to take a clear base is that policy is ethically justifiable or non and I will travel with that is this policy is non ethically justifiable but there are a batch of illustrations which are proven that with this policy China has controlled population of state so I will be comparing both of the sides of the policy with concluding decision against this policy.

First I will discourse about the demerits of over population. Over population is a status where an being figure exceed the transporting capacity. This is a direct nexus between human population and its environment. The chief ground for the complete population is increase in birth and diminution in mortality rate. The current population of China is 1319175364 which make china the first most populated state of the universe. ( US Census Bureau, 2012 ) China represents a full 20 % of universe population so every 1 in every five people on the Earth is a Chinese. ( Washington Institute of China Studies,2007 ) So due to over population because other different jobs besides like:

Healthy Living - this is the 1 of the chief concern of the people who is populating at that place because the wellness resources are limited like fresh air, fresh pure clean H2O, and verdure which people all people are non acquiring.

Equal opportunities-people life in China to them when comes to entree some of the things like public sector occupations, scrutinies few people do n't acquire those chances because either they are non rich plenty to back up or some other


Entree to medical treatment- as China is turning up quicker the sum of people acquiring ill and acquiring inborn disease are besides increasing which is besides straight related to the cost of intervention, authorities ca n't supply those expensive interventions to everyone so a batch of hapless people die because of no entree of infirmary or clinics.

Controling large population- it is non an easy occupation for the authorities of China to command 1.5 billion people ; constabulary ever hold difficult clip when there is any public violence, national events traveling on.

Traffic job. Due to over population demand of vehicles on the route is increasing which is making large heavy traffic jam on the route, and authorities ever seek difficult to supply public conveyance but due to more figure of riders going that besides become hard.

Good quality higher education- As households had more figure of kids at their place which sometimes is besides a job i.e. kids ca n't acquire good higher instruction ground behind this is education presents is expensive and parents ca n't afford all their childs the same instruction.

Misdemeanor of human rights- like different activities go oning frequently in Chinas which violate human rights like female aborticide, pack colzas, abortions. (,2012 )

So now I will speak about the advantages and disadvantages of one kid policy.


The growing of the population decreases: if there was no 1 kid policy in China the population of China must be 2.4 billion today.

By this Chinese people are acquiring more benefits like: Free/cheap wellness medical examinations.

Their childs are acquiring Gods or best instruction.

Womans get excess three month pregnancy leave.

Parents have good bond with kids, like it will be

easy to split clip with one kid and it makes it easier to cognize each other and demands.


They do n't hold any siblings and there is nil like cousins called in China because everyone is kid of the household.

Forced Abortions: As we all know abortion are legal in China but holding forced abortion is against human rights.

Female Infanticide: Peoples kill their girl because they think they will hold merely one kid and if that 's a female so who will take household concern and convey up household to coevalss.

87 % of all married adult females use contraceptive method and abortion which is besides non healthy for the female 's wellness status.

Ethical Positions

The one kid policy raises many ethical concerns one persons ain autonomy, corporate rights and province sovereignty. We all understand that will less population at that place will less environment debasement and pollution but harmonizing to me whose rights are more of import person or collective? This one kid policy in China asks inquiries towards the single rights and corporate rights in the community. As per Locke 's position in any of the society an person have the basic human right and more of import their negative autonomy and rights or the freedom to hold picks for ego development without other intervention. ( William Uzgalis `` John Locke '' ,2006 )

This one kid policy provide community growing which may supply higher quality of life i.e. can be serve malnutrition, good attention of medical unwellness and societal and economic jobs are uncommon.

Communitarians: As we all know China is a communist state so they have merely one people 's party governing the whole large state. The

communitarian statement is derived from Jean Jacques Rousseav `` Communitarian argue the endurance of the community must be protected because single member depend on it for their ego individuality, the organisation of corporate action and the production of public good 's '' So this lighten the position that province of nature as they have non yet developed the capacity to ground. So a communitarian would for the single thinks, ideas, single rights and liberty for the benefits of the community. ( Modern China, 465, 1987 )

Utilitarian Approachs:

It is an ethical theory in which there are fundamentally more felicity and reduced enduring which is based on the word public-service corporation. So as per China one kid policy people 's behavioural picks are counted and those picks reflect their class of action. By increasing the pleasance and minimising the hurting China is utilizing useful attack absolutely.

International Human Rights:

China 's one kid policy is seems to be based on useful attack. They argue that policy is installed harmonizing to the equity criterions as every household is entitled to hold one kid and in add-on to this those households are acquiring fiscal inducement like fillip, better lodging options and three months pregnancy leave which as per regulation to international commissariats of human rights but on the other side as per policy merely one kid is allowed per twosome so communitarian would be against of those who claim single generative right against the policy of individual kid. ( American Political Science Review,2001 )

Western & A ; Asiatic Preferences of Individual Rights:

China one kid policy is largely offended by the misdemeanor of human rights and Torahs. They argue that as western

states have their ain functionary linguistic communications as a mean to protecting communal harmoniousness and Identity likewise Chinese authorities has the right to implement of population related policies is the duty of each and every state and should take a base into history the economic, societal and environmental diverseness with regard to all spiritual and ethical values at international conference on population & A ; development in ( cairo 1994 ) . This policy besides disturbs the cardinal human right of every twosome to make up one's mind freely the figure and spacing of their kids. Chinese authorities relative this policy as `` Duty to move responsibly in a mode which will profit their household and community as whole '' ( Population and Development reappraisal, 1996 )

Success and defect of China 's One Child Policy

China 's population is both the state 's greatest failing and strength. China is universe 3rd largest economic system and 2nd largest exporter. The more population in China makes it inexpensive labour which attracted a batch of foreign investing. This policy accelerated China 's economic growing in past 2 decennaries which besides helped to make extremely educated skilled and more efficient work force.

It was reported in 2001, there were about 20,000 forced abortions and sterilisation occurred to the people of Huai Jemaah Islamiyah in Guangdong state of China because those people were non following the regulations of this policy. ( Telegraph Media Group,2012 ) After that in 2002 China stopped the physical force to coerce for the abortion, but still there are intelligence on regular footing of abortion and force. Even there is intelligence about the violent death of the babes

during the gestation of eight months or it 's more horrifying of killing of babe during labour in birth canal or instantly after birth.

Tonss of 1000s of kids with birth defects, disablements are handed over to province funded orphanhoods that frequently have hapless installations which now become house of acceptance of misss for the rich western people. In 2001 there was official 55,000 acceptances registered. So what do you believe are these kids guaranteed a better life but I am reasonably much sure that they will lose all hints of their Chinese individuality? ( Wei Guo Zhang, 2006 )

In add-on to this one kid policy besides disturb the male -female birth rate ratio. The sex ratio in chief land China is 118: 100. So this means there are 18 excess male childs for every 100 misss born which compared to planetary natural baseline of 103:100. Even the province population and household planning committee admit this job and believe this will make large job in approaching future i.e. happening spouse by the clip they will make maturity or generative age. As harmonizing to study there will be 30 million more work forces than adult females in 2020. ( BBC, 2012 )

Since 90 's there is other job lifting conditions this individual kid will be over pampered. There have been seen many over pampered kids in society with hapless societal communicating and cooperation accomplishments.

As in upper text I mentioned about the over pampered kids, so now here I am traveling to concentrate on the policy positive and negative effects of individual kid. As per ( Quoss and Zhao,1995 ) parents are normally the most of import socialisation

agents in their immature age. This gives an impact on their kid to larn about societal relationship. In add-on to this parent- kid relationship are complicated cultural, ideological, political, economic and societal factor but chief can be psychological, cultural and structural to understand parent kid relationship. It is assumed those kids are the empty vass which are filled with parent 's socially defined values. So largely kids learn from parent 's attitude and behaviour. If kid is non recognized as an active societal individual this means he is influenced by parents. These alterations in the household construction and size have some major effects i.e. shorting of household tree, weakening of cooperation in the groups and the alterations in the manner how parents treat their kids.

Harmonizing to Cardwell wealth- Flow theory ( 1982, 1976 ) the wealth from younger to older coevalss is related to high birthrate rate same as wealth flow from the older to the younger coevals is related to low birthrate rate. But in China they have merely one kid there is nil like that seen which either improve or spoil the parent -child relation. The state 's one kid policy has lead to the decreased figure of births which have highlighted kids value in the household and caused more flow of household resources towards that merely kid. China 's successful execution of population control policy shortened the manner to Cordwell 's equilibrium of wealth flow and birth rate decline.

Population and Socio Economic Development

This over turning population even one kid will be making large jobs by 2040. There will be four chief challenges faced by Chinese population.

Agribusiness: Food challenge: It will be a

job of bring forthing sufficient grain for the using population, as state is turning faster, people are traveling to metropoliss and no 1 is making more agribusiness and because of population detonation at that place will non be adequate infinites to turn harvests which will give Chinese community a really difficult clip in approaching old ages.

Employment Challenge: It is one of the chief signals to economic public presentation which is correlated with income distribution, poorness and societal stableness. Before rural people used to depend on agribusiness but now it 's difficult to depend as life criterions are acquiring high and 40 % of rural labour are non to the full utilized or they are under employed and need to be re employed. ( Taylor and Banister 1991 ; Shen and Spence 1995 )

Urbanization challenge: fast gait industrialisation and urbanisation will be a drastic alteration in rural-urban population displacement. The velocity of urbanisation was really slow in 1970 's as compared to other developing counties ( shen, 1994 ) . A big figure of towns and little metropoliss are immerged to bigger metropoliss. Old metropoliss are quickly spread outing.Shanghai. increased its urban country from 141 to 230 square kilometre ; rapid urbanisation resulted in the cultivable land available

Homosexuality In China Associated with One Child Policy.

There is besides one other job originating in China because holding a individual kid and that kid being homosexual. Homosexuality is legal in China since 1997, but this created a batch of jobs in Chinese local community. Chinese twosomes attempts and make a batch of attempts to hold a boy in their household and what if that boy is homosexual that can

be a large major calamity in the household. Many homosexual and sapphic commit self-destruction because it 's non much common in at that place.

Zheng estimations there is about 27-30 million homosexual people populating in China from which 18-20 million are cheery adult male and 9 to 10 million are sapphic adult females. So homophiles are non accepted by societal imposts at place or at work topographic point. This creates two other different jobs:

They do n't hold freedom to bask their personal life - & gt ; It is seen that cheery adult male and cheery adult females get married to each other as 'homowives ' under a formal brotherhood they have normal matrimonies but leting each other to carry on their homosexual relation outside.

Many narratives came up how cheery adult male get downing loving each other. some said they ca n't happen the right female spouse so they changed their ego to homosexualism or bisexual and other say the misss do n't desire to go forth parental house as they are the lone girl who want to remain with household. ( The New York Times,2012 )

The Effect of China one kid policy 30 old ages

To command the population china authorities and Chinese people did really difficult work and much forfeit to restrict the population growing with one kid per household. So in status to keep this population growing there is a heavy trust on long term contraceptive method with IU device and sterilisations together accounting for more that they do n't hold any other options except which they heard from wellness workers recommend for household planning. This helped in 25 % decreased in abortion rates.


policy is decrease in the entire birthrate rate before between 1970-1979 the birthrate was 5.9 to 2.9 but after this it 's less stabilized at about 1.7.

There are some signals that may be the traditional thought for male childs will alter. As a study done by National household and Reproductive Health studies say 37 per centum of immature urban adult females said they have no penchant with the sex of the child either its male or female but on other side 45 per centum said the ideal household is one male child and one miss.

Ratio of old age Dependence

The rapid lessening in birth rate with stable and improved life it led to increased proportion of old people in the community. In 1965 the population of 65 twelvemonth old people was 5 % in 1982 which now is 7.5 per centum which is expected to be 15 per centum by 2025. ( World Bank, 2012 ) That 's one ground in urban countries the twosome who themselves are individual kids are allowed to hold other 2nd child.

The hereafter of China 's one kid policy:

The Chinese authorities is confronting an of import challenge, foremost will be the demand to equilibrate the basic population right of reproduction with population growing. 10 million people are adding to Chinese population every twelvemonth which is equal to the population of Belgium.

Relaxation of this policy can be considered because of babe bomber are acquiring older, but increased wealth and freedom is non leting authorities to loosen up this policy.

End of Cheap Labor: Professor Cai Feng- a Chinese labour economic expert estimated there will a ruin in the labour force by 1.5 per

centum points by 2015 and will diminish further in 2016-2020. A fast gait diminution of the labour force will do deficits and rapid addition in rewards which will be weaken the China 's export industry in the international marked set uping economic growing. ( BBC,2012 )


The people republic if Chinas and its one kid policy remains an international construct as in agencies of ordinance, human rights, birth and birthrate, national responsibilities, moralss and rules. In 30 old ages of this policy China have created dramatic consequences of commanding population and restricting entire birthrate rate at 1.7 births per adult females. It besides helped to command the jobs which can be occurred with over population. On the other side this policy besides created drastic consequence on extremely imbalanced sex-ratio between male and female. Many twosomes ca n't happen the suited lucifer for each other. There is an addition in female infanticide and more usage of prophylactic methods. An increased societal and economic demand on little households due to aging is besides common. Harmonizing to Xinhua the national imperativeness bureau of China `` China have paid a batch of political and societal cost for this policy but still it resulted in societal struggle, high administrative cost and allow to gender instability excessively ( Xinhua, 2012 ) .

My reaction to this one kid policy is that they should non do it really rigorous at the starting. Second kid in household bring the mulct of $ 3500 which is about equal to the income of 10 twelvemonth of a hapless husbandman. Many Chinese adult females commit suicide under the force per unit areas of one kid policy ( Amnesty

International,2012 ) . Some rich people who can afford $ 3500they have two childs in household which is non equal to other occupant of China. For hapless if they ca n't pay the mulct they have to pay their mulcts with 200kg of rice. Families in Guangzi state are afraid of breakage regulations because they are already hapless and this gives them difficult clip paying the mulct. This is the ground of perturbation in sex ratio. I think Chinese authorities should educate people to the benefits of holding lesser kids but non to coerce them for abortion. Couples should hold their ain freedom they whether they want kids or non.

The Government should educate people and promote to hold more female babes to be the uneven sex ratio. There is a high divorce rate affecting adult females whose one kid bend out to be a miss nevertheless the Torahs have changed by those adult females have to endure physical assault at place.

It is clearly see there are many advantages and disadvantages of China 's one kid policy but when it comes to wellness, jurisprudence and moralss it is non justified because of many quandaries on the ethical land.

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