Female Foticide Essay Example
Female Foticide Essay Example

Female Foticide Essay Example

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  • Published: October 11, 2017
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Before I digress, let me clarify that the aforementioned conversation is not authentic.

The text below is from an undercover operation by journalists at a prestigious hospital in India. The person being discussed is a pregnant woman, and the medical practitioner involved is highly respected. If you are wondering about the repeated use of 'it', it refers to the unborn baby girl of this woman. Indeed.

This is a conversation between a prospective parent and her gynecologist. While abortion cases are not uncommon in India or other countries, the cruel treatment displayed in this particular case is truly upsetting. I came across this discussion while watching a television program.

Satyamev Jayate (Official website) is a recent endeavor to expose the cruel reality of a supposedly sophisticated society. It aims to bring to light the widespread injustice in the country and unite informed individuals in order to elimin


ate such heinous acts and their perpetrators once and for all. Hence, the theme for this platform is...

Female Feticide: Satyamev Jayate-The Girl Child is Cherished

Sex-selective abortion, also known as female feticide, is when a female fetus is purposely terminated in the womb. These abortions occur after medical tests determine the baby's gender. Often, this harmful practice is influenced by pressure from the husband, in-laws, or even the woman's parents.

Female infanticide is a much more serious offense than abortion, although both are often the result of unintended pregnancies. This problem exists in many societies worldwide.

India is deeply patriarchal, with a hierarchical system present throughout all levels of society. However, the fascination and obsession with males is unique, even evident in ancient religious texts.

Within several cases, work forces are highly commended as the crucia

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element for the continuation of the family lineage. A young woman is compelled to endure numerous pregnancies and/or abortions until she fulfills her lifelong objective of being a breeding machine that only produces male offspring, as requested by the family. Regrettably, a majority of instances involving the selective abortion of female fetuses involve the active participation of women, both young and old.

The lucrative industry of identifying and selectively aborting female fetuses is valued at $224 million, further worsening the problem. This harmful incentive perpetuates the persistence of these unethical practices in the foreseeable future. Source: Vivek Chaudhary

What prompts the decision to terminate female infants?

Every immoral deed, including this one, carries an outdated rationale.

Supporters of female abortion argue that it is mainly driven by cultural norms and socio-economic policies in certain countries, especially in South Asian nations such as China and India. These factors serve as a valid justification for the persistence of this issue.

Vietnam, Korea, and other countries have contributed to the spread of societal immorality. This trend has now reached Western states like the USA and Canada. Immigration is directly responsible for this immoral trend as well as an increase in cases of female aborticide.

One may inquire about the principle, and surprisingly, the grounds for these states are not as diverse as one may comprehend.

Preference for male children:

The strong desire for a male child is demonstrated by the elimination or removal of girls from the family lineage, even before they are born. This is particularly evident in regions where the practice of female abortion is prevalent. The primary reason behind this preference is the need to continue the family

lineage through a male descendant. Sons are considered as the main source of income, despite the fact that women can now easily compete with men in various fields.

Regardless of the field, women prove their capabilities. However, there is still a prevalent misconception that men are expected to help manage the household and obey their parents even after marriage.

Adult females in India are seen as commodities, ready to be transferred to another family. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief once their "daughter" is settled, considering it a successful accomplishment.

The traditional practice of dowry system negatively impacts the financial situation of parents who have a daughter. It initiates the calculations related to marriage expenses, which may continue for several decades following the birth of the child. The idea of giving a lump sum payment to the daughter after twenty years, when currency value may diminish and inflation may soar, is perceived as an impending disaster.

Instead of lamenting missed chances, it would be more advantageous to eliminate male dominance using only a small portion of the quantity. The Decline in Women's Status: I am not a radical feminist who protests loudly against male dominance in any society. Yes, males have more power in the social order of a nation, but that does not mean women's rights should be limited.

Adult females should assert themselves and strive for the opportunities they desire. However, accomplishing this ideal situation is not easily attained. For many women, centuries of repression have ingrained a natural tendency to accept lower status. They willingly adopt the role of the submissive.

A submissive and docile married woman tirelessly works to cater to her husband's

whims. The greatest adversary of a woman is herself. Female feticide occurs with the explicit consent of the mother.

While many expectant mothers acknowledge their responsibility to the family and agree to this wrongdoing, there are also those who choose to take matters into their own hands. - Unethical Medical Practices: The discussion in this article adequately addresses this issue, especially in light of the legalization of abortion in India.

The act of engaging in illegal sexual activities and terminating pregnancies has become commonplace. Medical professionals are more than willing to assist parents in fulfilling their desire to have a healthy baby boy. The discussion of female abortion is openly embraced within the medical community, and even signs outside certain clinics promote this service by offering to pay a small amount now to save a larger expense in the future.

The initial small amount is the price of an abortion. The larger amount mentioned is the expense that the family will have to bear in the form of a dowry for the girl.
– Industrial Growth:
Industrialization of the healthcare sector has further intensified the practice of selective abortion. With the introduction of CVS, amniocentesis, and Ultrasound.

Discovering the sex of the fetus has become considerably simpler compared to the past. This illustrates how the manufacturers of advanced equipment and devices used to conduct these examinations benefit from the hardships endured by prospective parents and their unborn child.

Many hospitals often enter into long-term contracts with manufacturers of medical machinery. It is common for a significant portion of the profits to be shared between the hospital and the manufacturer. Both parties benefit from this partnership, which can be likened to accepting

a terminal diagnosis.

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