Abortion Is Murder Essay Example
Abortion Is Murder Essay Example

Abortion Is Murder Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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The Silent Horror Every single day more babies are killed than people on September 1 lath. Abortion Is the name of the national disgrace.

I am not here to debate whether you should believe in what I believe in or not; I believe that abortion is murder and should never be looked at as right in any way. Did you know that there are 1. 21 million abortions in the US each year? Every day someone murders an unborn BABY. Life begins at conception. There are many people who will disagree with me about all of this.

But what is an opinion without someone else not agreeing? There are so many other options that trump abortion. Adoption or keeping the baby is a better alternative. Some women may have been raped, and that Is


really the only real excuse I can think of that anyone could abort a baby. The love of a child should trump any excuse a woman can possibly have to abort their baby. Studies show that 86 percent of all abortions are done because it is convenient at the time. How could ending a life be convenient at any point In time? Planned Parenthood companies work every day to make people believe abortion Is okay.

The politicians In America talk about how we deed to make our values known, but what kind of "values" do we have if we continue to promote the murder of a child. Some people just have no respect for human life. Some women get pregnant at young ages and believe that they will be an unfit mother or wont be able to provide like they wan

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for the child. But is aborting the baby really the answer? No one ever knows what kind of mother they will be until they are actually a mother or have to make mother like decisions.

I could never take the risk of not knowing what kind of mother I would be.

Birth defects can be detected n sonograms and if the baby is going to have many complications, women think abortion is the only answer. Yes, I wouldn't want my child to suffer all his or her life but you never know the miracles that can happen if the baby is born. It's a matter of love to me. Birth control and abstinence can help prevent any woman from going through the horror of abortion. Scott Maxwell says that the word "choice" in this matter, means killing.

If a woman doesn't want a baby, carry it out and have it then give it up.

Aborting Is making the baby suffering for mistakes made by the mother and the father. I have a friend who got pregnant at the age of 15. She was so upset and stressed out that she thought abortion was the only option. No matter what me and her other friends tried to tell her, she did It anyway. She described It as the worst pain of her life because she felt Like she killed the only good thing that could have happened to her.

Till this day, she is traumatized at the thought of the abortion. I wasn't the one pregnant so I couldn't have told her about the pain or what she was going to endure.

I OFF Some families who are unable

to conceive are Just waiting to adopt a baby and there are out there killing those families only chance of having a child. How is that right in any way? I think that is so selfish of the women aborting their babies. Not only are abortions disgusting in more ways than one, they're pretty expensive. They can cost anywhere from 350 dollars to 1000 dollars.

If someone can't afford to take of a baby, how in the world can they afford to end its life? I will never understand what goes on through the heads of the women who make abortion their only option.

Some people will argue that life begins at birth and not at conception and others, eke me, believe that when you have an abortion, you're going against one of the Ten Commandments. People even say that abortion reduces crime, how that is true, no one will ever know. President Obama is a pro-choice politician and believes in that a baby is a punishment for having sex at young ages or before marriage.

So are me and you a punishment? I was born to an unwed mother at the age of 18. I was never thought of as a punishment or a mistake. When I have a baby, I will never look at it as a mistake or anything more than perfect.

I could never see myself killing a baby.

I have 3 nieces, nephews, and a baby sister who all mean the absolute world to me. Babies are a blessing, how could anyone murder something so precious? Women who are pro-choice use the excuse "it is my body, I will do what I want

with it. " But isn't there another body growing inside her as well? A living, breathing human is moving around in a woman's body as well. Some people in the world say that abortion is a way to control or limit population. Who cares how many people live in an area? The more humans, the better mostly because we can all help each other to make ends meet.

Life is a very precious thing and should never be taken for granted.

Once a woman has an abortion, the chances of her being able to conceive again are very slim. Just because that baby may not be wanted, doesn't mean late on down the road another one won't be. Adoption is always a better option. In some cases, that is what is best for the child and the mother. But, killing is never what is best for anyone no matter what the situation is. You could be healthy all your life and once you have an abortion, you raise your risk of having medical problems in the future.

The chance of you getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is increased especially.

So much stress can come from an abortion. You may be stressed before but Just think of all the guilty feelings you will have after wards and all the things that will go through your mind each day. Who could live with that? I know I couldn't for sure. Abortion is not and never should be known as a form of birth control.

If it was a form of birth control, there would never be a pregnancy to terminate in the first place. The best birth control is to wait

until marriage or until you're ready for a child. My grandmother always told me that no matter what I do, never kill a baby.

Nothing about life can be that bad that you have to end the life of another. What if Mary had been pro-choice? What if she had decided to abort Jesus? Life would be so much more chaotic than it already is now. Jesus would have never been born, he would have been looked at as the "unwanted child.

" If God wanted abortion to be okay, he would have never made "Thou Shall Not Kill" a commandment to begin mother or father go through. God would never put you through something if he didn't think you could do it. And He would never make you face it alone. In the end, having a baby could be the best thing that can ever happen to you.

I know I can't wait to have a family.

I can't wait to hold the hand of, protect, read to and teach my son or daughter. Morals and values is what this topic all boils down to. I don't think that abortion will never be illegal Just because of the simple fact that some people don't even respect themselves let alone another life. Anyone who has the Joy of being blessed with God's creation, should hold onto it, not let it go.

Abortion is never right in any way. I don't know what it is going to take to get this nation to see that. But I sure hope that something awakens the people soon. No child is ever unwanted, don't make it feel that way.

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