Should mobile phones be banned Essay Example
Should mobile phones be banned Essay Example

Should mobile phones be banned Essay Example

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  • Published: July 18, 2017
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I am contacting you to share my thoughts on your recent article titled "Should mobile phones be banned in schools? - 27/11/12". This is a complex topic due to the significant impact that mobile phones have had on our generation. I was fascinated by the contrasting viewpoints presented by the writers. In his article, Barkham highlights the various concerns associated with teenagers using their devices in school. These include the possibility of cyberbullying and rule-breaking such as taking inappropriate photos or videos. However, the author also uses terms such as "strangely feared" and "assumed" to suggest that these worries are baseless and exaggerated. He notes how schools that are unwilling to invest in their own IT infrastructure ignore the potential benefits of utilizing the powerful computing machines that every student carries in their pockets. Barkham sug


gests that addressing this issue could be useful for everyone involved and praises mobile phones as a revolutionary product. To support his argument, he provides firsthand information about how teachers find it helpful to have students with phones in class. In fact, this is so useful that they have even created a new acronym for it.In regards to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Barkham believes that it is the future and utilizing personal "trusted devices" is preferable to using school computers. Barkham argues that this allows for increased productivity and dismisses some of the drawbacks associated with the use of phones in the classroom, pointing out that schools provide Wi-Fi to students for their studies. Despite some students coming to school without proper attire or nourishment, they always manage to bring their phones, indicating their importance to them. On the

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other hand, Moss disagrees with Barkham's stance and believes that mobile phones should be banned in schools. Moss presents a reasoned argument for his stance and cites potential distractions and concerns with bullying as reasons for banning phones in schools. Moss quotes Mr. Fenn to support his argument.The use of mobile phones in the classroom has been a concern for educators as it may distract students from their studies. Mr. Fenn, who is an instructor, found that mobiles were a nightmare for him and his class. As a result, he banned their use which led to a decrease in cyberbullying and improved behaviour. It has been suggested that mobile phones could be a sign of negative attitudes among students. The NASUWT, a teacher union, supported a classroom ban on mobiles which most people believe is an acceptable solution. Stephen Moss had strong statements on the issue but acknowledged that an outright ban on mobiles would be unpopular and difficult to implement. Although some weaknesses were apparent in Moss's argument, his views align with the majority who support the banning of mobile phones in schools due to their disruptive nature. The Guardian reported that an online poll indicated that most schools wanted to prohibit mobile phone usage, given the device's potential for distraction and disruption in the classroom.The small size of nomadic phones makes them an attractive tool for cheating in exams as they can be easily taken anywhere and used to communicate with anyone in the world. This allows students to send text messages discreetly, without drawing attention to themselves.

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