Shakespeare Free Narrative Essay Example
Shakespeare Free Narrative Essay Example

Shakespeare Free Narrative Essay Example

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  • Published: March 26, 2019
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William Shakespeare, born in 1564 in Stratford, England, was the son of John Shakespeare, a tradesman and Alderman of Stratford.

William, the eldest son and third child among eight, was baptized on April 26th, 1564. He went to Stratford Grammar School for his early education, but there is limited knowledge about his life until he turned eighteen. Although he received a thorough linguistic and somewhat literary education at the Grammar School, it is noted that he had an aversion to grammar but a strong fascination with drama.

Shakespeare studied at the prestigious Kings New School in Stratford, which was renowned for its exceptional grammar education. During his time there, he immersed himself in a wide array of books, utilizing some of them as inspiration for his plays. Among his most notable literary sources was the influential work titled The Uni


on of the Two Noble and Illustre families of Lancaster and York, written by Hall.

Shakespeare utilized this book to aid in writing his plays about multiple kings, including three plays about Henry VI and a play centered on Richard III. Additionally, he based Othello on Hecatommithi and Twelfth Night on His Farewell to Military Profession. Over fifty percent of Shakespeare's plays were influenced by diverse subject matters. Furthermore, his life experiences also impacted his plays.

The early years of Shakespeare were heavily influenced by important events. One event that had a deep impact on his development as a playwright was the tragic drowning of Katherine. Additionally, history played a vital role in shaping his work. A notable example is how Shakespeare used Julius Caesar's life and tragic death as inspiration for one of his most famous plays.

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By extensively studying Caesar, he obtained enough material to create an original story. Similarly, the life of Marc Antony, various historical accounts, and biblical stories also had a lasting effect on Shakespeare's writing in another significant play.

Shakespeare's education gave him a vast understanding of history and its important figures, which greatly influenced his work. Many factors contributed to Shakespeare's immense popularity, but primarily it was his deep understanding of human nature. He had the talent to identify and depict timeless human qualities in his plays by skillfully incorporating them into dramatic situations.

Shakespeare's skill in developing unique individuals was equal to his aptitude for depicting their shared struggles in life. Whether they achieved success or faced the hardships of pain, suffering, and failure, these characters exemplified his comprehension of human behavior. Additionally, Shakespeare possessed extensive expertise across various fields such as music, law, Bible studies, stagecraft, artistry, politics, history, hunting, and sportsmanship. Consequently, his impact on culture and literature resonated deeply on a global scale.

The plays and poems of Shakespeare have had a significant impact on the English language, as many words and phrases from his works are now commonly used in everyday speech. In the United States, his works play a vital role in education, shaping the ideals and beliefs of countless individuals through their depiction of romantic love, heroism, comedy, and tragedy. Additionally, Shakespeare's portrayals of historical figures and events have greatly influenced our collective perspective, surpassing traditional historical accounts.

The world has held great admiration and respect for numerous writers; however, it is only Shakespeare who has managed to generate a colossal and enduring interest.

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