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Competition for finding work nowadays is very tight. There are many applicants and companies ready to accept new employees to work for them. But are the applicants qualified? Can they be trusted? Are they capable of doing what is assigned to them? These are the common questions that companies think in hiring potential employees.

So the solution to the problem is, developing Selection tools that with help the companies make the right decision on hiring and promoting.Selection tools are tests to determine the personality, the mental capabilities, attitudes, and potentials of both applicants and employees. The tests are composed of critical questions to analyze the capability of an individual. The type of questions may vary depending on the purpose for use; it can be for either hiring or promoting.

There are also different types of selection tools depending on what job the company is offering, or what position is available. It is a matter of choosing the right selection tool for your company.Profiles International (2007) Profiles Step one survey II is an example of a selection tool. Profiles International (2007) Profiles Step one survey II is a prescreening survey designed for employees who work by the hour and for executives. These kinds of employees should be tested for their personal integrity, their reliability and attitudes towards work.The technical specs of Profiles International (2007) profiles step one survey II are specially designed to solve challenges regarding employees’ productivity, trustworthiness, punctuality, work efficiency and enthusiasm.

     These traits are important to prevent, Theft in the company, the spread of confidential files and information, excessive unexcused absences, employees frequent tardiness, unauthorized use of company facilities like the computer for unofficial and personal use, unauthorized use of the internet for personal e-mails and online games.The test is easy to administer, it can either be by the use of paper and pen or be taken online. It takes about 20 minutes to take the test. The test has two different reports on the result and results are available immediately.

Another Example of selection Tool is Profiles International (2007) Profile XT™.This selection tool is a prescreening survey for improved hiring, managing and training. This survey checks the compatibility of employees to their job and finds one that will suit them better. It also provides information for making better promoting decisions.The technical specs of Profiles International (2007) Profile XT™ are specially designed to solve the challenges on ineffective training, confusions and conflicts in the company, high turnover of employees, Decisions on who to promote, selecting hard working and efficient employees, communication problems.

This test is made for companies who require more information of their employees, like their Intellectual abilities such as Verbal skill, Numerical ability, Sociability, work enthusiasm etc. This test is for potential employees applying for higher positions in the company.The Test is also easy to administer, you can take the test online or by paper and pen. The test takes longer time to take because it is composed of more questions. The test takes about 50 minutes. The test has seven different reports on the result and the results are available immediately.

Another example of selection tool is Profiles International (2007) Profile sales indicator. This selection tool is a pre screening survey specially designed for salesmen; it includes tools for managing salesmen, training, and selecting them. It also measures the five key qualities necessary to be successful salespeople. It also predicts the probable performance on sales behaviors.The technical specs of Profiles International (2007) Profile Sales Indicator are specially designed for solving challenges regarding effective salesmanship, customer relationship and sales productivity.

It also measures important traits like self reliance, Competence, perseverance, teamwork and sales drive. These traits are needed to be efficient salespeople. The test is designed for companies who hire salesmen.The test is also easy to administer, It can be taken online or by pen and paper. The test can be taken for 15- 20 minutes.

There are two different reports on the result and results are available immediately.Profiles International (2007) profiles step one survey II is the best choice among the three in for hiring employees for a supermarket, because it reduces the chance of employees who steal money. People nowadays are hard to trust and will do anything for money, because of the great need for money. This test lowers the percentage of hiring these kinds of people. The test also reduces the loss of information, confidential to the company.

Like trade secrets and computer data.The test also reduces the chance of hiring employees who are most of the time late for work and absent for unexcused reasons. It also reduce the chance of hiring Employees who spend unproductive time due to unauthorized computer usage, like for personal e-mail, online games, and other use of the internet unrelated to their work.The test also selects hardworking, punctual and honest employees.

These traits are very appropriate for a supermarket, because hardworking employees will improve the work efficiency, when it comes to money and manpower. Punctual employees are also needed, because punctual people are people who are well prepared when it comes to deadlines and quotas.Honest people, is what a super market needs. A super market may suffer big losses from dishonest employees. Employees who steal goods by taking them out the backdoor, cashiers that keep small changes. These small deeds of dishonesty can result to bigger problems and bigger losses.

The test also measures the applicants’ reliability, work attitudes and integrity, aspects an applicant should have for better productivity and minor loss. So the most applicable test to be used by a supermarket is Profiles International (2007) profiles step one survey IIThe reason why I chose Profiles International (2007) profiles step one survey II over the two is because it targets the specific needs for a supermarket. Compared to the other two, that deals with a variety of tests for a wide range of jobs, jobs that require greater knowledge and skill. The other two selection tools are for jobs that require more information about their applicants, like for a bank etc.Profiles International (2007) The Profile XT™ has a wide range of information, but the information is too much than what is needed, and it takes a longer time to take compared to Profiles International (2007) profiles step one survey II that concentrates on information needed by a supermarket in hiring employeesProfiles International (2007) Profiles Sales Indicator is a tool for hiring salesmen, and is not appropriate for hiring employees for a super market.

It is not necessary for supermarket employees to have all the traits of a salesman. But there are exception like customer service etc.The advantages of profiles step one survey II its efficiency regarding time spent in taking the test and checking extra results that are not necessary in finding potential employees for a super market. Another advantage is saving of energy in checking unnecessary info of applicants.So Profiles International (2007) profiles step one survey II is appropriate for finding potential employees of a supermarket compared to Profiles International (2007) the Profile XT™ and Profiles International (2007) Profiles Sales Indicator.

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