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The focus of my Research Project was to investigate interior designer through the process of designing my client’s, Diane and John Brickwork’s, rumpus room. I chose this topic because I would like to become an interior designer, thus this project enabled me to gain insight into how an Interior designer works, as well as the rewards and struggles they face. The key areas I examined Included: establishing a design concept, color schemes Including the psychology of colors, fittings and sutures, furniture selection and finally, university and tertiary pathways to becoming an Interior designer.

My research revealed that Interior design Is a challenging field to enter and be successful at, because an Interior designer’s fortunes depend on their ability to satisfy their clients . Thus, they must understand the artistic and technical requirements of a project, as well as Interpersonal communication and management strategies Establishing a Design Process The design process is far more than merely selecting colors and fabrics to make a pace more beautiful; interior designers also have to concern themselves with everything that needs to take place in order to effectively meet a client’s needs .

That means interior designers must work on a strict deadline and make sure all of the work is completed on time and facilitating all aspects of a project to ensure success means that the interior designer must deal with a number of key people, in order to accomplish what the designer and client originally set out as important goals to be met in creating a new design .

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