Relationship between Humans and Nature Essay Example
Relationship between Humans and Nature Essay Example

Relationship between Humans and Nature Essay Example

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The relationship between worlds and nature is an of import subject in which many people contribute thoughts to and hold done surveies on. It is of import for people to see that nature is a necessity and that we are responsible for protecting it. In essays and an article. John Steinbeck. Lynn White. Peter Kahn. Rachel Severson. and Jolina Ruckert discourse their beliefs and information they have found to be true about worlds and nature life together.

In the article “Americans and the Land” . John Steinbeck negotiations about the American settlers’ impact on the land. He states that the relationship between worlds and nature used to be one of colonists populating with or against nature. but has over clip come to worlds populating on or from the land. Steinbeck writes his feelings of worlds being really


irresponsible in their usage of land back in a clip when they thought there was an copiousness of resources. He writes that people “burned the woods and changed the rainfall ; they swept the American bison from the fields. blasted the watercourses. put fire to the grass” ( Steinbeck ) . During the clip of the Indians. worlds attacked and defended themselves without giving idea to the harm they were doing to their environment around them. To travel along with how small Americans thought about the environment. Steinbeck addresses how people went land-mad. Because they had so much of it. “They cut and burned the woods to do room for harvests ; they abandoned hyknowledge of kindness to the land in order to keep its usefulness” ( Steinbeck ) .

The thought of preservation didn’t much start until after engines

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and heavy mechanical equipment were in full usage. And even since preservation and people happening awe and beauty in the nation’s national Parkss. most people don’t believe twice about utilizing engines and machines to maintain us warm or cool. give us light. or transport us rapidly. In response to this essay. I do hold to hold that in the past people did non cognize about the harm they were doing on the Earth. However. I disagree with Steinbeck when he says that people do non believe twice about utilizing all available engineering. I know that through preservation attempts. most everyone is really cognizant of the impact they have on the environment. Although people are non as in melody with nature as the Native Americans were. I think we could larn from them and appreciate and take more duty for nature.

Lynn White. Jr. ’s essay “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” addresses the relationship between worlds and nature by conveying up the issue of what Christianity tells people about their relationship with the environment. It is interesting that White brings up the constituent of faith in how people treat nature because it is a immense facet that oftentimes doesn’t acquire talked approximately much. White states that Christians believe that God gave them laterality over nature and that it was given to function adult male. Because of this laterality that we have. people feel apathetic about working nature and utilizing it to function themselves.

Although I know this is true and is found in Genesis. I believe God intended it otherwise. I believe that merely as God has ultimate regulation over the Earth and exercises his authorization

with loving attention. he expects worlds to make the same with the environment. God was careful in how he made the Earth. and He wants us non to be careless and uneconomical in how we take attention of it. Although. I do hold that this mentality is a job and has been a job. so the best manner to battle this is to learn Christians to delve deeper in to God’s word to calculate out what precisely He means when he says something like that.

Peter Kahn. Jr. . Rachel L. Severson. and Jolina H. Ruckert discourse the impact on worlds of how technological nature is coming to replace existent nature in the essay. In the essay. they come to the decision that this replacing causes alterations in the physical and psychological wellbeing of the human species. Kahn. Severson. and Ruckert province that nature is imperative to hold in human lives. The writers did a survey in which they found that merely looking outside of a window reduces bosom rate which in bend reduces emphasis. Near the terminal of the essay. the writers discuss the issue of Environmental Generational Amnesia.

This is a status that worlds may confront in which. because of “adapting bit by bit to the loss of existent nature and to the addition of technological nature. worlds will take down the baseline across coevalss for what counts as a full step of the human experience and of human flourishing” ( Kahn. Severson. and Ruckert. 37 ) . In a survey. they figured out that technological nature is better than no nature at all. And they besides know that worlds have an evolutionary demand to

consort with nature. so we either have to accommodate to technological nature. or travel nonextant. The writers know that speaking to people about these environmental issues is going harder as most people aren’t cognizant of or merely don’t believe that they are a job. I think that this was a really of import survey to make and demo people the importance and necessity of traveling out into nature.

The relationship between worlds and nature is of import to everyone because we truly can’t flight the fact that we are populating together. Knowing the history of why nature is so of import to worlds can assist make a sense of duty for its wellbeing which in bend should unify people to seek to do a difference in how we are handling it and utilizing current engineering. Because of Kahn. Severson. and Ruckert we now know that nature is something that humans innately need and that increases our wellness. Reading the thoughts and decisions of these writers about this subject has made me inquire about what my ain stance on nature is. how my religion effects that. and if I am replacing technological nature for existent nature.

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