Reaction Paper to Ethics
Reaction Paper to Ethics

Reaction Paper to Ethics

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  • Published: October 9, 2017
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Ethos – Characteristic manner of moving

Ethics’ Greek word is ethos. The ethos of adult male as adult male is revealed in the followers: He is able to separate between good and evil. right or incorrect. moral and immoral ; he feels within himself an duty to make what is good and to avoid what is evil ; and he feels himself accountable for his actions. anticipating wages or penalty for them. In our survey. ethos refers to those features belonging to adult male as a rational being endowed with intellect and free-will. It provides the individual with cognition that he may cognize what to make and how to make it. therefore. moralss provides the ushers to the public presentation of an act. In the subject discussed above. I learned that ethos or moralss is of import to us. in able for us to go a baronial adult male or baronial adult female. we need to cognize what is good and make it and cognize what is evil and avoid it.

We need ethos in our lives to be cognizant of the consequence of each action that we do in our mundane lives. if it will ensue to a good thing which is represented by wagess or it will ensue to a bad thing which is so represented by penalties or effects. In our childhood yearss. we intend to copy the 1s who are bigger and older than us. believing that what they are making is ever right. so we do what they do. be


cause we don’t cognize how to move yet. we don’t cognize what is good for us or bad for us back so. Now we’ve grown up and became knowing about what is good and what is evil. but in each twenty-four hours of our mundane life. sometimes forgot that what we have been making is incorrect but seems to be right for us. like lying for the benefit of ourselves to maintain us safe from being scolded by our parents. rip offing during the quizzes. imbibing with our equal groups or circle of friends and a batch more.

What I’ve learned in moralss is the ethos: that we are accountable for all our actions and we have an duty to make things right for us to be able to achieve the good life. It gives us consciousness for the things we must make and the things we must avoid. We’re non a kid any longer. so we know what is good and what is evil. but sometimes. even we know it is bad. we are forced by our ain desire to seek it. Our wonder leads us to seek things done by common people in our society. so subsequently. we find it good. but deep interior. we feel it is incorrect. “But they did it. so I did it so” . that was the common alibi. Now. I know that what we’ve done is incorrect and we are now anticipating penalty for the things we have done. We are now cognizant and will seek to non to make it once more. We would non depend on the activity o

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other people to be our activity excessively. but instead. we would hold a footing in every act that we do. believing foremost if it would be good or right for us. or bad for us.

Gerson R. MonteserGeneral Ethical motives
BSIT-CPT IIReaction to Chapter 2

Man must endeavor for felicity

What makes a adult male happy? Is it riches? Is it appliances and doodads? Is it fame? Or is it freedom? So what does do a adult male happy? I believe that adult male is a non-contented being. even he said. this is adequate. but deep interior of him. he needs more. Man is in a uninterrupted hunt of things that would do them happy for a long period of clip. When a adult male has this desire to derive an object or an experience that he truly loves to hold. he will endeavor for it. he will work for it. and he will make anything to acquire it. He will put his desire as his end in life. and he will perpetrate to hold it whatever it takes. which is said to be the highest committedness. But. when he achieved his end in life. he will seek for something to hold once more. and this would ensue to a ne'er stoping desire while he is still here in the Earth. Now. the Enlightened One. Gautama Buddha states that adult male must endeavor for felicity but felicity can non be attained in this universe for it is a province of peace.

So. the felicity can be attained by holding peace? Is that right? Possibly yes. because Gautama Buddha looks happy and at peace in his memorials. statues. and images. So. we have to be in peace in order to accomplish true felicity. But how can we accomplish peace? In my sentiment. you should be contended in material things. and get down to be at peace by non worrying for jobs that come to our life. alternatively. be grateful because God gave us another twenty-four hours to populate. Problems would ne'er stay a job. it will merely go through in our life like that we are in and obstacle class. and the jobs are the obstruction that will add troubles in our manner to success. So. to be at peace. one must be relaxed and merely believe a job as a portion of life that will do a adult male stronger than earlier.

If we don’t have jobs in life. we would go a lazy sofa murphy. we will ne'er make anything because there is nil to be worried about. so. it’s like we are merely the animate beings here in the Earth that doesn’t have any jobs. In this lesson. I learned that we must endeavor for our felicity. and by all agencies. we must endeavor to hold peace. Some thoughts came in idea that Gautama Buddha said felicity is non here on Earth. so where can we happen happiness? So. this thing comes to my head. that we can achieve true felicity when we are dead. Funny. but it makes sense. because Gautama Buddha added that it is in the provinces of peace. the felicity

must hold in the province of peace. and that peace would be when a individual is dead. you know. because he would be now rest in peace. funny right? I didn’t cognize excessively. so I’m merely pulling my ain decisions. Don’t justice me. Well. that’s all.

Gerson R. MonteserGeneral Ethical motives
BSIT-CPT IIReaction to Chapter 3

Man does non move without any motivation or nonsubjective in position

I have watched in the telecasting a assorted figure of intelligence about burglary. snatch. sexual torment. colza and slay. illegal drug merchandising. slaying and etc. but the common thing a police officer ever seek to happen out is their motivation in making this so. Motive is the ground why a adult male does move. and without motivation. he has no ground to make the act. In our lesson. this chapter discusses about adult male and his terminals. The definition of an terminal is both expiration and end of activity. It is that which completes or finishes a thing. and it is that for which the thing is finished. By an terminal. hence. we mean the terminal of an activity or what we call terminal is the intent or end of an act. The lone manner to give significance to human being is to hold a end. the really ground for being and being. Very good said. the above provinces all the things that define the adult male and his terminal. so what does will it to make with the subject motivation? As in my sentiment. motivation would add to the man’s terminal. in his will to complete his terminal. he has to hold a motivation in making it. so that. the motivation will force his head to accomplish the activity he is seeking to stop.

In my ain apprehension. activities affecting the act of accomplishing the terminal is like a adult male seeking to accomplish his end ; the ground he work. or the ground he continuous to populate is because of his end that must be achieved to run into his terminal. Now. for him to accomplish his end and to run into his terminal. he must hold a great motivation or a large ground for all his why’s: why he needs it. why he wants it. and why he must hold it. If a individual is motivated. and he and his will hold on that motivation. he would be a ferocious individual. so much tidal bore to accomplish something he loves. that no other people could impede him from accomplishing his ends. and no 1 could of all time set out the fire that is inside of him that pushes him and doing him an indestructible adult male because nil Michigans his manner to his terminal.

There was a individual here in the Earth that demonstrate this sort of motive and that is Steve Jobs. His physician said that he would merely populate in a few hebdomads because of his terrible disease. The physician added that Steve Jobs must make everything he wants to make before he died. So. Steve Jobs spend all his clip in developing apple appliance and his motivation is incontestable that he wants

to develop a good apple appliance that will be known in the whole broad universe. Not wittingly. Steve Jobs live more than the physician said and he saw how the consequence he worked difficult for and that minute. he accomplished his end in life. he met his terminal – the fruit of his motive. So. that’s what motivations do. it pushes person to make something even it is beyond his abilities.

Gerson R. MonteserGeneral Ethical motives
BSIT-CPT IIReaction to Chapter 4

Ignorance – negation of cognition

The absence of rational cognition in adult male is what we called ignorance. It besides means the presence of what is falsely supposed to be knowledge. In my ain apprehension. it’s the rejection of adult male to the truth because he doesn’t cognize what the truth is. Like for illustration. people becomes nescient when they feel that they are stupid because other individual learn them how to make something. They rejects the cognition being taught to them. therefore. they became nescient. Ignorant people are proud people. who thinks they are wise but really they are fool. They seems to be smart in their ain ways. pretermiting the position of others. they merely Lack of instruction consequences in ignorance and ignorance eventually leads to populating in a limited universe. Peoples who don’t want to be taught and relies merely on what he knows or depends merely on their ain belief are nescient. They will support what they know and will
say that it is right even if. in the eyes of others. it is incorrect.

Therefore ignorance is the expletive for human existences. They are great hinderances on the way of advancement. To accomplish the optimal end. spread of instruction is must. Without it people are cut off from utile information. Merely instruction can take the ignorance. After all. instruction does non ache but ignorance does. What I’ve learned was that because of ignorance. people kept pretermiting the true cognition they must hold. and because of their nescient thought. they don’t have any advancement at all. their acquisition is still little and non turning because of their manner of believing that their cognition is adequate and they keep claiming that they know everything and they do non necessitate any instructions from professionals. therefore doing them a sap of themselves.

Peoples in that thought are braggart and full of pride. ever touting that they know things. feigning to be a professional in every field but they don’t have any footing to turn out their statements. they merely depend on their ain apprehension non confer withing any other individual penetrations and position. Peoples in the present clip is in this state of affairs and the lone thing that would be able to set it aside is by agencies of themselves recognizing that their idea and manner of thought is stupidity and bunk.

This could be done by inquiring him to move what he says to turn out if it is true. for if his experience is his best instructor that would learn him the true cognition about this universe. Equally far as I know. ignorance would non mention merely to people with unawareness to knowledge

but besides people with consciousness to knowledge but maintain pretermiting it. In my decision. ignorance could merely intend the refusal of a individual to knowledge that certainly would ensue to miss of betterment and personal development.

Gerson R. MonteserGeneral Ethical motives
BSIT-CPT IIReaction to Chapter 5
Good act may go evil…

This caught my attending while I’m reading my faculty in moralss. I ne'er taught that a good act may go evil. but there is a follow-up phrase. by ground of fortunes. So. a good act may go evil by ground of fortunes and by fortunes we mean. the state of affairs in the present clip. Equally far as I know. this is ever been done by people who doesn’t have adequate consciousness in a peculiar country he or she presently stay. This good act that may go immorality could be considered as an extrinsic act where the act which is in itself is non evil but is now evil on history of something. I exhaustively searched how a good act may go an evil act and I found out that it becomes evil when you feel you do something good and you are proud of it but in the other side. you’ve merely broken a jurisprudence without farther notice.

For case. you saw street kids in the pavement in Manila. and so. due to your compassionate bosom. you gave them coins as your alms to him and you feel great about it. It is good to your side. but it is bad for the community. because you have no confidence that the money you’ve merely gave would be spent for nutrient. You gave alms to do you experience better from the commiseration in your bosom ; your money. although given with good purposes. merely might promote kids to perpetrate offense and do their parents lazy. Children should non implore. they should be in school perusal. be with their parents who would take attention for them. If you truly wish to make good. you shouldn’t give alms. you should take these kids to a good establishment that would take attention of them. to foster them and to alter their life style.

Most of us feel great whenever we encounter these state of affairss. assisting others. but some of us are making this to be known and their Black Marias are with pride. The true kernel of giving is that you ne'er boast to what you did. hence. you give in secret and assisting others anonymously. You don’t take credits to what you’ve done because it is a portion of your life. to assist others. non like those politicians and other authorities functionaries that whenever they do undertakings in assisting people. they ever put their big name with it saying that it was at that place undertaking. for the intent that the people would cognize that they are good. I learned that non all good are truly good ; sometimes it becomes bad depending on the fortunes.