Ragged Dick

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Ragged Dick Summary and Response In chapters XXVI and XXVII of the novel “Ragged Dick,” Horatio Alger describes how the a brave heart of a young man named Richard Hunter, got him a good paying Job and opened new opportunities for his future. Richard Hunter, also known as Dick, and his roommate Henry Fosdick, one day go on an excursion in a ferry boat to Brooklyn to look for new Job opportunities. Once on the ferry, Dick witnessed a six year old boy fall from the ferry into the water. Then with immense eagerness, Dick dove into the water to save the child.

As Dick grabbed on hold to the boy, he found imself relived when he saw a row boat approach. When they finally got the wharf, Dick was thanked by the boys father who quickly planned for him to be taken to a friend’s house in order to get out of the dripping clothes. Soon after Dick was put to bed, a servant came to him with new clothes and a letter from James Rockwell; the little boys father. Dick reads the letter and finds out that Rockwell ironically owns a counting room and wants Dick to give

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him a call the next day. As the next morning approaches, Dick encounters himself with Mr.

Rockwell at the counting room. As they converse, Mr. Rockwell offers Dick a Job in the counting room with salary of ten dollars a week. Overjoyed with the situation, Dick accepts the offer and goes back home to reveal the news to his roommate Henry. As Dick and Henry discuss the situation, they think about looking for a better place to live. Dick also thinks about quitting his old and giving his old position to someone who can really use a Job. As the story concludes, Dick introduces himself as “Richard Hunter,” rather than “Dick. Henry adds

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