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The chances of a risk event occurring as a project proceeds through its life cycle tend to
Slowly drop.
One common mistake made early in the risk identification process is to
Focus on consequences and not on the events that could produce consequences
_______________ focuses on how to respond to events that have a positive impact on a project.
Opportunity management
The risk management tool that is divided into three color-coded zones representing major, moderate, and minor risks is the risk
Severity matrix.
Which of the following is NOT included in a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis?
Risk value
Correct Response All of these are included
The risk associated with the unlikelihood that one of the key members will be struck by lightning would most likely be handled by which of the following?
Change management systems are designed to accomplish all of the following EXCEPT
Track all changes that are to be implemented.
Review, evaluate, and approve/disapprove proposed changes formally.
Identify expected effects of proposed changes on schedule and budget.
Reflect scope changes in baseline and performance measures.
Correct Response All of these are examples of what change management systems are designed to accomplish.
Responses to all identifiable risks should be a top priority for the project manager.
Performance bonds, warranties, and guarantees are financial instruments used to share risk.
Enhancing a risk is a tactic that seeks to eliminate the uncertainty associated with an opportunity to ensure that it definitely happens.
If resources are not adequate to meet peak demands, the resulting reschedule is termed
Resource-constrained scheduling.
Susan is to conduct environmental testing but the chamber cannot hold all the equipment that she wants to test. This is an example of a constraint that could impact the sequence and timing of activities in a project network. What type of constraint is it?
Regina’s boss has told her that her project is very important. If the critical path is delayed, she will be given whatever she needs to get it back on schedule. Her project is classified as ________ constrained.
Resource leveling or smoothing can have all the following results on a project EXCEPT
A longer project duration.
In a resource-constrained project the second priority in assigning resources is usually given to activities with the
Smallest duration.
When a company will reduce the number of projects they have to manage internally to only core projects and send noncritical projects to contractors and consulting firms this is called
Project budgets are developed by time-phasing which of the following?
Work packages
To determine if a project is time-constrained or resource-constrained you would consult the project priority matrix.
When resource constraints are added to technical constraints the original project network may change as well as the completion date.
If resources are truly limited and activity time estimates are accurate, the resource-constrained schedule will materialize as the project is implemented, not the time-constrained schedule.
Managing a project and leading a project are two different things. Project leadership is about coping with
Which of the following groups of stakeholders place constraints on project work such as requiring permits to be secured, that work is built to code, or that safety standards are met?
Government agencies
A high-ranking manager who advocates the project and uses her or his influence to gain approval of the project is a project
In terms of commonly traded organizational currencies, providing friendship, giving emotional backing, and listening to others’ concerns and issues are examples of _______-related currencies.
Once you have established who the key players are that will determine success, then you initiate contact and begin to build a relationship with those players. Less effective managers
Announce an open door policy and encourage others to see them when a problem or issue comes up.
To provide greater clarity to business ethics, many companies and professional groups
Publish a code of conduct.
One advantage of creating a dedicated project team is that it reduces dependencies, especially within the organization.
Inspiration-related currencies derive from people’s burning desire to make a difference and add meaning to their lives.
One important function of mapping dependencies and building a social network is to prevent project managers from being derailed because they were blindsided by someone whose position or power they had not anticipated.
Managing upward relationships involves project managers become skilled at the art of persuading superiors.
Which of the following is commonly associated with high-performing project teams?
Mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning
During which stage of team development do team members establish ground rules and try to find out what behaviors are acceptable and what performance expectations are?
Project managers play a key role in developing high-performance project teams. Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to this role?
Report progress to top management
Researchers have found that high-performance teams have norms for team interaction. Which of the following is NOT one of those norms?
When a decision has to be made, everyone should agree before moving forward
Individual rewards for outstanding work would NOT include
Letters of commendation.
Public recognition.
Desirable job assignments.
Judiciously making exceptions to the rules.
Correct Response All of these are examples of individual rewards for outstanding work.
During the delivery phase of a project’s life cycle, the most significant source of conflict is
Every project has the same potential to evolve into a high-performance team.
The first team meeting sets the tone for how the team will work together.
When facilitating group decision making, a project manager should identify a problem in terms of its alternate solutions so that team members can more easily reach a decision on how to solve the problem.
Going native is the ability that some project teams have to bypass the normal policies and procedures that everyone in the organization is supposed to follow.
Nancy tells her supervisor that as of right now, $1.05 worth of work has been accomplished for each $1 worth of scheduled work. Nancy got this information from viewing the
The final step in the project control process for measuring and evaluating project performance is to
Take appropriate action.
The earned value of a project is the
Percent of the original budget that has been earned by actual work.
When someone familiar with each task estimates what percent of the task has been completed or how much of the task remains, they are creating a method for assigning costs to the baseline called the
Percent complete rule.
Which of the following methods will measure the scheduling efficiency of the work accomplished to date?
A project manager notices that $1,000 worth of work that was scheduled to be completed at this time has not been accomplished. They know this by looking at the
The only accurate method for determining the true time progress of the project is to compare the project network schedule against the actual network schedule to measure if the project is on time.
The PV, AC and CV are all required to assess the current status of the project.
Baseline costs typically include labor, equipment, materials and direct overhead cost.
Progress and performance can be measured quantitatively as well as qualitatively.
Which of the following is NOT a wrap-up closure activity that might be found on a checklist?
Evaluation of team performance
Because of circumstances beyond the control of the project team, many projects are easy for a review group to close down. This type of project closure is called
Failed project.
Which part of the final report presents major improvement actions that should be made?
Before an evaluation of the project team can be effective and useful, a minimum core of conditions needs to be in place before the project begins. Which of the following would NOT be one of those conditions?
Individuals have the skill set necessary to successfully complete the project
The following are distinguishing characteristics of retrospectives methodology EXCEPT
Reviews cannot be linked to percent complete.
Each retrospective is assigned a(n) _________, typically a team member who is very interested in and familiar with the retrospective. This individual will serve as the contact point for anyone needing information relating to the retrospective.
Which of the following is NOT a role of the closure facilitator?
Get delivery acceptance from the customer
The processes for capturing lessons learned continue to evolve, but there are still barriers to effectively mining lessons learned.
A project closure where the project is completed early with some parts of the project eliminated would be classified as a failed project.
Project managers should, when possible, draw comparisons to other team members when conducting individual team member reviews.

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