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Servsafe Foodhandlers, Sanitation & Safety Study Guide-Chapter 13: Integrated Pest Management (T/F) & some ?’s

question Who should apply pesticides? answer Pest Control Operators question (True/False): A strong oily odor may indicate the presence of roaches. answer True question Cockroaches typically are found in places that are what? answer Warm, Moist, & Dry question (True/False): The main purpose of an integrated pest management (IPM) program is to control pests once […]

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Doc. ; form. module 4 test

question To insert the current date, click Date and Time from the ______ribbon. answer insert question The _________feature causes the c in the copy notation to be capitalized when keying a copy notation. answer automatic capitalization question When an item is included with a letter, a(n)_________notation is keyed one blank line below the reference initials. […]

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Auditing: Chapter 10 ; 11 Quiz

question The balance sheet classification of investments by management should be confirmed with outside parties answer false question The preferred source of fair values for investments is management’s estimate of what the market value should be answer false question The typical business activity of the finance and investment cycle would not include answer reconciliation of […]

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Wekk 12 – IDS/IPS

question IDS answer Intrusion Detection Systems question IDS answer Detect an anomaly based on a set of rules and alert a contact list question IDS answer * Work like Burglar alarms * Administrators can choose the alarm level question Components of IDS answer * Collectors: Gather raw data * Director: Reduces incoming traffic and finds […]

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Unit 4 Chapter 5 – Global factors that shape national business activities

question Tariffs answer These are taxes on imported goods which raise the price paid for the goods by domestic consumers question Import quotas answer a limit imposed by a nation on the quantity (or total value) of a good that may be imported during some period of time question Embargoes answer complete ban on certain […]

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Flashcards and Answers – TIA Chapter 12 Exam
16 Sep 2020 Database

question A ________ is a group of 2 or more computers, or nodes, configured to share information and resources. a. network b. route c. bridge d. bus answer a. network question Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using networks as compared to a stand-alone computer? A. Enable software sharing B. Facilitate knowledge […]

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Terrorism and Homeland Security 9th Edition Jonathan R. White

question 1978 Civil Service Reform Act answer A federal law designed to prevent political interference with the decisions and actions of governmental organizations. question 1985 hijacking of a TWS flight #847 answer The ________ by a group believed to have links to Hezbollah while it was enroute from Athens to Rome. The plane went to […]

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Strategic Management-Chapter 8

question An area on a perceptual map where there is a cluster of ideal points indicates a market segment. answer True question Strategy implementation affects top and middle managers but not lower-level employees. answer False question An example of a marketing decision is whether or not to limit the share of business done with a […]

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SM2016 Chap 1

question Managers in all types of businesses must address the central strategic question: A. Where are we now? B. Where do we want to go from here? C. How are we going to get there? D. When will we know we are there? E. All of these answer C. How are we going to get […]

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Respiratory Part 2

question Deviated Septum answer deflection of the normally straight nasal septum most commonly caused by trauma or congenital deficit may be surgically corrected *assess ability to breathe out of both nostrils *goal of nursing: reduce edema, prevent complications, educate pt, provide emotional support airway, airway, airway question Nasal Fracture answer most commonly caused by trauma […]

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project management final exam

question The chances of a risk event occurring as a project proceeds through its life cycle tend to answer Slowly drop. question One common mistake made early in the risk identification process is to answer Focus on consequences and not on the events that could produce consequences question _______________ focuses on how to respond to […]

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POLS 2302 Exam 1 Online

question How can a president’s veto be overridden by congress? answer By a two thirds vote in both houses question The Kyoto protocol was designed to answer Set binding target for greenhouse gas emission to be met by each country. question Public policy can be embodied in all of the following forms except answer a […]

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org comm midterm

question Organizational communication today can primarily be characterized by the S-M-C-R model (the transmission model) of communication answer False, constitutive model question Currently, we are functioning in an economy that is primarily made up of the manufacturing and selling of physical goods answer False, golbalization- outsourcing, multi-national or international presence, complex interconnections between business, political […]

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NREMT Airway Management and Ventilation

question Airway management and ventilation are… answer FIRST and MOST critical steps in assessment of every patient you encounter. question Lower airway anatomy answer trachea (C-shaped rings) bronchi (main stems) bronchioles (bronchiole rings)-have unique property: stimulated by drugs alveoli (perfusion takes place)-surfactant keeps them open lung parenchyma pleura (parietal and visceral) question Upper airway anatomy […]

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MKTG ch 4

question Which of the following statements about social responsibility is not correct a) Social responsibility dimensions include economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic concerns. b) Social responsibility deals with the total effect of all marketing decisions on society. c) Social responsibility refers to a company’s obligation to maximize its positive impact and minimize its negative impact […]

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M.I.S. Chp 15

question online analytical processing (OLAP) answer A method of querying and reporting that takes data from standard relational databases, calculates and summarizes the data, and then stores the data in a special database called a data cube. question data mart answer A database or databases focused on addressing the concerns of a specific problem (e.g., […]

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Mind Yo Business

question why bar associations should pick judges? answer they interact frequently with judges in courtrooms as lawyers so they know who is best for the job question why bar associations should not pick judges? answer may make life easier for lawyers and not focus on the needs of litigants question why elected officials should pick […]

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MGT 3320 Chp 4
20 Aug 2020 Database

question hiring good employees and effectively managing human resources answer Companies can establish a competitive advantage by: question all of these answer An organizations mission: A. specifies how it will achieve its purpose B. affects its human resource practices C. is its basic reason for existence D. describes its unique characteristics and strengths E. all […]

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Mgmt 391 Ch. 2

question Which of the following challenges must managers overcome to remain competitive? a. Challenge of managing ethical behavior b. Challenge of work force diversity c. Challenge of globalization d. All of the above answer d question Which of the following is NOT one of the major challenges that managers must deal with in order to […]

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MB Chap 1 Quiz

question Financial markets promote economic efficiency by a. channeling funds from investors to savers b. creating inflation c. channeling funds from savers to investors d. reducing investment answer C question Financial markets promote greater economic efficiency by channeling funds from _______ to _______. a. investors; savers b. borrowers; savers c. savers; borrowers d. savers; lenders […]

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MANG 201-Final

question Management is the process of working with people and resources to design successful products. answer achieve organizational goals. question Even though the department she manages sometimes takes longer to reach its goals than the president would like and is frequently over budget, when Caroline does grow her branch as the president wants, she would […]

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management 3320

question one of the first factors that increased the importance of human resource management was a. the 1964 Civil Rights act b. the worker revolution c. technological advances in computers d. the increase in manufacturing e. the growth in the service sector answer a question the human resource function in organizations today a. has grown […]

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