Presence of Symbolism Imagery in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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The Presence of Baby Symbolism in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee is packed with babe imagination. Albee seems to add an image of a babe to about every page of the drama. The ground for this type of imagination is to typify babes. which has great importance throughout the class of the drama because it connects with the characters and subjects in the novel.

The direct repeat of the word “baby” becomes really evident at the beginning of the drama and stays consistent throughout. George and Martha call each other “baby” legion times. “Let me state you a secret. baby” ( p. 29 ) is merely one of the many cases where George calls Martha “baby” and frailty versa. Martha tends to utilize babe talk when speech production with George. particularly when she’s beggary him for a drink. In add-on. Martha and George besides like to mention to Nick and Honey as kids.

They treat them with an attitude as if they were small childs in their house. An illustration of this is when George greets Nick and Honey with “you must be our small guests” ( p. 20 ) while Martha straight says “c’mon in. kids” ( p. 20 ) to the twosome. George continues to utilize baby imagination towards the invitees. particularly when he’s depicting Honey on the bathroom floor. “Peaceful…so peaceful. Sound asleep…and she’s actually…sucking her thumb… . rolled up like a foetus. suckling away” ( p. 184 ) demonstrates how George uses a baby-like enunciation when depicting Honey. Honey is even described as “slim-hipped” ( p. 44 ) a few times in the drama. proposing that she can’t bear kids. giving the reader an imagination of gestation.

Babies are one of the most dominant symbols in the drama. Both twosomes have had pretend kids in their lives. Honey had a hysterical gestation. giving Nick the sense of being forced into get marrieding her. However. Honey’s gestation was merely made up in her head. and the ground for that is because she truly wants a kid of her ain. This becomes evident when she cries “I want a kid. I want a babe! ” ( p. 236 ) . George and Martha’s kid is made up every bit good. because they’re incapable of holding kids but most significantly. to make full the nothingness in their lives. They’re covering up their matrimony with the semblance of this kid of theirs because they can’t manage to confront the purdah that overcomes their hapless lives. Then George decides to “kill” their boy. and Martha is wholly devastated. The last few lines of the drama reveal that Martha is genuinely afraid of populating without semblance. which was her boy.

The symbolism of babes parallels a few subjects in the drama. The “Visions of America” subject is present since the ground why both twosomes want a babe is so that the kid can convey intending to their lives every bit good as finalise the losing piece of the mystifier to the American Dream. The babe imagination besides connects with the subject of “Marriage” by proposing that a babe will make a successful matrimony for both the twosomes. Nick married Honey because of her hysterical gestation. and now it’s about as if they’re stuck with each other with no passion nowadays. George and Martha have been married for a long clip now. and their matrimony started out with love but now they seem acrimonious and unhappy. and the ground for that could be because they have no kid nowadays in their lives. Nevertheless. the symbol of babes connects greatly with the subject of “Illusion V. Reality. ” The boy was merely an semblance for George and Martha because they were incapable of holding a kid and confronting the world of their alone lives.

Babies symbolize a assorted sum of things in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? . such as truth. semblance. felicity and even the American Dream. The lives of both twosomes have changed drastically over the semblance of babes. even when they don’t have any yet. Honey’s hysterical gestation landed her in a matrimony with Nick that didn’t get down out with love and passion. George and Martha have been dissembling the truth of their lives with their boy for a long period of clip. This has caused harm to their lives. and now they’re traveling to hold to do some alterations in order to confront the difficult desolate lives that they’ve been seeking so difficult to get away from. The message that Edward Albee is seeking greatly to convey is that human existences must larn to populate life without semblance blockading the position. that manner human existences can populate their lives with full honestness.

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