Point of View and Plot Development in Perfume Essay Example
Point of View and Plot Development in Perfume Essay Example

Point of View and Plot Development in Perfume Essay Example

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  • Published: October 27, 2017
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The use of third person omniscient point of view following Grenouille in certain sections of Perfume contributes to both plot development for dramatic irony and heightened tension throughout the story.

Grenouille's life will lack purpose without the scent of the girl from Rue de Marais. He kills her to obtain it and finally experiences happiness for the first time. Words such as "no meaning", "never," and "happiness" emphasize this. The passage creates tension by revealing Grenouille's intentions and true pleasure while the girl remains unaware. This creates dramatic irony. After seven years in a cave, Grenouille becomes terrified of not knowing himself and realizes he possesses no scent. Keywords such as "ghastly fear" and "no odor" highlight this. This third-person perspective passa


ge advances the plot in terms of Grenouille's self-discovery and acceptance, as well as indicating where it may lead him next.

During a different time, Grenouille reconsiders his desire to obtain the ultimate scent of a girl, contemplating what would happen if he were to lose it. The language used in this passage such as "doubts receded", "revitalized", and "decision" express his inner feelings. The third person point of view employed in this excerpt builds the story's plot by employing dramatic irony - the reader can gather whether he will proceed with his plan to murder the girl. The third person point of view is significant to the progression of the plot as it enables Grenouille's personality to establish a foundation for dramatic irony and build a sense of tension in the story.

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