The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart Essay

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The story is about a girl called Lucy Cooke. She is the only person on the school who takes nine o-levels. The story takes place in the detention room, because Lucy the grade A student has bitten a girl. The name of the bitten girl is Penny. Penny and Lucy used to be best friends, but now Lucy got a new friend called Bethan. Lucy has changed because of Bethan. Bethan is a rough girl. It was Bethan who made Lucy hit Penny as a test to prove Lucy’s loyalty. Lucy knows that, but she is too afraid to do something about it. Bethan is Lucy’s role model, and she doesn’t want to disappoint her in any way.

Lucy is waiting for the time to pass, because Bethan is coming to meet her. While Lucy is waiting, she feels bad for Penny, but on the other way, she wants to be like Bethan. As lesson ended, she goes outside to meet Bethan, who’s proud of what Lucy has done. Location The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart is a short story written by Lucy Cross. The story takes place in the city Cardiff in Wales, at a school in a detention room. The story takes only place in the detention room also called “The sin bin”, until in the end where Lucy is leaving the room to meet Bethan. Characters

In the story there are six characters involved in the action. First there is the main character Lucy Cooke. Lucy is the only girl on the school that takes nine O-levels. She has brown eyes. Lucy has a very good background. Lucy has a carrying mother. Site 35, line 13 “My mother tells me that if I smoke, my arteries will fur up and I’ll have a heart attack”. That is one of the good examples, which show that Lucy’s mom want to protect and support her. In the story Lucy goes from a good to a bad environment. Lucy is a grade A student, and she love to do her homework.

Even though her grades are still good, she is hanging out with the rough girl Bethan. Bethan makes a bad influence on Lucy. Before Lucy was a “mom’s girl”, but now Lucy is smoking and wearing makeup, even though her mother have tried to warned against it. Lucy likes to draw. While she is waiting in detention room she is drawing two hearts. The first heart Lucy is drawing is after an old biology textbook. The heart looks like a futuristic city full of tunnels. She is drawing the first heart with dark colors, and the heart is rubbish. It’s one big mess of really dark and really light.

Suddenly she ruins it. Then she draws a new heart. She is trying to make it perfect. The heart is bright, and it looks more real than the one in the book. The fist heart Lucy is drawing is the bad side of Lucy. She draws it and thinks about how bad she is because she has hit Penny. Suddenly it appears to her that her heart isn’t like that, and then she draws the good side of her. Before Lucy meets Bethan, she used to be best friend with Penny Jones. Penny is the girl Lucy hit because of Bethan. Penny is the 4th best student on the whole school, and she comes from a good family.

Because of the fight with Lucy, Penny’s mom is considering to move penny to Howell’s. Howell’s is a fee-paying school for well-off students. Bethan Preece is the girl who has change Lucy. Site 35, line 38 “I’m almost the brainiest girl at school but my best friend is the hardest girl in the year so he can’t have a go because Bethan knows everyone and Parle would get his head kicked in. ” That line says something about that Bethan is popular. Bethan wears make-up and is offends hanging out with some older boys. Bethan is also smoking, and she tells Lucy’s that smoking helps you stay thin.

Simon Parle is the boy that sitting in front of Lucy in the detention room. Simon is sitting there because he wired his braces into the circuit in double physics. Simon has spots and Lucy thinks that he is very disgusting and ugly. Mr. Paterson is the teacher that takes detention. He doesn’t have any charisma. Mr. Paterson means that the situation with Penny, has something to do with Bethan, but Lucy is against that. Narrator The narrator is first person, example “They put me in detention and now I’m drawing arterioles… It’s Lucy the main character we got the point of view from. In the story Lucy tells Mr. Paterson, that she hates Penny and that she is a creep, but Lucy feels sorry for Penny, and she actually don’t hate her. So we got the real information indirectly from Lucy’s thoughts. One of the narrative modes there are used is direct/indirect speech. For example when Mr. Paterson and Lucy discuss the reason why Lucy have hit Penny. There are also a lot of descriptions in the story, for example when Lucy describes the two hearts she is drawing.

The atmosphere is very tense, because Lucy turns around all the time to see if Bethan is coming. Lucy is waiting the time to pass, so she can leave the detention room and meet Bethan. Atmosphere/Themes The atmosphere is also hopeless and traumatic. We got the atmosphere indirect from Lucy’s thoughts. The themes in the story can be identity, because Lucy has two identities in the story. In the start of the story, she is the rough girl that does what Bethan said to be popular and accepted. In the end of the story, Lucy found her own identity. She found the good side of her, and that’s the real Lucy.

Another theme can also be changes, because Lucy has changed from an A grade student to the rough girl. One of the themes is definitely friendship, because Lucy has a superficial friendship with Bethan, but a real friendship with Penny. I think that the moral of the text is: “You don’t have to be influenced by others, and you must stand by the person you are, and stand by what you mean. ” This moral goes to the readers, maybe some persons their might have a bad confidence, or people that want to be more than they are. They have to trust themselves and take their own choices.

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