Blood Brother Essay Example
Blood Brother Essay Example

Blood Brother Essay Example

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  • Published: September 19, 2017
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The play lacked elaborate scenery. The terraced street set was always at the sides and was blacked out when not required. In other scenes, such as the first house of Mrs. Lyons, the set consisted of a flat with a window and wall that was lowered from above during the blackout, with the narrator assisting in its placement.

During the production of Lyons' second house, the hedge and wall set pieces were brought in on trucks from the wings, typically via the arches on the left. With the exception of one or two changes, scene transitions occurred with the lights on and were mostly introduced by the narrator. The set design was intentionally simple to avoid complicating things for the actors, who mostly utilized everyday props (excluding guns).

From my vantage point, I found it difficult to spot them, although it could be due to the


lighting. Nonetheless, I suspect they were toy guns or exclusively made for theatrical purposes. The technical aspects of the performance were remarkable, incorporating mirror balls, spotlights, and colored lighting. The orchestra played all the music from the higher floors of the terrace buildings. Several songs reverberated throughout the theater, amplified and enhanced by echo effects. The costumes were intricate and dynamic, changing rapidly on stage and often torn off by other characters. Some performers even layered clothing pieces on top of their preexisting outfits. Despite being simple in design, the costumes featured unique touches like the stains on Mrs. _____.

I was impressed by the authenticity in the details of the costumes, such as the faded flowery pinafore worn by Johnson and the rips on Mickey's jumper and long socks. Th

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acting was the standout element of the play. All of the actors and actresses were exceptional and played their parts convincingly. It was easy to distinguish between characters of different social classes even without prior knowledge of the script. Despite the straightforward language used, their performances made it believable and evident on stage.

Through the use of body language, the characters in the play were able to convey their moods. By observing their stance, arm positions, and eye focus, one could tell what each character was thinking. I paid particular attention to Mrs. Lyons during the performance, as her role was both challenging and impressive. When portraying anger, she used frantic movements and appeared nervous, while in emotional scenes, she varied her tone of voice.

The play centers around the character who plays an integral role in the storyline and is accompanied by a melancholic mood throughout. It follows the story of twin brothers who were separated at birth and raised in different social classes, yet still consider each other "blood brothers." Although their lives intertwine sporadically as they mature, envy eventually leads one of them to resort to violence with a firearm. The climax occurs when both mothers arrive, each armed with a gun.

One of the brothers shares their kinship with the other, hoping to prevent a lethal confrontation. However, the mother wielding a firearm shoots them both, resulting in their deaths. Observing the performance, I experienced a range of emotions, including joy, sadness, and mortality. Upon its conclusion, I contemplated the concepts of companionship and fatality. Overall, 'Blood Brothers' is an exceptional play that imparts valuable lessons about existence, fortune, and familial affection.

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