The Life You Safe May Be Your Own

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People are different no matter where they come from; it’s the society that brings in change. Peace is something people look for, but when it comes to power it changes everything to violence. Humanity is cruel and unique in many different ways to make things change, that affects many from time when, its need of helping others. In the story “The Life You Safe May Be Your Own”, by Flanner O’Conner, as the story begins, and old woman and her thirty-year-old, mentally handicapped daughter, are sitting on their porch.

Tom Shiftlet, a wandering one-armed man, becomes known with Lucynell Crater. That night, the Lucynell Crater makes her offer of her daughter as a wife to Tom Shiftlet but he says “he cannot get married because he has no money”. Then she argues that her daughter doesn’t know the difference, and says that she will pay for most of the things, and she was cable of convincing him. To be able to make things easier, Lucynell Crater goes beyond, to give away her own daughter at any risks, with her money.

Tom Shiftlet sacrifices for the money and his life, his accepting the unknown in his life. The money in this world buy’s mostly everything, but does it buy man’s happiness? Living a poor life, many people are born, raised in society of a poor place, those are the once who are innocent inside and out. The elder Lucynell Crater thinks he is a tramp. Tom Shiftlet notices their unused car and asks them whether it drives, the elder Lucynell Crater says since her husband died the car hasn’t run in fifteen years.

They continue to talk, and when she asks him who he is and where he comes from, he asks “how she’ll know he isn’t laying”, when he does tell her. He reveals that he is a carpenter, and then Lucynell Crater offers to give him a place to stay and food to eat if he will do some work for her; he’ll have to sleep in the old in the old car. This is an example of an power, to whom Lucynell Crater is able to control Tom Shiftlet, with its power, even though Tom Shiftler may be innocent, but is able to do things to be able to live on.

In his first week of work, Tom Shiftlet makes a lot of progress, and teaches the younger Lucynell, a deaf-mute, to say a few words. Her mother suggests that he teach her to say, “sugarpie,” and it is obvious that she hopes they will get married. The elder Lucynell Crater asks if he is single or married, and though he doesn’t answer the question, he indicates that he is unmarried because he cannot find a woman innocent enough. Then he decides that he is going to make the old car run again, and the elder Lucynell agrees to give him the money he needs to fix it.

Tom Shiftlet was able to fix and run the old car once again, and drives it out of the garage. That night, the elder Lucynell Crater makes an offer of her daughter as a wife to Tom Shiftlet. At first, Tom Shiftlet says he cannot get married because he has no money. But she argues and says her “daughter doesn’t know the difference”, and says that she will pay to paint the car by Saturday so that they can drive to the courthouse and get married. She also offers to give him money for the honeymoon, and he is convinced with what’s Lucynell Crater offers.

This shows how much courage power Lucynell Crater has towards Tom Shiftlet to be able to find peace in her daughters’ life, although both are innocent in their point of life. When it needs of help for others, humanity plays the role of selfishness because people put themselves before others. Tom Shiftlet was able to do things to be able to live a life, but when came to power and peace for others, Lucynell Crater was cruel and offered money for her and her daughters’ happiness, even though all were innocent, Lucynell Crater was able to fight for her peace, and Tom Shiftlet was accepting because he had no other choices left for him.

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