Poetry and Lentil Essay Example
Poetry and Lentil Essay Example

Poetry and Lentil Essay Example

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  • Published: July 27, 2017
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Read the English interlingual rendition of Zahrad's poem "The Woman Cleaning Lentils" and take note of the poem’s title. In one or two paragraphs, analyze how beat is created in the poem and how it interacts with other elements, such as imagery, to have an effect on the audience. Specifically, describe the feeling, consequence, or impact that the beat and other elements achieve.

The beat in the poem is established through the repetition of short units, as seen in lines such as "a len/til. a len/til. a len/til. a stone." This creates an anapaestic tetrameter as the base beat for this citation. Furthermore, the title is metaphorically linked to the poem's meaning by referencing the woman's occupation of cleaning lentils.

With regards to impact, the poem's repetitive structure lends itself to a sense of monotony or drudgery, mirro


ring the woman's laborious task of cleaning lentils. The repetition also serves to emphasize certain words and images, such as "green," "black," and "rock," which may represent different facets or aspects of the woman's life or circumstances. The sudden appearance of a word in line 12 disrupts this repetition and gives way to a more complex structure, creating an effect similar to that of a stream of consciousness. This may reflect the woman's thoughts or emotions as she engages in her manual labor. Overall, the poem's beat and imagery work together to create a vivid representation of the woman's life and experiences, evoking feelings of empathy or understanding in the audience.The metaphor in the verse form emphasizes the repetitive and mundane nature of the woman's hard job, as seen in the phrase "a green 1.a black 1.a green 1.a black.A

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stone." This line conveys the pain the woman endures in her difficult life as a provincial. The poem's rhythm and imagery complement each other in conveying the theme of cleansing and the insistent demands of the woman's job, impacting the audience by balancing their interest against the poem's overall dullness. The concise length of the poem helps maintain reader interest, as a longer interpretation would detract from its meaning. Essentially, the woman's tedious, rhythmic tasks consume her thoughts and efforts - even as she thinks about her aspirations and hopes.

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