Poetry and Lentil Essay Example
Poetry and Lentil Essay Example

Poetry and Lentil Essay Example

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  • Published: July 27, 2017
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Read the English interlingual rendition of the following verse form by the Armenian poet Zahrad. It will help in your comprehension if you take note of the poem’s rubric. Then. in one or two carefully constructed paragraphs. research how beat is created in the verse form and how it interacts with other elements such as imagination to make an effect—an impact on the audience. In your response. be certain to depict what feeling. consequence. or impact the beat and other elements achieve.

The Woman Cleaning LentilsA lentil. a lentil. a lentil. a rock. A lentil. a lentil. a lentil. a rock. A green 1. a black 1. a green 1. a black. A rock. A lentil. a lentil. a rock. a lentil. a lentil. a word. Suddenly a word. A lentil.


A lentil. a word. a word next to another word. A sentence. A word. a word. a word. a nonsensical address. Then an old vocal. Then an old dream. A life. another life. a difficult life. A lentil. A life. An easy life. A difficult life. Why easy? Why hard? Lives following to each other. A life. A word. A lentil. A green 1. a black 1. a green 1. a black 1. hurting. A green vocal. a green lentil. a black 1. a rock. A lentil. a rock. a rock. a lentil. 1|

I believe the beat is set by the repeat of short units. For illustration “a len/til. a len/til. a len/til. a stone” . So the base beat for this specific citation would be anapaestic tetrameter. I believe the rubric is tied into the verse form through a metaphor. The repeat of ho

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a lentil ( works ) is talked about in the verse form I believe is speaking about the woman’s occupation ; how it is insistent and ordinary. The imagination in the verse form reinforces this metaphor I believe through the citation “a green 1. a black 1. a green 1. a black. A stone” . When the citation is said a 2nd clip it gives the reader an image of the “pain” the adult female faces with her hard occupation.

The adult female faces a “hard” life as a provincial. I feel the beat and imagination work together kind of as I explained in the last paragraph. They connect together through the metaphor of cleansing and how insistent the woman’s occupation is. The consequence it has on the audience is that the verse form basically balances
on involvement and obtuseness. The involvement is reading the verse form and understanding it. and the obtuseness is the content of the verse form. and how we know the woman’s life is really dull and insistent. The obtuseness of the verse form is kept to a lower limit by maintaining the verse form so short. otherwise us as the audience would lose involvement in the verse form.

In a speedy analysis of the verse form. the adult female is making a drilling. insistent occupation and becomes one with the ‘rhythm’ . While she is making her mindless undertakings. in beat. her ideas are rolling over the life she’s life. including her dreams and her strivings.

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