Play Review: “Annie” Essay Example
Play Review: “Annie” Essay Example

Play Review: “Annie” Essay Example

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  • Published: October 3, 2017
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The drama “ANNIE” was all about an orphan who is waiting her parents to acquire her in the orphanhood because when she was a babe her parents promised her in a missive that they will acquire her dorsum when the clip comes. And they have a cogent evidence that they were Annie’s parents because of her pendent she was have oning when she’s a babe and when they left her in the orphanhood. But 11 old ages have passed and her parent’s still non yet come to acquire her. So she decided that she will bail herself out of the orphanhood. Until she already got out. but Ms. Hannigan ( the 1 who takes attention of the orphans and the orphanhood ) reported to the constabulary that she was losing. until Annie was already found by the c


onstabulary and returned her into the orphanhood. And so a adult female came to the orphanhood to acquire a kid to pass a Christmas holiday with her foreman at her foreman house. And so she picked Annie to pass the Christmas with them.

And when Annie came to Mr. Warbox house she was amazed because it was large and beautiful. At first Mr. Warbox didn’t like Annie because she was a miss cause Mr. Warbox a male child to pass Christmas with him. But as the clip goes by he already liked Annie to be his ain girl. So he decided that he will follow Annie. But Annie didn’t want to be adopted by Mr. Warbox because she’s still waiting for her parents to come and acquire her. So Mr. Warbox and Grace Farell was seeking to happen Annie’s

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parents. But many imposters was stating that they were Annie’s parents because of the money that they will have ftom Mr. Warbox. Until the brother of Ms. Hannigan ( Rooster Hannigan ) said that he was existent male parent of Annie because of the half of the pendent he has. But the existent thing is that he was non the male parent of Annie he merely wanted the money that Mr. Warbox will give.

But before they give the money and Annie they already know that Rooster Hannigan was an impostor and they know that the existent parents of Annie was already dead. So Annie decided that she will approved by the acceptance that Mr. Warbox was speaking about so. she decided that she wants being adopted by Mr. Warbox. All-in-all the drama was great but there are some errors that you can see in the drama. Some of them are the low voices of the some characters. the background musics. and their lightning’s. In the low voices of the characters. some characters like Annie has a low voice when she was speaking.

And so the background music. sometimes the background musics are louder than the voices of the characters in the phase drama. And so their lightnings they have merely one spotlight that’s why the other characters in the narrative doesn’t have a limelight even if they were making something. But all-in-all the phase drama was great and I refer that all ages can watch this type of phase drama because it truly for households. And the phase drama has many lessons that we can acquire and we can link it in our lives.

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