Pharmacy hazardous waste management training

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Minute Clinic
Retail healthcare division of CVS/caremark, together are focused on delivering quality healthcare that is effective and easy. Provides with low cost, high quality care and convenient.
Pharmacy hazardous waste
Outdated/expired product in amber vials, Dropped or loose pills, Compounding cleanup materials
Unwanted compounding chemicals
Empty Warfarin containers
Used flu vaccine vials
Spill cleanup materials
EH&S program binder
Store Managers maintain the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Program Binder as part of the Hazardous Waste Management Program. This binder contains information regarding the Safety Program, Hazardous Waste Management Program and additional supporting information. Further, this binder provides a designated space to store required records relating to hazardous waste.
tab IIF
to check state-specific requirements in the EH&S folder
strongpak akrobin
weekly strongpak accumulation bin, received by the team leader or inventory specialist

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