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Macro Modules 7;8
26 Sep 2020 Database

question A nation’s gross domestic product (GDP): answer can be found by summing C + Ig + G + Xn. question GDP is the: answer monetary value of all final goods and services produced within the borders of a nation in a particular year. question National income accountants can avoid multiple counting by: answer only […]

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Chapter 6 section 3 Big Business and Labor terms & names

question Andrew Carnegie answer United States industrialist and philanthropist who endowed education and public libraries and research trusts (1835-1919). question Vertical & Horizontal integration answer The combination in one company of two or more stages of production normally operated by separate companies (vertical). A merger or takeover between two or more companies with the same […]

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World of Business Chapter 5

question Entrepreneurship is: A. managing businesses for others. B. a controlling interest in the ownership of a corporation. C. managing businesses that operate in multiple countries. D. accepting the risk of starting and running a business. answer D question 174. Which of the following U.S. issues does entrepreneurship most directly affect?A. The political process B. […]

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U.S. History II Mid-Term (1-10)

question Why are the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments considered the greatest achievements of Reconstruction? answer Until the 14th amendment, African Americans had no rights at all. However, that all changed when the 14th amendment was put in place in the Constitution. question What did the Ku Klux Klan do to prevent African Americans from making […]

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Understanding Business: Chapter 14

question value answer Good quality at a fair price. When customers calculate the value of a product, they look a the benefits and then subtract the cost to see if the benefits exceed the costs. question total product offer answer everything that consumers evaluate when deciding whether to buy something; also called a value package. […]

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Texas State Economics Chapter 6-12

question How is the price elasticity of demand measured? The price elasticity of demand is measured as answer the percentage change in the quantity demanded divided by the percentage change in price question Compare the demand for sugar with demand for clothes. The demand for sugar is likely answer more inelastic because sugar tends to […]

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System Design Midterm

question The triple [1] includes managing Time, [2], and cost answer Constraint and scope question Which of the following is true of program managers? A. They report to project managers who represent the next level in the hierarchy. B. They recognize that managing a program is simpler than managing a project. C.They provide leadership and […]

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Flashcards on Speech Final Exam

question When hiring, employers are most likely influenced by an applicant’s answer oral communication skills (speaking and listening) question In the speech communication process, anything that blocks or hinders the communication of a message is called answer interference question A speech, says management consultant David W. Richardson, takes place in answer the minds of the […]

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SEC110 Chapter 13
08 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question A metallic enclosure that prevents the entry or escape of an electromagnetic field.? answer Faraday cage question Combining two or more servers to appear as one single unit.? answer clustering question The ability of a business to continue to function in the even of a disaster. answer The ability of a business to continue […]

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Quiz 2 Business Communication

question Which of the following is true of footnotes? answer Footnotes are keyed to the part that they explain by means of a symbol such as an asterisk question Which of the following is true regarding the construction and placement of titles and captions in visuals? answer Titles and short captions for visuals must be […]

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Principles of Management 371 Chapter 1

question Why does innovative Management matter? answer •Innovations in products, services, management systems, productions, processes, corporate balies and other aspects of the organization are what keeps companies: -Growing -Changing -Thriving •Innovation is the new imperative, and critical in todays turbulent world •Organizations cannot survive long-term without innovation •Companies like Facebook are always investing in new […]

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Pharmacy hazardous waste management training

question Minute Clinic answer Retail healthcare division of CVS/caremark, together are focused on delivering quality healthcare that is effective and easy. Provides with low cost, high quality care and convenient. question Pharmacy hazardous waste answer Outdated/expired product in amber vials, Dropped or loose pills, Compounding cleanup materials Unwanted compounding chemicals Empty Warfarin containers Used flu […]

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Operations Management 12,13,14 IRSC

question what does wip stand for? answer work in process question what are purchased items or extracted materials that will be transformed into components or products called? answer raw materials inventory question finished goods in transit to the customer are called what? answer distribution inventory question which inventory function provides a cushion against unexpected supply […]

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Multinational Business Finance and Investment

question Definition: Foreign Exchange Market answer 1) physical and institutional structure, money of one country is exchanged for that of another country 2) determination of the rate of exchange 3) place for physical completion of transactions question Definition: Foreign Exchange answer the money of a foreign country (foreign currency bank balances, banknotes, checks and drafts) […]

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MKT 337 Chapter 16

question Salespeople have a lot in common with entrepreneurs. answer True question The starting point for effective time management is forming a new attitude toward time conservation. answer True question Keeping a time log is not an effective method of time management. answer False question Expense records are likely to be required not only by […]

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23 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) Companies can use configuration tables provided by the enterprise software to tailor a particular aspect of the system to the way it does business answer T question 2) Enterprise systems use a client/server architecture and have not yet been redesigned to take advantage of the Web. answer F question 3) Enterprise systems can […]

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microecon chapter 10.1

question firm answer A ________ is an institution that hires factors of production and organizes them to produce and sell goods and services. question maximize profit answer A firm’s goal is to ___________. question either eliminated or taken over by another firm that seeks to maximize profit. answer If the firm fails to maximize its […]

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Flashcards About MGMT Quiz 5

question A car company that puts more effort into measuring quality than total units sold most likely wants to excel at ________. A) customer satisfaction B) employee satisfaction C) cost per unit D) efficiency answer (A) The company is showing its priorities by what it chooses to measure. Since it is concerned with quality, the […]

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MGMT320 Lecture 1 (test 1)

question What is management? answer describes all of the managers in an organization; leading it. actual study of what the managers do within a business. question What is a manager? answer individual, who is responsible for helping an organization achieve its objectives through the efficient use of resources question What do managers do? (hint: P.O.L.C. […]

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marketing exam 2 Flashcards

question The three purposes for which individuals or groups can use products in order for it to be considered a business market are a) use in daily operations, end consumption, and resale. b) direct use in producing other products, company travel, and end consumption. c) resale, use in daily operations, and direct use in producing […]

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Management quizes test 2

question individual plan. answer The most common type of incentive plan, which compares a worker’s performance against an objective standard with pay determined by his or her own performance is known as a(n): question workers’ compensation answer In the context of employee benefits, _____ provides financial support to employees suffering a work-related injury or illness. […]

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MAN3025 Exam 4 (Ch 16)

question Soo Jin was recently hired as a facilities director at Star Bottling. Which of the following should she do immediately as she tries to improve productivity? A. Use the established technology with which her employees are most familiar. B. Rotate all personnel so that each has an opportunity to try something new. C. Hire […]

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