People’s Attitudes Towards Religion Essay Example
People’s Attitudes Towards Religion Essay Example

People’s Attitudes Towards Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: January 21, 2022
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In today’s life, people tend to take things differently. This is attributed by differences in their perceptions of life. Someone’s ideas or beliefs vary from that of others bearing in mind that the thinking capacity and how people take things is different. This paper aims at critically analyzing and evaluating how people take life in respect to religious matters. In addition, it will show how business issues vary from church aspects of life-based by the fact that people have unequal financial status.

I don’t think that there is a difference between business and church honesty. This is simply because people build justifications that tolerate them to make not as much of as honesty decisions and interactions. One needs, to be honest in his/her own doings, both in the church and business world. The fact remains that honesty is honesty, irrespective of the career choice or relationship with people (Charlse109).
Integrity is the superiority of being frank and having physically powerful moral principles; moral uprightness. Through the experience that I have, I st


rive a lot at least to maintain my moral values accordingly (Stephen Sandler 9). Focusing on the positive side of life always takes someone a lot. For example, one should ask for forgiveness whenever a wrong alternative occurs. All people should try their level best and strive to be on the safe side. This is because being frank is a good moral value which should me practiced on a daily basis (Simons223).
In conclusion, people take religious matters differently as stated in this paper. They also vary widely in the way they respond to daily situations. To sum up, honesty is only one thing as a whole; there is no any divided honesty for every choice that people take in the daily life.

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