How to Live Your Life Essay Example
How to Live Your Life Essay Example

How to Live Your Life Essay Example

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  • Published: April 24, 2022
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Many people believe that if they do things in a right manner, a life which is thrilling is bound to befall them. Also, people believe that if they obtained knowledge from `reading enough books and by taking a lot of green juice life is bound to be amazing. While life gets better when people choose to get enough knowledge of books and eating food in the right diet, it becomes exponentially better when lived on purpose. There are five ways on how I live my life on purpose. Firstly, I recognize my spark. Secondly, I give up trying to be perfect. Also, I obtain the courage of experiencing a new adventure. Also, I think of how I would love to feel and involve myself in activities which would make me achieve the feeling. Lastly, I live on my term



The first way of living my life on purpose is by recognizing my spark. I describe my spark as that rapid and calm moment of observing that something has aroused my interests. When the spark reveals itself, I do not hesitate to ask myself why I have a sudden need to indulge in a certain activity like going for swimming lessons. Instead, I honor the moment since I have the desire of living a life which is sparkly and by following it, I get to where I need to. Besides I have practiced the act of saying yes to myself, for instance, getting some more rest and preparing delicious food for myself. By doing all this, I grant myself the things which I desire hence attaining fulfillment and happiness each day.

Secondly, I give up trying to b

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perfect. I always believe that my imperfections are an entrance to my connection. People have always understood that nobody is perfect, and this has led to many hearts being broken. However, as a way of stopping the chase of trying to be perfect, I choose connection instead of judgments and trying to be over proving, I choose to accept myself over my strong ego. The struggle for perfection instead is converted to dance in imperfection, whether I am alone or with other individuals.

Additionally, I always obtain the courage of experiencing new things and adventures. Taking my first step in doing things which are challenging has been easy for me because by looking back at all the steps which I have made and how I have overcome every challenge whether big or small has given me more than enough courage. I have always realized that the things which scare me the most before doing them, are the ones who have turned out to be the biggest blessing in my life. I always think that the more I take a challenge and conquer them, the more I get to accomplish.

Also, I think of how I would love to feel then involve myself in the things which would make me achieve that feeling. Many people get addicted to their list of to do things. A list which contains numerous goals they would love to achieve within a specific duration of time. So I prefer having only a few things on my list, things which I could do for a day that will get me to feel proud of myself, besides feeling psychologically lean. Furthermore, I have learned the

habit of staying away from people and situations that would make me feel inadequate or intimidated.

Lastly, I have learned how to live on my terms. One of the best ways of living a live on purpose is avoiding living a life which has been written or ordered by someone else. Therefore, I live a life which has been built around my values of courage, authenticity, and love. I do work and things that make me feel thrilled while at the same time inspiring other people.

I learned these important lessons through surrounding myself with positive people who have shared their ideas and thoughts on the way to living a life of purpose and achieving that success that everyone dreams of. These lessons have been important to me because I have managed to put my life in order besides making other people happy and feeling proud of myself.

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