Pathos Essay Example
Pathos Essay Example

Pathos Essay Example

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  • Published: January 21, 2022
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Pathos is an experience of work or life that raises emotions of sorrow, sympathy and pity. There are different ways through which pathos can be expressed. Some of these ways include gestures of the body and words while in some other cases pictures and videos are used. Pathos is a very important tool as they are used in the persuasion of arguments. Pathos is a technique for persuading individuals with a contention drawn out through an enthusiastic reaction. Investigating case of sentiment, one would arrive at the conclusion that it contrasts from other "elements of influence" to be specific "Ethos" and "logos". Ethos implies persuading others through the validity of a persuader, while Logos is a strategy to persuade others by utilizing rationale and reason.


In the picture given, pathos has been brought out in the form of a picture. In this picture, a military officer is seen carrying a baby in his arms. According to the way the image has been presented, the child I the picture do not belong to the military officer. Most likely, the child got involved in a tragic event such as an accident where there was no one to come for his rescue. To start with, the baby is not having shoes. This means that he was in a certain problem in which the officer saved him/her. His body is covered. There is a possibility that the child was not having clothes and the cloth was used to cover him. The way in which the officer is holding the child in his arms, with his face bent down shows the way he feels pity for what the child is going

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through. Pathos in this picture has been used to bring out a situation of having pity. There is a possibility that the child had been abandoned by his/her parent.

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