Overview Of Homesexuality In Society Sociology Essay Example
Overview Of Homesexuality In Society Sociology Essay Example

Overview Of Homesexuality In Society Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 4, 2017
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Homosexuality is a romantic or sexual attractive force or behaviour among members of the same sex. It refers to an digesting forms of or temperament to see sexual, fondness, or romantic attractive forces chiefly to people of the same sex. It is an person 's sense of personal and societal individuality based on those attractive forces, behaviours showing them, and rank in a community of those who portion them.

Homosexuality presents, leads to Same-Sex Marriage, harmonizing to Oxford English Dictionary ; it is a lawfully or socially recognized matrimony between two individuals of the same biological sex or societal gender. It is in which other state like Netherlands is in favour of Same-Sex Marriage ; while other state, peculiarly the Philippines does non hold or even implement the Same-Sex Marriage.

>Since that the Philippines is the lone Catholic state and Christian dominan state in Asia and it is 3rd in the universe, we Filipinos live in a family-oriendted household. Hence, we are raised up with different values which include the Moral Values we obtain from the instructions of the Bible ; the sacred book of Christianity.

If a adult male besides lie with world, as he lieth with a adult female, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall certainly be put to decease ; their blood shall be upon them. ( Leviticus 20:13 )

There shall be no prostitute of the girls of Israel, nor a sodomist of the boies of Israel. Thou shalt non conveying the hire of a prostitute, or the monetary value of a Canis familiaris, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow: for even both these are abominations unto

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the LORD thy God. ( Deuteronomy 23:17-18 )

As old ages base on balls by, there are a batch of incidents which pertains to the Same-Sex Marriage. And as a turning community, authorization speaks out and commented on the issue. Pope Benedict XVI gave his remark sing the issue. He simply opposed to gay/lesbian matrimony refering about the environment, proposing the jurisprudence finding `` the differences between the sexes '' were menaces to creative activity. Remarks were made by the Pope turn toing it to the Diplomats with the chief subject of `` The Environment and the protection of Creation, '' whereas ;

To transport our contemplation farther, we must retrieve that the job of the environment is complex ; one might compare it to a many-sided prism.

Animal differs from one another and can be protected, endangered, in different ways, as we know from day-to-day experience. One such onslaughts comes from Torahs or proposals which, in the name of contending favoritism, work stoppage at the biological footing of the differences between the sexes, ''

Yet, freedom can non be absolute, since adult male is non GOD, GOD 'S CREATION. For adult male, the way to be taken can non be determined by impulse or unruliness, but must instead match to the construction willed by the Godhead. ( qtd in. Gay Marriage menace to Creation )

In stead with this, Pope Benedict XVI, disagree in Same-Sex Marriage. Our organic structure is sacred and its sacredness leads to the regard of each and every one of us.

It is so that each and every one of us has our ain side on the issue - Same-Sex Marriage. Each spiritual group that is

bing right now has their ain base sing the issue.

Islamic jurisprudence explicitly denounces homosexualism and the pattern of homosexualism is a offense in many Islamic states, including Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Although the Presbyterian Church 's regulating organic structure has non explicitly addressed the issue of cheery matrimony, the church issued a opinion in 1997 forbiding the ordination of homophiles. Regional organic structures and clergy, nevertheless, have challenged this opinion, doing a major rift among Presbyterians.

Although the Episcopal Church has non explicitly established a place in favour of cheery matrimony, in 2006 the church stated its `` support of homosexual and sapphic individuals and [ resistance to ] any province or federal constitutional amendment '' forbiding cheery matrimonies or civil brotherhoods. Furthermore, in 2009, the church 's national convention voted to give bishops the option to bless same-sex brotherhoods.

While the Reform and Reconstructionist Jewish motions are fervent protagonists of homosexual and sapphic rights, including the right of same-sex twosomes to marry, they do non necessitate rabbis to officiate at the nuptialss of homosexual twosomes. The Conservative motion, which does non consecrate cheery matrimony, grants autonomy to single rabbis to take whether or non to acknowledge same-sex brotherhoods. The leading of Orthodox Judaism has defined matrimony as an establishment between a adult male and a adult female and hence does non accept same-sex matrimony.

The kernel of holding a happy and healthy life is holding a household. Family, in a sense that love and lovingness is within its household members. `` Sexual interactions between same sexes are non capable of holding a household '' . Indeed, it is a really factual line that each of us agree.

Same-Sex Marriage

as a affair of fact is non socially accepted here in the Philippines. These may take to the favoritism of the homophiles, bisexuals, transgender and others who belong to the 3rd sex.

Harmonizing to House Bill 1245, authored by Rep. Rozzano Rufino `` Ruffy '' Biazon, it is the amendment of the state 's Family Code to restrict the matrimony to natural born males and females merely. Regards to this House Bill is the Entire Ban of Same-Sex Marriage here in our state.

On the other manus, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago filed Senate Bill No. 1276 which aims to exclude the Same-Sex Marriages celebrated abroad from acquiring legal acknowledgment here in the Philippines. This Bill seeks to rectify the Family Code, which does non explicitly null Same-Sex Marriage which was solemnized abroad. `` Marriage is a Union founded on the differentiation of sex. '' ( qtd. in Bill 1276 )

As a Senate opposite number of House Bill 1245, Sen. Rodolfo Biazon filed Senate Bill No. 1575. A reaction to a figure of opinions made by local tribunals which allow every citizen who are transexuals to alter their position from male to female. `` with recent developments in the field of medical specialty, it is now possible to let or to alter a individual 's sex organ to do it look as that of the opposite sex. '' In this Bill, it prohibits matrimony between two work forces or two adult females, whom one of it had a sex organ exchange in which the Vatican disagree. ( `` House '' 1245 )

These Bills are all pending instances in the House Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations. In

which these Bills were simply discussed, evaluated and argued by the respectable Representatives and Senators of the Republic of the Philippines.

Issues are made due to Same-Sex Marriage which leads to the social jobs and misinterpretations. We respect every human being in this universe.

Due to issues which damage the image of 3rd sexes, many organisations and regulating organic structures were born, in order to protect the Civil Rights of each Third Sex. Each organisation has its end to stop the favoritism and the criminalisation towards the Third sexes. Laws protecting the Homosexuals were made and implemented. But there are merely provinces who are simply implementing these Torahs.

Gay Rights Movement, an organisation organized in America, which attempts were made in order for the Homosexuals to be treated every bit among others. It aims that each Homosexuals must be respected and must non see Discrimination from others. ( `` Gay '' 95 )

Many non net incomes, non partizan webs of the 3rd sexes boomed here in the Philippines. These are Organizations and Persons who are working towards accomplishing a society free from all signifiers of Discrimination, peculiarly those who are based on gender or sexual orientation.

Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network-Philippines was officially launched in 1999. Its intent is to progress and protect the Human Rights and cardinal freedoms of each Filipino who belongs to the Third Sex, particularly in the country of Politicss and Legislations.

Its protagonism is to force for Torahs that will advance the Third Sex Rights and Welfare. Indeed, runs were made to act upon populaces talk about on Sexuality and to raise the influence consciousness of every Filipino sing the state of affairs of

Lesbians and Gays.

Another organisation here in the Philippines is the LADLAd, a web of Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, and transgender Filipinos. An organisation formed last September 1, 2003. `` Magladlad '' means to unroll the ness that used to cover one 's organic structure as a shield. It merely means that each and every one of us who are sing something different associating to gender, must come out of the cupboard and reveals what 's inside and to standout with self-respect. And as a consequence, you will happen yourself to be free and respectable.

Ladlad tally for a Party-list for Congress last elections and they bound to do History as the first of all time political party which composed of different Filipino 's from the Third Sex that will claim and repossess the rights that the Third Sexes lost from old ages of homophobia and Discrimination. They aims to be the organisation which will supply comfort to the Third Sex. And a `` sandigan '' of the destitute homophiles who are abused, merely because of belonging to the 3rd Sex. Ladlad besides aims the undermentioned platforms, whereas ;

Support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill that gives LGBT Filipinos equal chances in employment and equal intervention in schools, infirmaries, eating houses, hotels, amusement centres, and authorities offices.

Re-filing of the measure to revoke the Anti-Vagrancy Law that some unscrupulous police officers use to extort payoffs from cheery work forces without ID cards ;

Puting up of micro-finance and support undertakings for hapless and handicapped LGBT Filipinos ;

Puting up of centres for Golden Gays, or old and abandoned LGBTs, every bit good as immature 1s driven out of their places. The centres will

besides offer legal assistance and guidance, every bit good as information about LGBT issues, HIV-AIDS, and generative wellness. These centres will be set up ab initio in the cardinal cities/metropolitan countries of the Philippines -- Baguio, National Capital Region, Cebu and Davao. ( `` Ladlad '' 101 )

They differ in names, but they have their same ends and accomplishments. Campaigning in forbiding the Discrimination of the Third Sexes.

Due to the issues and regulating organic structures which support Third Sex, consequence can non be vanished from this sort of scenarios. Each event that took topographic point have effects. It may be Positive or Negative effects that can alter or impact us, in a mode that we are concern in what 's the existent mark between the issue- Same-Sex Marriage.

Harmonizing to Dr. Ambert, Same-Sex Marriage has possible positive and negative consequence to kids. She besides stressed that through the graphic image that kids saw in their Environment, truly affects them in a good and bad mode. It is non whether kids should be raised by same-sex parents, it is whether same-sex parents should be allowed to get married, or they, must merely populate together-perhaps-with kids under a position less than matrimony, with reduced acknowledgment and support by the province. ( Same 97 )

Children would profit led by a household composition of Same-Sex Marriage.

`` Without inquiry, civil matrimony enhances the 'welfare of the community. ' It is a 'social establishment of the highest importance. ' Gallic v. McAnarney, supra. Civil matrimony ground tackles an ordered society by promoting stable relationships over transeunt 1s. It is cardinal to the manner the Commonwealth identifies persons, provides for the orderly distribution

of belongings, ensures that kids and grownups are cared for and supported whenever possible from private instead than public financess, and paths of import epidemiological and demographic informations... ..Where a married twosome has kids, their kids are besides straight or indirectly, but no less propitiously, the receivers of the particular legal and economic protections obtained by civil matrimony... ..marital kids harvest a step of household stableness and economic security based on their parents ' lawfully privileged position that is mostly unaccessible, or non as readily accessible, to non-marital kids. Some of these benefits are societal, such as the enhanced blessing that still attends the position of being a matrimonial kid. Others are material, such as the greater easiness of entree to family-based State and Federal benefits that attend the givens of one 's parenthood. '' ( qtd. In More on the Hawaii Same-Sex Civil Marriage Case. )

Some would reason that when a province allows SSM, the populace will bit by bit go more accepting of homosexual orientation and behaviour. They will hold with professional mental wellness associations and acknowledge it as a normal, natural, unchosen and unchangeable sexual orientation for a minority of grownups. This will cut down degrees of favoritism, hatred, and subjugation against homosexuals and tribades, and cut down the degrees of ridicule that their kids receive from fellow pupils.

Dr. Ambert remarks that: `` Lesbigays who have kids frequently create a web of assumed family or 'chosen ' household ( friends, former spouses, and willing relations ) for societal and emotional support every bit good as to offer their kids suited grownup function theoretical accounts of the other sex. This support web may

be wholly cheery but by and large represents a mixture. '' This agreement gives kids many extra function theoretical accounts in their life, that kids in households led by opposite-sex twosomes may non hold. ( `` Same '' 97 )

Many spiritual and societal conservativists disagree wholly with professional mental wellness organisations andA believe that homosexualism is unnatural, unnatural, chosen and mutable. Most disapprove of equal rights for homosexuals and tribades, including the right to get married the person that they love. Many believe that homosexual behaviour is hated by God. If these beliefs are true, so one might reason:

1. Children raised in households led by same-sex parents would be continually exposed to homosexualism. They may take to go homosexual or tribade at a higher rate than those raised by a male parent and female parent.

2. Work force and adult females have really different personalities, encephalon construction, endowments, etc. They are designed to suit into really different functions within the household. In order for kids to be decently socialized, they need to be brought up by both a male parent and a female parent. The long scope effects on kids who are brought up by two adult females or two work forces are unknown and can merely be speculated upon.

3. God may penalize same-sex parents. This might adversely impact the kids in their household.

4. God may besides penalize the state as a whole if SSM is legalized. That would harm all kids in the state.

5. Children of same-sex twosomes will be exposed to a great trade of ridicule and hatred by their fellow pupils. This could negatively impact their development. ( Same 99 )

Issues refering wellness

has an consequence on Same-Sex Marriage.

Sexually transmitted diseases ( besides known as STDs -A or STIs for `` sexually familial infections '' ) are infective diseases that spread from individual to individual through confidant contact. STDs can impact cats and misss of all ages and backgrounds who are holding sex - it does n't count if they 're rich or hapless. ( )

Unfortunately, STDs have becomeA common among teens and besides sex by the same-sex. Because same gender which is holding sex is more at hazard for acquiring some STDs, it 's of import to larn what you can make to protect yourself.

STDs are more than merely an embarrassment. They 're a serious wellness job. If untreated, some STDs can do lasting harm, such as sterility ( the inability to hold a babe ) and even decease ( in the instance of HIV/AIDS ) .

Some of the things that increase a individual 's opportunities of acquiring an Venereal disease are:

Sexual activity at a immature age. The younger a individual starts holding sex, the greater his or her opportunities of going infected with an STD.

Tonss of sex spouses. Peoples who have sexual contact - non merely I I ntercourse, but any signifier of confidant activity - with many different spouses are more at hazard than those who stay with the same spouse.

Unprotected sex. Latex rubbers are the lone signifier of birth control that cut down your hazard of acquiring an STD. Spermicides, stop, and other birth control methods may assist forestall gestation, but they do n't protect a individual against STDs

AIDS is one of the most serious, deathly diseases in Human history. More than 20 old

ages ago, physicians in the United States identified the first instances of AIDS in San Francisco and New York. Now there are an estimated 42 million people populating with HIV or AIDS worldwide, and more than 3 million dice every twelvemonth from AIDS-related unwellnesss.

Harmonizing to Oxford lexicon, AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV ) . HIV destroys a type of defence cell in the organic structure called a CD4 assistant lymph cell ( pronounced: lim-fuh-site ) . These lymph cells are portion of the organic structure 's immune system, the defence system that fights infective diseases. But as HIV destroys these lymph cells, people with the virus Begin to acquire serious infections that they usually would n't - that is, they become immune deficient. The name for this status is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) .

As the medical community learns more about how HIV works, they 've been able to develop drugs to suppress it ( intending they interfere with its growing ) . These drugs have been successful in decelerating the advancement of the disease, and people with the disease now live much longer. But there is still no remedy for HIV and AIDS.

Hundreds of same-sex who are engaged in sex become septic with HIV each twelvemonth. HIV can be transmitted from an septic individual to another individual through blood, seeds ( besides known as `` semen, '' the fluid released from the phallus when a male ejaculates ) , vaginal fluids, and chest milk.

The virus is spread through bad behaviours including:

- unprotected unwritten, vaginal, or anal sexual intercourse ( `` unprotected '' means non utilizing a rubber )


sharing acerate leafs, such as acerate leafs used to shoot drugs ( including acerate leafs used for shooting steroids ) and those used for tattooing. ( `` AIDS '' 25 )

We have a great portion on this issue, every bit good as it has a large impact to us, non merely to us, but besides, to the society. As a pupil, I am differing at Same-Sex Marriage. It 's merely merely because that my rule for this state of affairs is that `` god created merely work forces and adult females '' however, 3rd sex is written in the bible. And holding sex with the same gender is a large wickedness. And as for my part, I am one of the few people who respect their life style, because we are all created every bit in the image and similitude of God. And I do believe that we are all portion of a large and happy household.

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