Outing policies

Out door play and clothing policy when asking the children outside, a member of staff will check that the fields are safe and risk free. It’s important to take the register and the first aid kit Incas e of an emergency. Children are allowed to play but are given verbal boundaries about how far they can go and staff will regularly head count the children. In the winter season we ask the parents to provide the children with warm outdoor clothing: including hat, gloves, waterproof coats/jackets, and outdoor shoes. In the summer season we ask the parents to apply sunscreen to their children.

Outings policy

When taking the children on outings, we always check that all the health and safety requirements are met for the children and staff needs. Any trips we arrange for the children and staff needs. Any trips we arrange for the children, we take the register and first aid kit Incase of emergencies. There should always be a qualified member of staff on any outing. Staff and children’s ratios will always be met and if this is not possible the arranged trip will be cancelled.

Illness and injuries policy

The childcare promotes a healthy lifestyle and a high slandered of hygiene on its day to day work with children and adults. And if the child is not well the parents are asked not to bring the child into childcare room. Any child who has been vomiting or had diorreah until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack. If the child becomes ill on the premises, a member of staff will contact the parents and the child will be under supervision until the child can be collected.

If a child has an accident while in the care of the member of staff who is qualified in the first aid will access the injuries and treat the injuries accordingly. The accident injuries will be recorded and the parents informed. If the accident is serious, we have a duty to call an ambulance and inform parents immediately.

Health and safety police

The safety of young children is if very important. The childcare room and equipment are checked on a daily basis for safety and risk assessment forms are completed. This includes the outside area.

The low level windows confirm to safety slandered. The main doors are locked for security. Any accidents the child may have are recorded in the accident book and are signed by a member of staff and parents.

All electrical sockets are covered and any cables are kept out of reach of children. All electrical appliances are portable appliances testing tested.

The childcare promotes a healthy lifestyle and a high slandered of hygiene in its day to day work with children and adults.

Records are kept in a locked cabinet of all children’s and staffs that are attending the children department, including names, telephone numbers, addresses, and phone numbers. Records are also kept of any hesitators that enter the departments of all children, staff and visitors are logged.

Child safe guarding and child protection we comply with the procedures approval by the area and child protection committee and with creating leisure’s own procedures. We intend to create in our in our childcare and environment in which children are safe from abuse and in which any suspicions of abuse are promptly and appropriately responded to. The first concern will be the child. The legal framework is:

* The rehabilitation of offenders act

* The children act 2004

* Human rights act 1984

* Data protection act 1984

* The protection of children act 1999

Missing children

Our childcare department has the highest regard for the safety of all the children in our care but even when precautions are properly observed, emergencies can still arise. Members of staff cannot account for a Childs whereabouts, then the childcare manager will be informed and a search of the premises will commence whilst the rest of the children will continue to be supervised. Two members of staff will search the area surrounding the premises and after 15minutes, if the child is still missing, the childcare manager will inform police and then the parents. The childcare manager will inform police and then the parent. The childcare manager will co-ordinate any actions instructed by the police and comfort and reassure parents.

The polices are very important when taking the children on an outing because we have to assure that the children are safe and are with us all the time. And we have to head count the children to see if we have all the children and none are missing, If anything happens to the child then we are going to be blamed for it that we didn’t take good care of the child and our childcare might suffer because of that. The parents might not be able to trust the childcare setting. Also we have to take care of their health by giving them healthy food, and if they haven’t got anything with them w provide food for them.

And make sure they are eating it properly otherwise during the all trip they’ll get hungry. We have to risk asses the area we are taking them to, if it has less risk then we allow them to play but they are not allowed to go very far because they can hurt themselves or might be lost. That’s why it’s really important to follow the polices and procedures for me and everyone else because then we’ll know what is best for the children and what is not. And if anyone who does not follow the polices then they could lose their job.