Broken Family Argumentative Essay

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Statement of the problem The researchers want broken families to be prevented and to provide children/youth the chance to live a normal stress free life, explore and gain knowledge about the situations that should not be taken for granted and contribute to one of the problems of the country. Unfortunately, the population today in the country is increasing because of premarital sex, which leads youth to marry early and work at a very young age to earn money.

This kind of setting does not work out for most and just further increase the number of children affected by broken families. Those children will then seek love outside their home and repeat the same mistake and turns it into a cycle. Specific Questions 1. What are causes and effects of broken families? 2. How can broken families be prevented? 3. How are agencies or government help children from broken families? Significance of the Study

This study is conducted to benefit the children/youth affected by broken families and everyone that would have a family in the future. This study will help everyone to understand the value of family a how a bad childhood could affect the growth of the children. For Social Workers in the future, this study will broaden your understanding about your clients; their emotions and how to handle different situations they are currently in and help them cope with their problems. Scopes and Limitations

This research focuses on family; the factors that caused the family to fall apart and the effects there is to the children involved. The researchers want to determine the chances of children/youth from broken families to have a better future in spite of a terrible childhood as they grow. To know how much children from broken homes and children from complete family differ and how each of their families affects their health, life in school, how they interact with others and how they see their lives ahead of them.

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