Oration About Environment Essay Example
Oration About Environment Essay Example

Oration About Environment Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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In countries that rely on foreign sources for energy, the issue of energy scarcity is a continuous challenge. Although costly, oil serves as the lifeblood for developing countries striving for a comfortable lifestyle and uninterrupted oil-power supply is crucial to the success of their businesses. Unfortunately, households tend to place less importance on energy use due to its exorbitant price. The exploration of alternate energy sources is necessary. Despite having vast fossil fuel sources, such as in the Malampaya and Galuc Fields in Palawan and Dabakan in Mapun island, Tawi-Tawi where Exxon Mobil Corp. has made discoveries of hydrocarbon reservoirs, we continue importing expensive oil domestically instead of exploring our own resources. It is ironic that our nation faces power shortages while possessin


g abundant fossil fuel beneath our feet. The projected timing of the energy crisis was estimated to be during the 2010 election but it has already started happening. As fellow citizens, I would like to share my personal observations and suggestions regarding this issue with you all.The information I provide in my speech could enlighten people in developed and developing countries. The oration piece I composed for my daughter during her high school years earned her a gold medal at a city division oratorical contest in 1994, which remains relevant today due to the ongoing power issues and the increasing demand for solutions. Although she did not perform as well in the regional competition, it remains a treasured experience for her. To give context to this speech, let me provide some background information.

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