No Country for Old Men, Blankets and Fun Home Analysis Essay Example
No Country for Old Men, Blankets and Fun Home Analysis Essay Example

No Country for Old Men, Blankets and Fun Home Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: April 25, 2022
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No county for old men is written by Cormac McCarthy with Sheriff Ed Tom Bell being the main character. The novel is a narrative of a veteran who investigates murder crimes in a drug dealing area as he tries to protect his friend and his wife. His friend, Moss finds a lot of money, about two million dollars, after some drug runners kill one another leaving the money behind. However, Moss is seen by the hitman who is hired to recover the money and although he manages to escape but he is followed and forced to involve Sheriff Bell who protects him as he tries to unveil the drug deals. The story has some flashbacks of Bell's life in the military and he regrets the decision he made, hence, helping Moss gives him consolation. Moss is killed by a gan


g that is after the money and his wife by the hitman. The hitman manages to take the satchel back to the owner but is later involved in a car accident although he gets out alive. The outcome leaves Bell devastated and defeated and he dreams about his dead father who is seen guiding him through the dark road. Suffering is the main theme in the story.

Blankets is a novel by Craig Thompson which is a narrative about the childhood and early adulthood of the main character. Fun home is also a narrative written by Alison Bechdel about the childhood of the main character and the sufferings she passes through. The two stories have a lot in common with the themes and the story settings. Both stories are saddening and they tell stories of children wh

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go through hardships in life. Craig experiences conflicts about his Christianity band his first life while Alison struggles with her sexuality. The main characters in the books suffer from sexuality issues although they are of different nature. Alison is a lesbian and the discovery shocks her and her father tries to transform her although he was also homosexual but he does not succeed. She lives with her parents and disabled siblings but she is the one who takes care of them. Her father dies before she could talk to him about his sexuality which leaves her with regrets. On the other hand, Craig suffers due to the love he shares with Raina which he feels that it conflicts with his Christian beliefs. The relationship ends eventually after they make love and Craig is so hurt that he decides to end even the friendship and destroy all memories of their relationship. Both stories use flashbacks to give the experiences of the players' earlier lives. The stories have similar themes which are sexuality, suffering, and love.


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