Dr.Mengele Paper Essay Example
Dr.Mengele Paper Essay Example

Dr.Mengele Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: October 10, 2017
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During the Holocaust, Dr. Mengele committed numerous brutal atrocities without showing any regard for his victims.

Although several theories exist regarding the cause of Dr. Mengele's widespread murders, the motive for his behavior remains uncertain. While some speculate that his tumultuous upbringing may have influenced his actions, no definitive answer has been determined. Dr. Mengele was born on March 16th in Germany and is accountable for the deaths of many individuals.

Joseph Mengele's parents, Karl and Walburga, were aware of his strong interest in becoming a doctor from an early age. He focused on pursuing this profession throughout his life, providing little information about his upbringing.

According to mindcontrolforums.com, the household of rr.com was led by Walburga who was firm and demanded respect and obedience. The individual had siblings named Alois and Karl Jr.

According to mindcontrolforums.com, Joseph Menge


le's father had no empathy and was focused on his career, while being uninvolved. In 1938, Joseph obtained degrees in both medicine and anthropology from the University of Munich.

As per Wikipedia, Dr. Mengele applied for membership in the Nazi party and was granted acceptance in 1938. He simultaneously joined the SS that year as well. Despite his participation in the Russian battle, Mengele suffered grave wounds and was declared unfit for combat duty.

According to historylearningsite.co.uk, Mengele offered to serve in concentration camps following his recovery from an injury. Consequently, he was designated for Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Mengele gained notoriety for his responsibility in determining the destiny of inmates who arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau. His ability to sentence individuals to either instant death or laborious work with a mere gesture earned him the moniker "Angel of Death." During his 21-month tenure, he frequently made appearances o

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the arrival platform when fresh trains pulled up. Mengele consistently presented himself impeccably attired as he directed prisoners towards two directions: left (gas chambers) or right (work). Even today, survivors retain vivid recollections of this eerie figure.

(historylearningsite.co.uk) According to my understanding, Mengele's intense focus on his new role caused him to lose his sanity and carry out horrific experiments.

Although Mengele typically conducted his experiments on twins, there are stories that describe him ordering mass murders. One such account claims that when a blockhouse containing 750 women became infested with lice, Mengele had all of the women in the hut gassed and the blockhouse deloused. Another story alleges that he condemned an entire train full of Jews to be gassed after a mother resisted separation from her daughter and attacked an SS guard.

(historylearningsite.co.uk) Mengele conducted clinical examinations, blood tests, X-rays, and anthropological measurements on his victims. He also created sketches of each twin to compare them in the case of twins.

According to Dr. Nyiszli, Mengele injected various substances into his victims and put chemicals into their eyes in an attempt to change their color before killing them by injecting chloroform into their hearts. He did this to conduct comparative pathological examinations of their internal organs. Mengele's ultimate goal was to establish the genetic cause of twin births in order to formulate a program for doubling the birthrate of the 'Aryan' race. 180 adults and children were affected by these twin experiments. (isurvived)

Despite being aware of the futility of his experiments, Mengele proceeded with them, causing immense suffering for those involved. Following the SS's departure from Auschwitz on January 17, 1945, he relocated to a different camp

for two months before switching locations several times in order to avoid detection. In 1949, he fled to Argentina and later moved to Paraguay out of fear of arrest. When covert operations aimed at apprehending him began, Mengele once again changed his location and settled in southern Brazil. Tragically, he died while swimming on February 2, 1979 due to a stroke.

According to wikipedia.org, Doctor Mengele was buried in Embu das Artes using the name Wolfgang Gerhard that he had been using since 1976. It is believed that his upbringing, with a mother involved in strikes and a distant father, may have influenced his cruel nature as a doctor.

The individual known as "the angel of death" conducted incomprehensible experiments on humans who possessed the same fundamental capabilities as we do, including the ability to speak, walk and bear the same rights that we enjoy. These innocent individuals were treated as if they were unfeeling creatures with no hope for the future. This notorious figure, Joseph Mengele, evaded detection throughout his entire life and subsequently met an end that did not satisfy public clamor for justice in light of his ideologically-driven atrocities. His legacy nonetheless played a role in shaping and impacting many facets of the society we inhabit today.

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