Dr.Mengele Paper
Dr.Mengele Paper

Dr.Mengele Paper

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  • Published: October 10, 2017
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During the holocaust there were a lot of horrible things that happen and a lot of bad people to. One of these people was named dr. mengele he was a person with no fear for what he did and to who he did it to. Dr.

Mengele killed many people but the question is what made him do all this. Did he have a bad childhood or what would put all those crazy ideas of doing what he did to people. Dr. Mengele was born in march 16, in germany.

He studied all his life and didn’t want to be anything else but a doctor. There isn’t much about his childhood that would be important. oseph mengele parents are Karl and walburga mengele. (satx.

rr. com). He had two brothers Alois, and karl jr. Walburga ruled her household with an equal amount of firmness, demanding respect and obedience. (mindcontrolforums. com).

Joseph mengele described his father as a very cold man , distant and preoccupied with his work. (mindcontrolforums. com). In 1938 dr. mengele obtained a doctorate in medicine and anthropolgy he did this in the university of munich.

Dr. mengele had applied to be a member of the nazi party and in this same year 1938 he joined the ss. (wikipedia. org). oined the SS. Mengele fought in the Russian campaign but he was so badly wounded that he was considered unfit for frontline military service.

After recovering from his wounded, Mengele volunteered to work in concentration camps. He was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau. (historylearningsite. co. uk).

It was Mengele who is principally associated w


ith selecting those who were gassed on arrival and those who survived. Known as the “Angel of Death”, a flick of the wrist immediately condemned some to the gas chambers, while others were deemed able to work for a while before being murdered.In his 21 months at Auschwitz-Birkenau Mengele was a regular figure on the platform when the trains came. Those who survived the camp, remember Mengele as being immaculately dressed as he indicated those who should go to the left (immediately to the gas chambers) of him, and those who should go to the right – to work.

(historylearningsite. co. uk). Mengele Became obessed with his new job which i think made him go crazy and going throught with his horrible experiments.

He more often did his experiments on twins. Ther was a story though that it says that on one ccasion, it is said that a blockhouse housing 750 women became infested with lice. Mengele ordered that all of the women in the hut should be gassed and then the blockhouse should be deloused. Another story states that he condemned a whole train load of Jews to be instantly gassed when a mother refused to be separated from her daughter and attacked a SS guard who tried to separate them.

(historylearningsite. co. uk). Mengele subjected his victims to clinical examinations, blood tests, X rays, and anthropological measurements.In the case of the twins, he drew sketches of each twin, for comparison.

He also injected his victims with various substances, dripping chemicals into their eyes apparently in

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an attempt to change their color. He then killed them himself by injecting chloroform into their hearts, so as to carry out comparative pathological examinations of their internal organs. Mengele’s purpose, according to Dr. Nyiszli, was to establish the genetic cause for the birth of twins, in order to facilitate the formulation of a program for doubling the birthrate of the ‘Aryan’ race.The experiments on twins affected 180 persons, adults and children. (isurvived.

org). His experiments were pointless its like he almost knew that they weren’t goin to work but he still did it just to make people go through that type of pain. When the ss abandoned the Auschwitz camps in 1/17/1945 Mengele tranferred to another camp where he was only there for may 2. He keep on tranferring to different camps sfter this until he was almost caught but exscaped to argentina in 1949.Although he had a good live in Argentina he decided to move to paraguay because of his fear of getting caught. they had secerts operations to go after him so he feared that they might catch him so he than moved to the southern part of Brazil where on the day of February 2 1979 he was swimming when he had a stroke and drowned.

He was buried in Embu das Artes under the name Wolfgang Gerhard whose ID-card he had used since 1976. (wikipedia. org) I think that DoctorMengeles past might have affected how he turned out to be.His past with his mom being a strike mother and his dad as he sayed was a cold man might have made him be the cruel doctor he turned out to be.

The angel of death is what they called him. His experiments were something that nobody really gets them he treated humans that speak and walk the way we do that have the rights we do like animals with no future. He hid from everyone all his life and was never caught not his death wasn’t what people might have wanted for him after what he did. This is joseph mengele his whole life and his marks on what help make and shape the world we live in today.

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