Holocaust During WWII
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Introduction After the World War I and humiliation of Weimar, nationalism was at all-time highest in Weimar. The middle class having lost most of their fortune in the hyperinflation were ready to be radicalized and were expecting a radical change in politics of Weimar. The discontent in Weimar masses created room for the rise of […]

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Concentration Camps Holocaust Nazi Germany
Concentration Camps During the Holocaust
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Introduction Holocaust was a period between 1941 and 1945 when the Nazi Germany resolved to exterminate the Jews under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. The Jewish population was harassed, arrested, their properties confiscated and sent to the concentration camp. Most of them died due to starvation and diseases. Later on, the U.S., Britain, and the […]

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Concentration Camps Holocaust
The Holocaust and Its Change on History
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The trouble commenced in 1993 when Adolf Hitler was appointed to power as chancellor of Germany. He was characteristically high-minded in what he believed in and wanted everything to go his way. Shortly after assuming power, efforts began in the preparation of a tragedy that would later be known as The Holocaust (LaCapra, 1996). It […]

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Concentration Camps Historiography Holocaust
Analysis of Events at Auschwitz Concentration Camp
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Introduction Holocaust concentration camps were created by Nazis for the purpose of mass murdering of Jews. More than six million Jews were mass murdered in this concentration camp. New Jews arrivals were stripped of their clothes, shaved, disinfected and forced to inhale poisonous substances. Prisoners at the camps were fully mistreated, and this forced them […]

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Concentration Camps Nazi Germany