Muslim VS. Rastafarians Essay Sample
Muslim VS. Rastafarians Essay Sample

Muslim VS. Rastafarians Essay Sample

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  • Published: August 18, 2018
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RASTAFARIANS Islam interprets the relationship between a adult male and a adult female as one. which should do many babes while populating a peaceable being. “… ( God ) has created work forces and adult females as company for one another. and so that they can reproduce and populate in peace and repose harmonizing to the commandments of Allah and the waies of his courier. ” On the other manus.

“… ( Rastafarians ) view the place ( of ) adult females as a ( weak-willed ) one. ” “… ( Although ) adult females are respected. … ( and sometimes ) even feared. ( because of ) their powers of birthrate.

… ( their being is still gazed upon as a delicate one ) . ” Although both faiths entrust the adult females with being. thereby admiting that a woman’s uterus is the gi


ver of life. the adult females in these faiths do non keep the same position as their male opposite numbers.

The work forces ( about ever ) have excess matrimonial personal businesss. and have many kids. under the one status that he keeps his married woman happy “… ( with the phallus ) ” and supports his household. “ ( Nevertheless ) . the control of adult females by work forces is reinforced through myth and symbol” .

The Rastafarian faith began in Africa. Although it has no laminitis. Marcus Garvey’s doctrine influenced it in its beginning. Born in 1887. directed political orientations that grew into the Rastafarian motion. In the early 1920’s.

Garvey was the puissant black spokesman and laminitis of the “Back to Africa” motion. Garvey frequently spoke of th

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reparation of his people as coming from a future black African male monarch. On one juncture. during a address at one the meetings. Garvey proclaimed. “Look to Africa for the crowning of a black King.

he shall be the Redeemer” . A few old ages subsequently that anticipation was realized when Ethiopia’s male monarch. Ras Tafari Makonnen ( hence the name Rastafarian ) took the throne on November 2. 1930. Upon enthronement. he claimed for himself the rubrics of Emperor Haile Selassie ( Power of the Trinity ) I.

Conquering Lion of the Tribe Judah. Elect God and King of the Kings of Ethiopia.Selassie was non a Rastafarian himself. He was a devout Christian. Rastafarians believe that ‘God’ is non supposed to cognize that he is ‘God’ . That is why when a group of Rastafarians went to Ethiopia to honour him.

an functionary at the castle told them to travel off. This did non anger the Rastafarians. nor do them oppugn their belief. Alternatively it made them stronger. One of the Rastafarian beliefs is that Haile Selassie I has trotted on to the perfect flesh. and sits on the highest point of Mount Zion where He along with Empress Menen await the clip of judgement.

Some speedy facts about Rastafarians are that they besides believe that each single group and individual is autonomous. While it is frequently associated with dreadlocks. smoking marihuana and reggae music. the Rastafarian faith is so much more. Some symbols of this religion are that the king of beasts of Judah represents Haile Sellasie I.

It represents the King of Kings as the king of beasts is the male monarch of

all animals. There are besides several footings used in the Rastafarian faith or what some may name ‘Rasta Talk’ . If noticed after Haile Selassie. there is an ‘I’ . ‘I’ or “I and I” has several significances. The most common definition of ‘I’ is that God is in all work forces.

The _expression “I and I” is often heard among Rasta talk. What it means is that no individual is more privileged than the other in the basic truth of life. All people are wholly equal. This is why many times Rastas will choose to utilize “I and I” alternatively of “you and I” because they believe that all people are bound together by the one God.

Jah.Another term used in Rasta talk is Babylon. which is frequently referred to as the white political power construction that has been keeping the black race down for centuries. Rasta’s believe that Jah will direct the signal and assist the inkinesss exodus. intending mass going. back to Ethiopia…their fatherland.

It is besides believed that the Satan is really the God of the White adult male. One of the more seeable symbols of the Rastafarians is the colour. These colourss are ruddy gold and green. The colour ruddy bases for the Church Triumphant. which is the church of the Rastas.

It besides symbolizes the blood that the sufferer have shed in the history of the Rastafaris.The xanthous represents the wealth of the fatherland. Green represents the beauty and flora of Ethiopia. their promised land.

Another feature of the Rasta’s belief is the usage of Ganja for spiritual intents. Its usage is written in the bible in Bibles stating

“He causeth the grass for the cowss and herb for the services of man” ( Psalms 104:14 ) . “ . . . thou shalt eat the herb of the field ” ( Genesis 3:18 ) and “ .

. . eat every herb of the land ” ( Exodus 10:12 ) . The usage of this herb is really extended among Rastas non merely for relaxation.

but for religious and medical intents.On the other manus. Islam originated in the 7th century when the message was revealed to the sanctum prophesier Muhammad. Although. the disclosures were passed down from Allah ( ‘The God’ ) to angel Gabriel.

Muhammad manifested the cognition. This message was therefore preserved in the Holy Quran. The Quran is perceived as the word of God. the supreme Allah.

Islam means entry or self-surrender of one’s ain pleasance for the pleasance of God. Muslims believe that you must non merely give up to God but the Torahs of the universe besides. Muslims believe that every individual is born pure and we have a pick to either follow good or evil. Islam teaches that the way to religious growing is unfastened to all. Nonetheless.

the chief message is to seek delectation God through religion. supplication and charity.To be a echt Muslim there are five pillars of religion that must be followed. The first pillar is the Shahadei. which is a profession of religion. It is accepting the sanctum prophesier Muhammad and his integrity with Allah.

The 2nd pillar. detecting the prescribed supplication. would happen at least five times a twenty-four hours. The following pillar would be the fasts during the month of Ramadan.

The payment of Zakat. which is the 4th pillar.

warrants that 2. 5 % of wage goes to charity after all household issues are taken attention of. The most of import pillar of them all is the Hajj. The Hajj is the pilgrim's journey from Medina to Mecca. Many Muslims go to the Hajj at least one time in their life-time and see it as an induction.Rastafarians.

unlike the Muslims do non hold it written in their enchiridions how they should handle the adult females in their lives. It is merely merely the manner of life. They do non even hold to travel acquire married if they do non desire to. unlike Muslims who are strongly urged to make so to follow the way of Allah. But.

they do portion some of the same positions. Rastamen believe every bit long as their adult females have money in their pocket and their sexual demands met there truly should non be any jobs. “Ooman a ‘ebi load…when di money no nuff… ( but ) Ooman and wood neber wrangle. ” Fortunately. in “the mid-1970’s the ( formal but ) enforced subordination of the Rastafari adult females to her Rastafari ‘king man’ precluded any function outside of the domestic domain ( was interrupted ) ” .

Daughter Loi is the leader of the motion claiming that there is a ‘double oppression’ traveling on. She states that black adult females are oppressed foremost as inkinesss and so secondly as adult females. “Her call is for equality” .Before the motion. the Rastafari adult females have ever been undistinguished to the work forces.

“The topographic point of all ( adult females

) is below that of all males. regardless of age” . Even the male kid is held up as being exceeding. However.

the adult females are referred to ‘empresses’ . every bit dry as that sounds. The subordination of females to males are features of the Rastafarians in general. Harmonizing to the Rastafarians a woman’s topographic point is in the place. where they are to take attention of the kids. cook.

clean and remain out of the male monarch man’s concern. Rastafari “…woman are thought to be fallacious as star-apple leaf” . They find the women’s nature to be ‘evil’ . “…woman mean good.

but so do black spiders…” . If a Rastafarian adult male is keeping a conversation. there is no acceptable ground to disrupt his ‘business’ . An empress is non to even near the group. She will be scolded for transgressing her boundaries.

The Rastafarian adult male will disregard the empress until he has completed all that he has to make.A male monarch man’s sexual activity with his empress is limited to twelve out of a 28 twenty-four hours rhythm. He has sex with her when he pleases. and when he feels that the clip is right. Rastafarian tradition provinces that during a women’s menses period.

her adult male ( lover ) is non allowed to kip in the same bed with her. She is non even allowed to cook at that clip. During that “…menstrual recluse…” she is considered to be ill. Womans are besides compared to the Moon depicting that “The Moon is like a woman-it goes through periods” .

The Moon is besides the symbol of birthrate in their

faith. ( Although it may look that the work forces hold much regard over the adult females. in the Rastafarian faith. they truly value their women. ) The overall message.

within all of the Rastafarian households is unity. The brotherhood between them is really powerful and apparent even throughout the civilization. One “dread” can see another “dread” on the street and merely by giving each other a ‘big up’ . soundless words are exchanged. It is like they have a alliance or something.

There is no manner that a Rasta household can of all time be broken apart.On the contrary. the Islam faith takes matrimony and households with far more importance. “Legally. matrimony in Islam has three demands.

It must be entered into by two accepting grownups. It should be witnessed by two male informants. Finally. two doweries must be given to the bride by the groom” . It is believed that when a adult male marries.

he has fulfilled half of his faith. In a sense. matrimony will maintain you from rocking off of Allah’s way into a life of fornication. which is a great discourtesy.

Marriage is regarded as an act delighting to Allah. The Koran says that “Marriage is forbidden to a man…that does non possess the agencies to keep his married woman and children…” .The demands of a Muslim adult male when he begins his household is. that he can take attention of his kids and married woman. The Muslim work forces are allowed to hold every bit many married womans as their bosom desires. the conditions are the same for all.

Ironically. “the kids of a matrimony depend upon paternal

recognition in order to inherit from him” . The man’s responsibility in the relationship is provide the fiscal stableness to take attention of the household. His married woman and kids depend entirely on him and he would hold created a great discourtesy if he took a married woman that he could non take attention of. If he is sick with a illness that can impact his married woman or kids.

he is non to be married. Marriage and the bond between adult male and adult female is considered sacred in the Islam faith.Similar to Rastafarianism. the adult females of Islam are subjected to the same lower status. The function of a adult female is to bear kids.

That is considered her first precedence. A Muslim adult female is non allowed to do her ain life and is supposed to populate off of her hubby. They are besides ordained to have on vesture that does non uncover their organic structures and is non “sexually enticing” . The contours of the organic structure should non be shown. She is to be covered or “modestly dressed” and the most of import portion of her closet is her head covering.

But unlike Rastafarianism. Islam does non see flowing adult females to hold any “…contagious diseases” . She is neither ‘untouchable’ nor ‘cursed’ . A Muslim adult female patterns her normal everyday except that she is non allowed to hold sexual intercourse with her hubby ( she may besides be exempt from some spiritual activities ) . Muslim adult females besides began a ‘religious movement’ and began doing determinations and keeping ‘meetings’ . There have been several militants that have


Nevertheless. the emanation is a slow 1.The Muslims and Natty Dreads although they may hold some similarities. be given to be really different. Where the King adult male knows he needs to maintain his empress happy. by giving her money and sex.

it is non required. It is written jurisprudence for the Muslims. A matrimony would non be legal otherwise. To which a adult female during her period is deemed impure and even to the extent as unfit. a Muslim adult female is neither and can travel on life her life usually. Islam.

a cosmopolitan construct which one of its focal points is unimpeachably populating in repose. while on the journey to Allah. On the contrary. Rastafarian incorporates maintaining their “ooman” happy with “the wood” and money as their cardinal construct where relationships are concerned. However. this implicit in fact still remains.

adult females are still inferior to work forces. Whereas. this is easy changing and motions are in outgrowth. will old imposts and beliefs still prevail…and Muslim and Natty Dread work forces still have the control?Plants citedAdulkader.

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