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The Mumbai-Pune Expressway has ever been a undertaking of high precedence for the Maharashtra State Government. The traffic on the Mumbai-Pune subdivision of National Highway 4 is expected to increase drastically. The distance between the two metropoliss is some 180 kilometers and it takes about five hours to cover it under good traffic conditions. However progressively, and during the monsoon, traffic on the Mumbai-Pune route is really high and frequent accidents block the narrow and weaving curves of the two lane main road. Landslides in the part are really frequent due to the monsoon rains. The resulting holds and traffic obstructions turn a 5-hour journey to one that would affect anyplace between 10 to 15 hours. ( Sulakshana Mahajan, 2002 )

The Government of Maharashtra had been freshly elected in 1995 and they were really acute on the early completion of the Mumbai Pune Expressway, as there was prestige value attached to it. It was decided in July 1996 to implement the undertaking as a BOT ( Build-Operate-Transfer ) undertaking and stamps were prepared suitably, for which merely one command was received from Reliance India Limited which was rejected as it was dual the authorities budget. In bend the undertaking was awarded to MSRDC. ( IITK Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2007 )

Feasibility Survey:

In 1990, the Government of Maharashtra appointed RITES and Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick of United Kingdom to transport out the feasibleness survey and they submitted the study with the estimated cost of 240 million USD. The Government so handed over the undertaking to MSRDC in March 1997 on a Build Operate and Transfer footing ( BOT ) with permission to roll up tolls for a period of 30 old ages. The Government of India received the clearance from the Ministry of Forests and Environment in November 1997. In order to fix elaborate estimations, designs and command paperss the work was divided into eight stages and each stage was under the supervising of celebrated international advisers. ( IITK Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2007 )


路 The Mumbai Pune Expressway besides known as the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway is India ‘s first six lane high velocity entree controlled tolled freeway.

路 Crossing a distance of 93kms it connects Mumbai, the fiscal capital of India and Pune, the adjacent industrial hub metropolis.

路 The undertaking cost 350 million USD to build and was completed under the counsel of MSRDC in a clip period of 24 months.

  • * The freeway has four lane broad tunnels at five locations with a entire length of 5724m.
  • * There are separate tunnels for traffic in each way and these tunnels are provided with modern installations for airing, illuming and fire combat vehicles.
  • * This work was entrusted to the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd on 8 December 1997.
  • Benefits of the Expressway:

    Many facets of the Expressway make it an technology wonder.

  • * No signals along the 93km path and no unsighted curves.
  • * Reduction in accidents.
  • * Reduction in travel clip.
  • * Saving of fuel ingestion.
  • * Faster crossing of the Khandala Ghat.
  • * Reduction in pollution.
  • Issues faced in constructing the Highway:

    路 The cragged terrain around the country, posed a immense menace in constructing the Expressway.

    路 As five tunnels had to be constructed, there was a batch of trouble in boring through the mountains as the stone was highly difficult.

    路 Around 500 trees which got in the manner of the building had to be uprooted and transplanted into cavities dug at other locations.

    路 Vast countries of rich, fertile land had to be cleared into farming areas in interior countries.

    路 Trouble in accessing the work countries to provide natural stuffs.

    路 Nature of dirt in the country caused jobs in constructing roads, due to which concrete roads had to be built.

  • * Environmental Concerns:
  • An Environment Impact Assessment was conducted by RITES and they identified the undermentioned concerns:

    The building of the Expressway would impact on the quality of H2O in the rivers fluxing in nearby countries, which were being used for imbibing and industrial Purposes. It would besides ensue in loss of woods and rare vegetation, consequence on wild life in the Ghats and lead to landslides in the hereafter.

    路 The troubles faced due to rehabilitation of the human colonies.

    Reasons for the successful execution by MSRDC:

    Work force:

    MSRDC hired their work force from Public Works Department and CIDCO ( City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra ) , most of whom had extended experience in the development of large-scale undertakings. They besides took employees from the gross section on commission to assist with the land acquisition procedure. ( IITK Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2007 )

    Appointment of Project Management Advisers:

    A Steering Committee was set up in order to urge different proficient criterions to be adopted, to fix geometric criterions, and to assist MSRDC in make up one’s minding upon assorted commissariats of stamp paperss and related affairs. The Steering Committee proposed that Project Management Consultants ( PMC ) be appointed for fixing and guaranting consistence in design criterions, cost estimations and stamp paperss, and to oversee the building work every bit and when it began. In add-on it was besides though that if the proficient facets of the undertakings were taken attention of by PMC ‘s, so MSRDC could concentrate on the undertaking of organizing the assorted administrative demands such as acquiring clearances, raising fundss etc.

    Committees were to be formed to execute each of the undertakings by pulling forces from each of the PMC ‘s to guarantee consistence. Since the most of import accomplishment for a PMC was considered to be Technical Skill, the choice standards were such that 75 % importance was assigned to the proficient command and 25 % to the fiscal command. Another status was imposed that 1 PMC will work on merely 1 subdivision of the Expressway to avoid extra burden on a PMC. ( IITK Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2007 )

    Facilities given by MSRDC to Consultants and Contractors:

    MSRDC and the Government of Maharashtra provided several installations to contractors and advisers in order to guarantee speedy and efficient working. The outgo on these services helped cut down production costs by 8-10 % as a consequence of rapid completion of work. Some of the installations given were like:

  • * Project Management Consultants had their ain site offices set up with standard equipment like Xerox, telephone, pressman provided at MSRDC ‘s disbursal.
  • * Increase in the monetary value of steel, bitumen and cement will be absorbed by MSRDC.
  • * Custom responsibility is to be reimbursed for import of new machinery.
  • * Land provided for site installations was given to the contractor free of cost.
  • * As the stretch of building was 93 kilometer, MSRDC prompted oil companies to put up gasoline pumps.
  • * MSRDC took the duty to deviate all public-service corporation services like telephone overseas telegrams, H2O grapevines and electrical lines coming in the building stretch.
  • Litigation:

    MSRDC adopted a really proactive base towards judicial proceeding right from the start and they appointed a panel of experts for managing instances. They besides made certain they responded to tribunal orders in really less clip which helped cut down the holds in re-seeking appropriate day of the months. ( IITK Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2007 )


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