Yesterday I decided to get
Yesterday I decided to get

Yesterday I decided to get

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  • Published: November 30, 2017
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I am in a city called Agar. Can you tell what famous tourist place and country I am visiting? ) Off on another adventure! This time, I have Just climbed 16 steps leading to a wonderful tomb that was burled for centuries beneath the desert sands. This tomb, found In the Valley of the Kings, was made for a teenage king. Although there were many mummies buried in this area, no women’s’ remains have been found.

Maybe that’s why it’s called the Valley of the Kings? When the tomb was discovered in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter, It was still untouched.

Gold treasures were everywhere. More than 500 objects were found Including Jewelry, boats, chariots, 100 baskets of food, and even he king’s underwear! It took ten years to photograph, label, and remove all the treasures from the tomb. The body of the king was also found. Can you name this king and the country that I am visiting? 3) Mrs..

Happenstances here! Today I’m standing on the second floor of what was called the world’s greatest engineering marvel when it was constructed in 1889. You can take an elevator up, but I walked up the iron stairs to the second floor.

It was pretty scary to see the ground below as I climbed higher and higher. The huge wrought-Iron structure was designed by Alexander Gustavo.

.. Poops I almost told oh his last name, which would give away the answer since this tower is named for him. I thought of treating myself to lunch at the very fancy restaurant


on the second floor of this structure, which is named for a scintillation writer who called this country his home.

Instead, I saved some money and settled for Just getting a soda at the snack stand. Can you name where I am and in which country this tower can be found?

Can you name the famous writer from this country, too? 4) I’ve traveled to my next destination and I must say, “This place really rocks! ” I’m standing in front of this huge red rock. It’s truly massive I-h miles long! And it stands more than 1,100 feet above the desert floor. In fact, it is said to be the largest single stone In the entire world! Pretty cool, don’t you think? Anyway, there are all these really neat caves that I can explore Inside this gigantic rock. I can see lots of very unusual rock paintings made by the original people called Aborigines.

The country where both the rock and I can be found was settled by the British after they lost the 13 colonies In the American Revolutionary War.

Can you name the country and the “rock” I am visiting? ) Looking down from the airplane, this huge oval shaped amphitheater is quite a ‘OFF this exciting landmark. Built in eight years, this gigantic open-air arena was begun in the year 80 A. D. It was the site of some pretty exciting and horrible events. Narrator called “gladiators” would fight to the death here while crowds of people Matched.

Then, before the triumphant gladiator would strike hi

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final blow, he’d look Jp to the audience. If they were waving hankies or giving him the “thumbs up,” it meant for him to spare the loser’s life. If, however, the audience was giving the thumbs down” sign, they were telling the gladiator to kill off his opponent. During the Middle Ages, people looked at the place as a “stone quarry. ” They removed many stones to build other buildings.

Can you name the city and country that I am visiting? Can you name this famous place? 5) Keep that fan blowing, please. It’s so hot here, but this place is Just amazing.

Rising up from the desert sands, this unique part man and part lion limestone structure is said to be about 4,500 years old. As I look way up at it, its face has been pretty badly damaged over the years by blowing sand. In fact, this structure has been ride up to its neck several times over the centuries. Standing by one of its front paws, you can see Just how big this stone structure really is.

The paw is 50 feet long! And would you believe the head is 30 feet long and 14 feet wide? The whole statue is about 240 feet long and there’s a tail around back.

The beard on the face is gone. It fell off many years ago. Someone Just told me that there is a KEF nearby.

I sure could use a drink to quench my thirst. Can you name this famous place and the country that I am visiting today? I Just love saying the name of this capital city: Katmandu. Isn’t that a cool name for tit? Found in the highest mountains in the world, this country that borders India is home to the highest mountain peak in the entire world. It’s about 5-1/2 miles high! Nile here, I didn’t shake hands with people that I met.

Instead, I used the land’s traditional greeting.

That custom, called “Names,” calls for two people to place their palms together as if making a prayer gesture. While here, I also visited a Buddhist setup. It was very beautiful.

Can you name the country I am visiting and the mountain chain and mountain peak? 3) Imagine finding a shorter way to get from Europe to India. Well, that’s what this Needful engineering feat of man provided when it was constructed back in the sass. Builder Ferdinand De Lessees wasn’t really the first to have this idea. In fact, it IS known that in 600 A. D. An early waterway was created for the very same reason.

Today, this manmade waterway saves a ship from traveling 6,000 extra miles as it travels from Europe to India. Sand from nearby deserts is constantly blowing into the Interwar area. That’s why dredging machines (used to deepen the waterway) are constantly working. Did you know that this manmade wonder is 46 feet deep and assure 390 feet wide and more than 100 miles long? In the sass, a tunnel for cars Nas completed under the waterway. Can you name this famous site I am visiting and

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