MKTG 431 – Mini test #8

Kendra runs a wholesale distribution center for candy. Each week she receives candy from all of the major manufacturers. She stamps a date sticker on each package so the retailers will know how fresh the candy is. She also provides information on how much cocoa is in the chocolate from the various manufacturers. Kendra is adding value by ___________?
A marketing channel helps to create ______ utility?
The goal of a marketing channel is to?
Create the most efficient way to move products from producer to consumer
BruceCo makes novelty products such as whoopee cushions and plastic vomit. The company sells about $2 million dollars worth of product. The major customers for BruceCo products are small independent novelty shops that will typically order less than $200 worth of product at a time. Adding an intermediary to the marketing channel could add value through _________?
Economy of transaction
Tami owned the Subway franchise in Centennial Village at San Francisco state University. She heard that another franchisee had been granted permission to open a Subway in the student union. She immediately complained to whoever would listen to her that the new store would take away most of her business. This is an example of?
Horizontal conflict
Which of these is NOT a tool used in materials handling?
Safety stock
The basic trade-off in logistics is between ________ and ________?
Efficiency and responsiveness
Wal-Mart’s basic strategy is to provide products to customers at rock bottom prices. Thus their slogan, “Always Low Prices.” In order to achieve this strategy, Wal-Mart’s Supply chain is designed to maximize ___________?
Unlike a storage warehouse, a distribution center is primarily for?
Transshipment of products
Which of the following is NOT a cost typically associated with logistics?
Thomasville furniture decided to reduce the number of dealers carrying its line fine furniture. Stores who wished to carry Thomasville were required to dedicate at least 10,000 square feet in their store for a Thomasville gallery. This meant that only the larger dealers in a given market would be able to carry Thomasville. This is an example of?
Kendra runs a wholesale distribution center for candy. Each month she receives a shipment of candy from her supplier. She always has enough inventory on hand so that her retail customers can buy cases of candy whenever they need it. Kendra is adding value by ___________?
In marketing channels where there are both large players and small players, a(n) ___________, usually the largest member of the channel will assume responsibility for coordinating activities in the channel?
Channel captain
Starbucks recently announced that it intends to grow from 21,000 to 30,000 stores world wide by the year 2020. Even though it seems as if there is a Starbucks on every corner in America, the company feels there is a need for more outlets. This is an example of ___________ distribution.
The decision to hold inventory is critical to providing customer service through the supply chain. There are both costs and benefits. Which of these is NOT a benefit of holding inventory?
To create possession utility for producers
A distributor is simply a wholesaler serving the B2B (business to business) market.
____________ deals with the flow of physical goods and related information through the value chain?
One of the issues in order processing is ________ which recognizes that customer orders cannot always be filled immediately?
Lead time
When dealing with logistics there is a fundamental trade-off between ________ and ________. The goal is to keep one high and the other low, but they tend to increase together.
Cost and service level

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