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US History Chapter 13 "The Triumph of Industry"

question In which system does one company control the businesses that make up all phases of a product’s development? answer Vertical integration question The ICC was formed to answer oversee railroad operations and to regulate American business. question The federal government formed the Interstate Commerce Commission to oversee answer railroad operations. question Which labor organization […]

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Florida State Business & Finance Exam Study Guide – Volume 1 – Section 2. A Licensing – Practice Test 1

question What is not an action requiring disciplinary proceedings by the Construction Industry Licensing Board? answer Abandonment of a construction project in which the contractor is engaged or under contract as a contractor, due to a lack of payment. question The board may revoke, suspend, or deny the issuance or renewal of the ______ of […]

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Business Law Chapter 11 & 12 Cheeseman

question Consideration answer Something of legal value given in exchange for a promise. question Gift Promise answer “gratuitous promises” are unenforceable because they lack consideration. question Illegal Consideration answer Considerations or actions that are considered illegal -> make contracts void question Illusory Promise answer Where one or both parties can choose not to perform their […]

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Flashcards on WHS AP US History Ch 17

question In the late nineteenth century, industry in the United States A. obtained the bulk of its raw materials from Central and South America. B. faced a growing shortage of laborers. C. saw the federal government eager to assist in its growth. D. lacked adequate capital to expand the domestic market. E. suffered from an […]

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Unit Review

question What role does the Federal Reserve play? Check all that apply. answer 1,2,5 question The most common measure of inflation is a statistic called the answer Consumer Price Index question As a result of decreased production, David lost his job designing cars. Which terms can be used to describe David? Check all that apply. […]

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TREC Home Inspector Rules #2

question Inspectors on “inactive” status can still inspect homes. True or False? answer False. question A licensee shall provide information requested by the commission in connection with an application to renew a license within ___ days after the commission requests the information. answer 30. question If the apprentice or real estate inspector license has been […]

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Test #3 Ch. 8

question Liabilities that are due and payable beyond one year or paid out of noncurrent assets are termed long-term liabilities. answer True question During the first year of operations, a company granted warranties on its products. The estimated cost of the product warranty liability at the end of the year is $12,750. The product warranty […]

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Study 1

question Which of the following is not a characteristic of a consumer market? answer their purchasing decisions are always made by only one individual question Which of these statements is not true about business markets? answer the purchase is always made by more than one individual question Which of the following is not a requirement […]

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SOC 111 – Midterm
09 Sep 2020 Database

question In the book How to Observe Morals and Manners, the institution of marriage is criticized as: answer based on an assumption of the inferiority of women question Ugo’s promotion to regional manager at Sears with a higher salary and more prestige is an example of what type of vertical social mobility? answer ascending question […]

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Risk Management (FM 5-19)

question What is the regulation for Risk Management? answer FM 5-19 question What is Composite Risk Management? answer A decision making process used to mitigate, risk associated w/all hazards that have the potential to injure or kill personnel, damage equipment, or otherwise impact mission effectiveness. question What is a hazard? answer A condition with the […]

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Public and Private Solutions Unit Test Review

question Which group does the Fed serve? answer financial institutions question US federal income tax is progressive by law, but which best explains why is it sometimes regressive in practice? answer High-income earners use tax laws to their advantage to reduce their tax rates. question The EPA tries to balance protecting business interests with protecting […]

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Chapter 17 Social Studies- Questions

question How is Fascism different than communism? answer I t favors working class culure and allows a mixed economy. question How is Fascism similar to communism? answer They want to unify the country by discipline. question How did Stalin change the government and the economy of the Soviet Union? answer Stalin abandoned Lenin’s NEP and […]

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Practice Management

question Billing Cycle: answer 1. preregister patients 2. establish financial responsibility 3. check in patients 4. check out patients 5. review coding compliance 6. check billing compliance 7. prepare and transmit claims 8. monitor payer adjudication 9. generate patient statements 10. follow up payments and collections question New patient: answer hasn’t received services from the […]

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Patient care chapter 25: health records and health information management

question Documenting relevant patient information in the medical record answer Is not a function of a hospitals health information management department question The prospective payment system is a payment system based on answer The diagnosis related group question Joint commission on accreditation of health care organizations is an example of answer An organization that accredits […]

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OB Ch 6-11

question disadvantage of financial rewards based on membership/seniority answer does not directly motivate performance question “golden handcuffs” that potentially increase continuance commitment answer membership/seniority based rewards question gainsharing plans tend to answer create a strong effort-to-performance (E-to-P) expectancy question which contemporary OB practice was popularized by Fredrick Taylor in his work on scientific management answer […]

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Mobile Device Management section 5.5 CMIT 320

question Your organization recently purchase 18 iPad tablets for use by the organization’s management team. These devices have iOS pre-installed on them. To increase the security of these devices, you wan to apply a default set of security related configuration settings. What is the best approach to take to accomplish this? (Select two. Each option […]

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MIS Quiz 3

question model answer simplified representation or abstraction of reality. help managers calculate risks, understand uncertainty, change variables, and manipulate time to make decisions. question transactional information answer encompasses all the information contained within a single business process or unit of work, and its primary purpose is to support the performance of daily operational or structured […]

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MIS-213 CH1

question Information System answer a set of interrelated components that collect, manipulate, store, and disseminate data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective question Data answer raw facts, such as an employee #, # of hours worked in a week, inventory part #s, or sales orders question Information answer collection of […]

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MGT 4334 Exam 1

question Importance of Ethics answer oSocrates: we are discussing no small matter; but how we out to live oThomas Hobbes: Without ethics life would be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short question Why We Cheat (David Callahan) answer ?New pressures ?Bigger rewards for winning ?Temptations ?Trickle-down corruption ?Sense of entitlement question Why We Cheat Michael […]

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MGMT 4813 Ch 6

question Corporate level strategy addresses two related issues: answer what businesses to compete in; how these businesses can achieve synergy question Individual investors are dependent upon the corporation’s managers to: answer add value to their investments in a way that the stockholders could not accomplish on their own question McKesson, a large distribution company, sells […]

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MG211 HW2

question The three phases involved in the management of large projects are answer Planning, scheduling, and controlling question Which of the following is not a technique that allows managers to plan, schedule, and control projects? answer Factor-rating method question Which of the following activities does not belong to the controlling phase of project management answer […]

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Marketing 210 midterm #3part 1

question Historically has been considered as the major determinant of a buyer choice by economists. answer price question Which of the following is not one of the external factors affecting price decisions? answer costs question If a firm is pursuing a product quality leadership pricing objective, it would charge a high price to cover the […]

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