Miyazaki Environmentalism Essay Example
Miyazaki Environmentalism Essay Example

Miyazaki Environmentalism Essay Example

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  • Published: April 24, 2017
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Hayao Miyazaki’s films convey a message of environmental understanding and awareness of spiritual elements in our world. Through the medium of animated films, Miyazaki effectively depicts society’s problems in a relatable altered reality.

Environmental consciousness or environmentalism focuses on protecting and enhancing the environment, primarily nonhuman elements. The film Spirited Away, directed by Miyazaki, illustrates this concept by animating rivers and trees into spirited beings with unique appearances and personalities. These spirits encounter challenges mainly caused by human actions. Ultimately, humans are responsible for resolving these issues; however, there are repercussions associated with doing so.

Like environmentalism, this film not only educates about the consequences but also deepens understanding of natural elements. It promotes living in harmony with the earth rather than solely exploiting it for personal gain. Moreover, industrialization is integral to understanding and


addressing corruption. Howl’s Moving Castle by Miyazaki is a movie that portrays both the positive and negative impacts of industrialization.

While there are amazing machines like Howl's home - a steam-powered house with mechanized chicken legs - that have greatly enhanced people's lives and are often perceived as magical, there are also drawbacks to these inventions.

e. The Wicked Witch of the Waste represents the excessive indulgence that affects ordinary individuals like Sophie. III.

Both films mentioned above demonstrate the presence of Shinto influences, which is the indigenous religion of Japan that believes in the spiritual essence of all things and their living nature. Through breathing life into non-living and natural elements, Miyazaki portrays his postmodernist perspective. He consistently expresses his discontent with society's detrimental impact on everything that sustains our existence.

Miyazaki is criticizing the technology and lifestyles of the urban society, while als

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questioning the morality of humans who neglect the spirits and living beings that exist among us.

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