Migrated Yemenis Essay Example
Migrated Yemenis Essay Example

Migrated Yemenis Essay Example

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  • Published: June 13, 2018
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Indo-Yamenis we are the one who migrated to India in the 18th century, primarily from the Hadhramaut region in Yemen. We have a big community mainly in the Deccan region of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We have relatives living/working in the Gulf region and many of us still holding Yemeni nationality. we came here in search of work especially from Yemen. We worked here with the Nizam of Hyderabad, serving in the armed forces or police. We have settled well over here and hold the Indian citizenship.

We still have maintained the Arab culture in us. Culturally we are a bit different from the mainstream Indian Muslims. The famous dishes from the Chaush community are Lham- mandi, dajaj-mandi, hasseed, qahwa, haleem etc. The famous tribes residing in India are Al Kaseri (Kathiri), BinMazi, Al Attas, Bajaman, Baqtayan, Al Amoudi, BinHilabi, Bawa


zir, Tamimi, Al Yafai,Al Asbahi, Al Hamed, Baadam, BaHakim, Bajhaw, Bajham, Basolaan, Al Jabri, Al Saadi, Bin mahfuz, Alhabeeb, Binmubarak , Bakarshoom & Bahammam.

You will find members of chaush community wearing a soft cotton cloth called 'lungi' and Arabic robes, and in the past would wear at Jambiya (dagger) at our waist. You will find our community in scores in an area called Barkas (Previously known as Barracks) in Hyderabad ,{old city, carwn, charminar, faslansor and a. c gards} and in old Auranagabad city of Maharashtra. Besides majority of us reside in rural maharashtra.

The prominent being Ajanta village, bhokardan, dhawda, jafferabad, jalna, ambad, sawangi, vaijapur, gangapur, partur, pathri, kannad, beed, osmanabad, latur, ausa, parbhani, nanded. we are also a few individuals of our community in Surat, Gujarat. our chaush community o

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Aurangabad have founded an organisation 'THE JAMIAT UL ARAB' for the welfare of the Arab community of Maharashtra. we are most powerful in our region. they were world powers from 5thcentury to 16th century...

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