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In the song ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries, it has a story behind it like many other songs. The singer, who also happened to be the songwriter, is named Dolores Radioman. In an interview, she stated she wrote this song in protest of how “. Innocent people are being harmed. ” She took a larger stand for that viewpoint after she witnessed a mother getting her child taken away during the AIR bombing and England and Ireland War. It impacted the singer emotionally; as a result, it motivated her to write the song.

There is evidence to provide further details on the songs importance. One piece is when the song says, “it’s the same old theme since 1916. ” This verifies the time period when the bombing and war occurred. When the song says “and the violence caused such silence” it is interpreted as neither of the countries willing to communicate for a solution. As a result, the war continued. A repetitive line in your head? ” which relates to the title of the song “Zombies” because the soldiers were not really thinking, they had no choice but to follow their orders.

The quote was also asking what were their thoughts or what was on their mind. The message of this song Is pointing out the flaws of the war. When the song says, “We must be mistaken” It Is asking if war and the aspects that go along with It Is even okay. It is helpful to tell she is uncomfortable with not Just the war but the aspects involved, such as the weapons, when the song said, “With their tanks and their bombs, And their bombs and their guns” All In all, it is clear Rolland was against war expressed In her song.

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