Marketing Segmentation Of Mothercare Analysis Essay Example
Marketing Segmentation Of Mothercare Analysis Essay Example

Marketing Segmentation Of Mothercare Analysis Essay Example

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A survey was conducted through questionnaire to assess the deferent aspects of the product such as customer's satisfaction level and product quality, Its availability, affordability and occupational classes that use the Marketing Target marketing is the process of identifying a group of customers about which the many believes that they are meeting their needs with their products and the customers are likely to buy them. Target marketing is one of the initial steps of marketing strategy which later helps in creating the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion).

After identifying the target market, the company directs their marketing (especially advertising) efforts towards them to make the customers buy their product. The target markets can be huge and it may become difficult for the company to focus on the whole market. Companies tend to divide their target arrests into different aspects based on certain charact


eristics and then focus on one or more aspects. These aspects are as follow: Geographic On the basis of geographic characteristics, consumers of a city, region or even a country are selected.

If a firm is targeting country wise then they have to tailor their advertising strategy according to the culture and other aspects of that country. Demographic/ Socioeconomic This involves identifying a target market on the basis of:

  •  Gender
  •  Age
  •  Income Level
  •  Educational level Cryptographic

This involves the grouping of customers on the basis of similar attitudes, life style, ales, and other thinking patterns. Behavioral Target markets based on occasions and degree of customer loyalty towards a product.

Importance of Target Marketing Target marketing is essential for developing an effective marketing strategy as it defines the scope of the

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market. The target market once clearly identified enables the managers to integrate the characteristics that are within the customers and that the customers like in the advertisements. Poorly defined target markets mislead the marketing efforts and may cause loss of brand image and market share. Motherboard The target marketing concept we are going to study is on Motherboard. Motherboard was founded in the asses.

It is one largest retail brand of I-J with over 1000 stores throughout the world. Motherboard usually targets mothers and babies up to eight years. The channels Motherboard normally uses to target customers and advertisements are:

  • Retail Stores
  •  Internet
  •  Catalogs Marketing

Plan Outline The goal of Motherboard is to provide the ultimate care to the mother especially expectant mothers and babies from on to eight years. This is done with the focus on increasing the company's wealth, profits, and market share, and customer loyalty. Current Marketing Situation

In 2012, the baby product market as calculated to be worth 44. 7 billion dollar. According to a research, the demand of baby products is increasing. Currently baby revenue of around 7 billion dollars. These products range from toys, bottles to diapers and body care products. The product we have selected for this report is feeding bottles. Competitive Situation The baby product market is huge and thus attracted a lot of companies. Thus the market has an intense competition. Key players of baby products are Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Unlived, Event Dry. Brown and Forborne. Marketing Strategy Target Market

As Mother care is Macs, they have targeted all the mothers (especially expectant mothers), and babies or infants. Fathers taking care of babies can also

become part of target market. Basic Need The basic need of the market is the availability of products for the mothers that are expecting and infants and babies daily requirement to keep them healthy. The customers also require innovative products so they can better take care of their babies. Product Motherboard offers a wide range of merchandise however our focus is on baby feeding bottles. Price Motherboard has kept the prices of bottles low to attract customers of different income evils.

Sales promotion and Advertisement Sales promotions of Motherboard is aggressive, the company promotes its sales through advertisements, promotional prices, vouchers, codes, and fairs, and seminars. The company uses internet, T. V radio and print media for advertisements. In the advertisement, the company shows colorful themes, happy and healthy mothers and babies in order to capture the minds of the audience. Distribution: Motherboard provide its products through over 1000 retail stores throughout the world. Marker Segmentation of Proposed Product Age The bottles are for the babies of age one to five years.

Gender The product is for both baby boy and baby girl. Need The need of such bottles arises because it is difficult to feed the babies. The babes usually take soft diet or liquids which require bottles to feed them properly. Occupation and Income Motherboard bottles can be bought by parents of any occupation. Working wives and expecting mothers are targeted. The price of bottles are kept low so they can be bought by customers of all income levels. Ethnicity Mothers and babies of all ethnic groups are targeted. Survey Analysis A survey was conducted through a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was administered on

the internet and was filled by twenty-five recipients. The questionnaire measured the satisfaction level of the customers, their perceived product quality, and ease availably of the product for the customers. The survey results showed positive image of customers toward the product. 88 percent of the customers were satisfied with the product and 44 percent of customers rated the majority were housewives. The bottles were easily available to the customers and they reported that the product helped the babies with colic problem. The tables are available in the Appendix Conclusions

From our analysis, we conclude that:

  •  Target marketing is an important concepts and helps the company to formulate an effective marketing strategy.
  •  The baby product market is a huge market with intense competition.
  •  The motherboard is providing feeding bottles around the world, these bottles are low cost and targeted towards mothers and babies. The bottles are for babies of age 1 to 5 years, for both genders and for wide income classes.
  •  Motherboard promotes its products through advertisements, gift vouchers, fairs and seminars.
  •  The customers of Motherboard bottle products are satisfied with its quality.
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