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Marketing Analysis of MotorolaMotorola is a famous company that “is known around the world for innovation and leadership in wireless and broadband communications.” (Motorola, 2007) The company is known for the innovative strategies that it has come out with in order to cater to different markets in the world.Motorola had now introduced a new product called the MotoKrzr that was known for the reflections that it provides to all the mobile phone holders.

The main concept of the phone is on reflections. The surface of the phone is known to reflect very well and this is why it was made.When the advertisement for the phone is seen, it is known that the entire shoot is based upon reflections where the boy is running after the girl but then the girl is found standing at the back of the boy who is sitting at a coffee shop. The main idea of this advertisement was to understand how the phone reflects and the boy can then see the girl behind him.

When the song in the advertisement is heard, it says that the mobile phone is meant to be everything for the boys and girls. This means that the phone provides a number of features but that is not what is being promoted.In their campaign, the Motorola Company had also provided a number of mirrors in different areas that would denote such a phone. In shopping malls all over the world, Motorola had set up mirrors so that the idea of reflections could be fed into the minds of the customers and that their message would be passed on.

The Motorola Company had allowed the customers to understand what reflections were used for and how they could be used on a daily basis. The company had set up stalls at shopping malls as well where the customers could interact with the sales representative about the various products and features that are available.Works CitedMotorola. (2007). About Motorola.

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