Magnificence. The story about Vicente Essay Example
Magnificence. The story about Vicente Essay Example

Magnificence. The story about Vicente Essay Example

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  • Published: August 3, 2017
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The narrative was all about Vicente. the coach music director and the coach of the two kids in a small town. ( paragraph 2 ) says. The miss at the age of seven and the male child at the age of eight. merely tells us that there was a seven and eight twelvemonth old kid in the narrative. At the start of the narrative we could clearly see how the household and the female parent ( who is the president of their ain small town ) trusted the music director that’s why in the first paragraph of the narrative. it says. “there was nil to fear. ” Victor was characterized as a gentle and sort. He was a dark small adult male whose voice is soft and unagitated in manners.

This is the contrast to the word picture of the female


parent because she is tall and she spoke in a voice of really low. and really heavy. This emphasizes the darkness of Victor and the impressiveness of the female parent. While I was reading the narrative I saw the paragraph 6-8 and we can clearly see in this paragraph ( that there was something unusual or incorrect in the motivation of Victor for the small miss because he slapped the male child and started to state “boys don’t buss boys” . the thought that Victor gives so much favor to the miss by giving her 3 pencils and by doting on her ( paragraph 12 ) got my attending. While ( paragraph 18 ) gives me an replete to make personal judgement that Victor abuses the childhood of the small miss.

The paragraph 23 says. “

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his face was all in perspiration. and his eyes looked really unusual. and he indicated to her that she must non turn around. go to to the prep she was composing. ” this paragraph gives me a concluding decision of the whole narrative that Victor truly likes the small miss. At the terminal of the narrative in ( paragraph 36 ) the narrative tells us how the female parents raise their custodies against the maltreatment of males. It implies that a adult females or a lady ought to be respected even if they are still immature at age that’s why in ( paragraph 40 ) the female parent says. “take a bath quickly” . That means to state. to cleanse from all foulness and discoloration that she received from Victor. the music director. In ( paragraph 41 ) the female parent soaped her and wiped her gently all over because the narrative wants to learn us a lesson. That being a adult female or as a lady we must continue our pureness and that we must be against from the maltreatment of males.

There are times that we feel that the individual is trusty but unhappily they were non. Trust is gained. While reading the narrative merely three capable affairs revolved in my head. The trust that we must derive. the dignity/respect that a lady must hold and the heroic act or brilliant function of the female parent in raising their childs these are the of import lesson that we must acquire from the narrative. Trust can merely be gain by the people who truly merit of it. We may lead on or move like person

that was non the existent of us but one time the given trust autumn apart it will be really difficult to set the trust into its whole. It is an honor for us and a great morality if we act right for through our actions we get besides the regard of people. Our pureness tells the people that they should esteem us. I think the narrative itself unveils us the importance of holding respect/dignity in oneself. and importance of being a female parent. One citations said. “I love being a female parent. I am more cognizant. I feel things on a deeper degree. I have a sort of understanding about my organic structure. about being a adult female. ” –unknown. Mothers protects their kid from all maltreatments that adult male can give to their kid. Wordcount:651

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