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Ma Parker is a strong adult female who has suffered throughout her life. She is a adult female who has a good nature. Ma Parker realises the sorrows of her life and attempts to happen a topographic point to shout. That would be the really first clip she was traveling to shout one time she believed she merely would be a strong adult female if she had ne’er cried. The Life of Ma Parker’s supporter can non stand all the hurting she is experiencing. As she cries. she leaves all her strength behind. It represents the minute she realises she must allow the flood of her feelings otherwise she would detonate with them. And the decease of Ma Parker’s grandson is the highest point of her life’s sorrow. It is the flood tide of her emotions. Through the boy’s decease. Ma Parker understands that life agencies. chiefly when it took away the lone and likely the last beginning of felicity of her life-time. Since Ma Parker became a grandmother. it is easy to say that she believes it is the terminal of her being and there is nil else to wait for. Ma Parker becomes a inquiring and despairing adult female along the whole narrative. In my sentiment. Mansfield’s lyrical usage of linguistic communication makes the reader believe she is more a poet than a author. Story’s descriptions are connected to senses. She is a realistic author. but sort of related to Impressionism.

Katherine Mansfield is direct. her manner of authorship is non obscure. naive or cloudy. Whenever she writes she knows really good the consequence she longs to convey to the reader. The esthesis the reader has at the terminal is a really pessimistic 1. Ma Parker is a adult female who passed through minutes that reveal the insignificance of her life. Due to the descriptions of Ma Parker. character may be considered as living-dead individual. They ne’er had good things from life and now it is excessively late to wait for something glorious to go on. Her life means decease. non merely for being in the terminal. but besides for holding sad and nonmeaningful life. Now it is useless to maintain any hope for the hereafter. Ma Parker’s life has many defeats until the climaxing 1 that is the loss of her grandson. She was hapless and had to go forth her hometown at the age of 16 and started enduring along her life. She watched the decease of her hubby. of seven kids and a grandson.

Besides. she had to convey up six kids by herself. The call she ne’er allowed herself now is about to detonate inside her psyche. but Ma Parker still can non shout for non happening an appropriated topographic point to make it. It seems her life is so undistinguished that she does non merit to shout. as if she does non suit in the universe. It is worthy to advert that when she was looking for a topographic point to call. it starts raining and she likely had to return place. It was as if even nature does non desire to assist this difficult fortune adult female. From the universe there is nil else to wait for than existent decease. because Ma Parker is already dead during her life-time. her dreams are already dead and she no longer has any hope inside her.

Besides. it can be observed that decease is ever present in Ma Parker’s life ( hubby. kids and grandson ) and these dead people are so alive in her memories that they seem to be more alive than she herself. one time her life narrative is based on the people she has lost. Harmonizing to Ma Parker’s single experience of life. Mansfield is able to demo readers the defeat of this narrative: Death is the lone certainty of life. particularly of a sad and hopeless life. really life is non like what we want it to be – life is a sad surprise. Ma Parker reflects the author’s dichotomy between Life versus World. stressing Mansfield’s thought that to populate is thwarting.

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