Ma Parker Paper Essay Example
Ma Parker Paper Essay Example

Ma Parker Paper Essay Example

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Ma Parker, a resilient adult female, has experienced considerable hardship in her life. Despite her kind nature, she becomes conscious of the sorrows she has endured and seeks solace in tears. It is the first time she allows herself to weep, believing that strength can only be maintained by suppressing emotions. However, her supporter cannot bear the pain she feels, and as tears flow, all her strength dissipates. This signifies her realization that expressing emotions is necessary to prevent internal turmoil. The death of Ma Parker's grandson is the most devastating moment of her life, encompassing all her grief. His passing reveals that life primarily entails taking away any remaining fragments of happiness one possesses. Becoming a grandmother led Ma Parker to believe it marked the end of existence with nothing left to anticipate. Throughout the story, Ma Parker evolves into a questioning an


d desperate woman.In my perspective,Katherine Mansfield's use of lyrical language imparts more poetic qualities than those typically found in writing.The descriptions in the narrative appeal to the senses,making Mansfield an impressionistic yet realistic writer.Katherine Mansfield's writing style is straightforward and not obscure or vague.Whenever Ma Parker writes,she keenly recognizes how significant her words are for readers,evoking a profoundly pessimistic responseMa Parker's life is characterized by a lack of fulfillment, resembling that of a living-dead individual. She has never experienced the joys life has to offer and now believes it is too late for anything remarkable to happen. Her existence is intertwined with death, both in its finality and its melancholy and empty nature. Any hope for the future seems pointless as her life is filled with disappointments, including the tragic loss of

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her grandson.

From a young age, Ma Parker faced adversity, leaving her hometown at 16 and enduring hardship throughout her life. She witnessed the deaths of her husband, seven children, and grandson while having to raise six children on her own. The anguish she has repressed for so long threatens to erupt within her mind; however, she lacks an appropriate outlet for her emotions. It feels as though her life holds such little significance that she does not deserve the release of crying or fitting into society.

Interestingly enough, when Ma Parker seeks a place to express herself, it begins to rain, likely forcing her to return home. Even nature seems unwilling to assist this unfortunate woman. There is nothing left for Ma Parker to expect from the universe except actual death itself. In essence, she is already dead while being alive—her dreams and hope have been extinguished. Death looms constantly in Ma Parker's life with all those dear to her gone: husband, children, and grandson alike.The memories of the lost loved ones are so vivid that they appear more alive than Ma Parker herself. Her life story revolves around those she has lost. Through Ma Parker's personal experience, Mansfield demonstrates the inescapable presence of death in life, particularly in a sorrowful and hopeless existence. Life does not conform to our desires; it is a disheartening revelation. Ma Parker symbolizes the author's juxtaposition of Life and World, highlighting Mansfield's belief that living is disillusioning.

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