Ishi last of his tribe (summar
Ishi last of his tribe (summar

Ishi last of his tribe (summar

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  • Published: December 9, 2018
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Chapter 1

This book begins when it’s main character Ishi is just thirteen years of age. He is one of the remaining Yahi Indians in the world. The people in his tribe now living are Ishi, grandfather and grandmother, Tushi, Timawi, his mother and his father. They have been hiding from the Saldu, white men as the Yahi called them. This chapter had much to do with the Harvest Season. We know this season as autumn. They had to hunt and forage for many items to survive through the winter. We are taken to Ishi’s secret place where he goes to think. This place is known as Black Rock. They Yahi have spent most of their lives hiding from the white men or Saldu, as the Yahi call them.

The winter the Yahi go through is not that tough because they are so well prepared for it. They listen to grandfather tell the story of creation time after time. Ishi loves to hear this and he listens to how his father was killed by the Saldu. The rest of this section explains how Ishi is growing up and becoming a man.

Spring is beginning and the Yahi are busy at work. Ishi is now becoming a wasani or a real man. He learns to fish and he learns how to hunt dear with the help of Timawi. The biggest chall


enge of this is to leave no trail of the killing for the Saldu to trace back to the tribe.

The summer season is very successful and the Yahi are thriving in their environment as much as possible. Timawi and Ishi want to attack the Saldu but are held back by Elder Uncle.

Chapter 2

Chapter two begins with Ishi going on a trek to become a man. On this trek, he will visit many of the religious sites including, where he was born, where his father was killed and where his father was buried. He returns from the trek and is declared a real man.

One of the main conflicts in the story is from the refusing of Tushi to make a sweat grass bracelet for Timawi. This is almost like a wedding ring for the Yahi. Timawi is upset but he tries his hardest not to show it. Ishi and Tushi go somewhere to discuss the whole situation and when they do, Ishi notices that a Saldu is aiming to lasso Tushi. Ishi whips out the bow and arrow and skillfully shoots the Saldu in the hand. He tells the others about the incident and they all know that they must move for they will be coming to kill them all off shortly.

They must go hide somewhere soon and Ishi and Timawi set out to find a place for them to stay in the mountains. Ishi and Timawi discuss the event that happened between Timawi and Tushi. They didn’t find a spot to stay in the mountain.

They next morning, Ishi woke up to find that Timawi set fire to a Saldu house. Ishi went to investigate the situation and found Timaw

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laying dead. Ishi takes him and gives him the proper burial along with his father.

Ishi went tout and then found a spot to live. He found a cave in the side of a mountain and the remaining Yahi migrate to this new place to stay. Ishi found a new place to go and think. Later on, his grandmother and grandfather die of old age. There are four remaining Yahi left in the world.

Chapter 3

The seasons have changed again and it is now winter. Ishi loved to watch Tushi as she matured into a Yahi woman. Ishi grew out of going to Lookout Point and his Dream did not occur as often as it use to. There were more animals and there were more Saldu people living in the area and the rest of the Yahi world.

The Saldu were being watched constantly, even though they did not know it. When they widened they canyon, they Yahi were happy because they knew that the Sladu were to soon be moving out of their land. They Yahi village was very slow in productiveness and did not have half as many activities as there use to be occurring daily in the camp. Mother was sick and it made her very weak. She couldn’t move around much and Elder Uncle was always there at her side to comfort her.

It was soon Harvest Season and they prepared for winter in no time. Everything seened to flourish in their baskets and fish and deer in their storing houses.

There was a chopping of a tree which meant Saldu. They were to make an escape plan and an escape plan is what they made. It was a good thing that they did to because their village was attacked shortly after in the following days. Tushi and Elder Uncle escaped safely but it was too late for Ishi to carry out mother so she had to stay in the cave. She was rapped in skins and the Saldu found her. They did not harm her they just poked her and taunted her. They stole many things including basket and food and animal skins and pottery. Elder uncle and tushi did not make it. They probably drown in the river.

Mother’s final sleep was on the day Tushi and Elder Uncle did not come back. It was time for mother to be with her husband now. She was buried with a basket of corn meal, and her digging stick. This is what she will need in the Land of the Dead.

Ishi was now the true last of the Yahi. He had no where to go accept for away from the Saldu.

Chapter 4

Ishi has been traveling for days now. He was tired and worn down. He suddenly became unconscious and was having this terrible “dream”. This dream was in fact real but he was too out of it to realize what was happening to him. Dogs were biting at him and he feared the “demons” that were causing him so much pain.

He finally awoke to see a bunch of dogs surrounding him and he now knew he was captured. He was

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